Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hey We're Dying Here!

No need to wait until November-, for September for that matter, to throw in the towel! The hand writing is on the wall! It's apparent to me the chances of the up coming midterms manifesting a profound change in the way our country is being  governed; precipitating a resounding rebuke of this president and his administration at the ballot box, is not going to happen! Remember my last rant and it's call for a sign of atonement from our government between then and the midterms? Well, what do you think, any discernible atonement that you've observed of late? I know the political rhetoric as always suggest progress, if not resolution, but Is that indeed the case? Is their any suggestion our borders are going to be more secure, our sovereignty more assured, our enemies more clearly identified and met, our military might more a deterrent; the condemnation of the IRS serving as obstructionist to opposing political views, punctuated by the prosecution of its administrator perpetrators; in-turn similar resolution of the Banghazi, NSA, VA -, to all those so many hanging affronts to our national reputation, our allies, our citizens!? Has their been any encouraging movement at all? Oh yeah I forgot, how could their be-, they have all been on vacation. What am I thinking! 
My conclusion in that fact alone: We have been profoundly subverted and in my estimation to an irreparable degree! Can we regain some semblance of the great democracy, society we once were? A semblance perhaps, but never the prominence. Our children's children, again in my estimation, will never witness the opportunities we enjoyed en masse.Yes their will be exceptions, but not the order of magnitude demonstrated in our once great, vital, prospering and expanding middle class that was the envy of the world, the keystone, the hallmark of our exceptionalism. That notable class will undoubtedly dwindle to a silent minority in a sea of  socialistic soup! We will look like our european ancestry in short order, destined to emulate their mores and limited fortunes under oppressive government presence and control, awaiting the next despot, the next roque nation to threaten our very existence. I only find solace in being fortunate enough to have experienced the benefits of that great American society in my life time, and the slimmest of hope that I'm wrong, that our nation, our society will not parish from the face of the earth, that somehow it will be snatched back from the brink of disaster and miraculously restored to its once greatness! Hope springs eternal, but know my optimism has waned considerably since we first met.....
I guess I'm just sick and tired of being persistently, consistently and predictably  identified as a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a chauvinist -,a whatever label suits their occasion, when I wax critical of our president and his administration; of our uncharacteristic socialistic bent. He and they have worn me down to a nub! They've made me think the unthinkable: the United States of America's Representative Federal Republic, thought to be invulnerable is vulnerable, that it can be subverted by an insidious few to the extent it's law of the land, it's constitution can be indiscriminately usurped, it's checks and balances circumvented by a cabal of dissident unscrupulous politicians. That cabal, know thy name(s): Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Hagel, Holder and their acolytes; their unwitting enablers Boehner and McConnell and their acolytes. Stick a fork in us, we're done! Know however, I intend to vent a bit longer, if only to comment on the sure to be final indignities heaped upon us by this exiting presidency.This lame duck president is not going to go quietly into the night! May the sprite of America keep us and somehow prevail!