Monday, March 25, 2013

And The Games Continue....

The House's budget submitted to the Senate: as anticipated unanimously approved by it's majority Republican membership; unanimously disapproved by It's Democrat membership. Want to guess what the Senate's majority Democrat membership will do with it? You guessed it, as Senator Charlie Rangel so succinctly put it,"What is it you Republicans don't understand: we won the election, we have been given the keys to the kingdom, shut up and go away"! We poor Conservative Republicans have been painted into a corner, and as it has come to pass, in defiance of the Constitution the Democrats feel no obligation to aqueous or negotiate with the Republicans in the submitting of a compromise budget of their own! They will submit a budget that will for all intent and purpose further plunge the country into crippling debt and economic uncertainty, while further advancing their socialist agenda! And, in the certainty it will not be approved blithely carry on, budget-less-, nothing to measure them by! Why shouldn't they, they did it before, and not only got away with it, but won the elections to boot! Is there ever going to be an end to this painful diabolical dismantling of America! You have heard me, along with others make this observation: this great democracy of ours, as it's predecessors before it, has apparently run it's 200 year life expectancy (1776-2012). We of great ambition and intention to break that mold and perpetuate our society have finally succumbed to democracy's nemesis: when an apathetic citizenry realizes it can vote to secure subsistence from it's government, coincides with an enabling government, the die is cast! If you were to dissect the demographics of the 2008 election, McCain vs Obama, you can see the inevitable eclipse's progress. Aided by our electro-college voting protocol and urban metropolis' a magnet to the vast majority of those recipients of one form or another of welfare-, the deck is stacked against a capitalistic, sanctioned with abounding individual freedoms and liberties oriented democracy. Professor Joseph Olsen of Hamline University compiled this rather unique demographic interpretation of that election, reinforcing my more traditional demographic accounting offered here before some time back re. Romney/ Obama: a) Number of States won by: Obama 19/ McCain 29; b) Square miles of land won by: Obama 580,000/ McCain 2,427,000; c) Population of counties won by: Obama 127 million/McCain 143 million; d) Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama 13.2/McCain 2.1. Read into those advised statistics what you may, but the implication is not with out merit. An unsavory, dependent, uninformed portion of our electorate has the will and means to do the rest of us in, to bring this American Democracy of ours to an end!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Whimper On

7.7 % unemployment, 200,000 + jobs created. Eureka, we are on the wings of recovery! Tell me how many jobs were lost; how many dropped out of the labour force in this same time frame? Such subterfuge! We are hurting economically to the point of collapse yet Obama and his propagandists continue to whistle past the grave yard in stupefying ignorance trying to convince us prosperity is just around the corner. I shudder in disbelief more, spend more to support a bloated welfare and entitlement agenda, and we will magically rise above our burgeoning deficit, our economic deficiencies? Please!!! His hue and cry for compromise, for non-partisanship should fall on deaf ears in his deeds and actions speaking volumes: it's his way or the highway! I say again to give this man and his regime an inch is foolhardy and counterproductive. I pray we hold the line in these budget negotiations, remain vigilant in our demands for fiscal responsibility-, buoyed by the result of our stand on the sequestration issue!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Sentiments Exactly

My frustration cup runeth over, in that I quote a compatriot responding to my latest Blogs advising:

"I just read the Huffington Post comments after their story about the sequester. Comments like "the Republicans are just trying to punish us after Obama won" and "in actuality government spending as a percentage of GDP has gone down under Obama and taxes have gone down as well despite what the Republicans say" and some suggesting that the sequester is a Republican ploy to attack the President's credibility as he struggles against them to right the ship. As Rush would say, these are 'low information" voters who get their news from facebook and the internet. Then, in a sign that the apocalypse is upon us, the outgoing Pope makes a comment that the new Pope should be well versed in social media like facebook and twitter. So that''s what we have come to....what you read on your smart phone. The inmates are indeed running the asylum! After 4.5 years of failed policies and a struggling economy wouldn't you think "dawn would have broken over Marblehead!" I will wait until the midterm elections. If after 6 years of failure, if Obama comes out smelling like a rose and the Democrats sweep into power in both House and senate, then I too will acknowledge that all is lost. Obama is either the greatest political genius in history or he is the anti-Christ. Or maybe decades of reverse Darwinism has finally caught up to us."