Monday, October 28, 2013

The Divided States of Washington D.C

Let's face it, if state governments and/or state representatives sent to Washington to govern are not aligned with the Washington establishment, are soon  punished for their party association or party infidelity and banished one way or another! Look closely at your state's  elected representatives in Washington D.C, their public and private accomplishments before and after their public service, their financial status at the start of their public service, their voting record as it relates to their constituencies and/or their party's platform, their success in reelection, their party and private funding of their reelection campaigns; their personal gain both monetarily and materially during and after their tenure....... You'll find an interesting correlation between the answers to these seemingly abstract enquiries, one that advices something stinks in Washington D.C! How can a mediocre man or woman of modest intelligence, accomplishment, vision, finances and propriety rise to such power and wealth. I'll tell you how, by joining a  political cabal within a sanctioned democratic government and subvert its electoral process by adhering to a  clandestine agenda of self- preservation and gain! A club of unsavory Politicians if you will, who in choosing a governing vehicle that most lends itself to the manipulation of the masses, namely socialism-, communism in it's most viral form; systematically centering all socioeconomic activity at it's governing epicenter. Our constitution was the rampart against such ideology, speaking directly to its prohibition, but it's once sacrosanct purview has been diluted by an insidious politically-correct morality that has eroded  the very underpinning of our society. Our once separation, by design, of the Executive, Judicial, Legislative branches of government served as an effective system of checks and balances, now so politicized to be near totally ineffective, as a deterrent. It has been said: government should be accountable, transparent, and limited..., unfortunately we have devolved to a government that is unaccountable, opaque, and omnipresent. To add to our misfortune, near every branch of our government is lead by ideologues of similar political persuasion and/or intent, some more so then others, but the preponderance seemingly hell-bent on making America other than what it once was, a bastion of true democracy, to a mirror image of the  European model our early forebears so bravely and fervently fled from.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Can Barely Watch Or Listen

Our "Spectator President" postures and pontificates on our government's inability to resolve it's fiscal problems, the very same government he advises he is but the titular head! This is not England Mr President, you are not the Queen, you are the leader of the executive branch of our government, our President, having omnipresence, power and influence at all levels and stages of our legislative process! Yet from your bully pulpit you persist on doing nothing more than heaping disparagement upon any and all who take exception to your failed economics and diplomacy. You have lent a new dimension to, "My way or the highway!" Yet, come away inexplicably unscathed in the eyes of the liberal media and populous. You and yours, as you promised, are presiding over fundamentally changing America-, and as we have come to realize, not for the better! Along with the rest of us you are witnessing, at your behest however, the systematic destruction of America's social order, watching it collapse under the weight of the cost of your social reform agenda; collapse as our dependency on government entitlements increases at an inordinate and untenable rate. Seemingly you and yours are intent on raising our debt limit, borrow more, tax more, spend more and more inappropriately-, until we inevitably and surely will default on our loan maintenance.
Thereafter we join Greece and those other countries teetering on the brink of debilitating social unrest and financial ruin. Who are the beneficiaries of your envisioned utopian socialist society: the have little, the earned less, the work not, the want more; the penalized: the work hard, the earned more, the productive and responsible members of our society .... And, I have not even drawn a breath to comment on your foreign forays into diplomatic disasters. As said here before, Mr President, on your watch "Gone America Gone!"

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gone America, Gone

I've reached the regrettable conclusion, no matter the political party in power, I can't but think America the beautiful, the land of the free and home of the brave, is gone forever. That is not to say the liberal Democrats have not hastened it's demise in it's absurd social agenda, but the root mean cause of it's demise can be primarily laid at the feet of inept, self-serving  politicians of all persuasions-, that through deceit and guile have garnered elected office, surrounded themselves with like thinking acolytes, in turn irreparably altered the course of the greatest society ever: the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America. We, its citizens have obediently, in large enough numbers, followed them over the edge of the cliff! In tormented free fall now only left to contemplate the error of our ways. Sad to know that our children, our children's children, will never experience the opportunities, the prosperity, the benevolence, the strength and tolerance of this once great society. For that matter, perhaps not even made aware of its existence, for it's presence is sure to be masked in politically correct spin and the recording of prejudicial history. To sit back and observe the political theater going on around us, to take the measure of the performing thespians, our elected officials, makes my head spin. Their motives and intent confusingly ethereal on one hand, alarmingly foreboding on the other.The core incompetency of government run anything is blatant and demonstrated every where it is practiced, yet we stand by and watch its practitioners insidiously annex and/or subvert private enterprise, usurp individual rights and freedoms as if a mandate to do so from the very economy and citizenry it oppresses. How can we be lulled into concern over raising the debt ceiling while ignoring the debt itself; how can we be threatened by the consequences of default on debt payments, when our income still exceeds our debt maintenance.., not for long I'm sure. But, the point, all this smoke and mirrors, all these manufactured crises to further a political agenda of deception, corruption and greed. To add insult to injury, to have our Chief Executive Officer, our President refuse to negotiate a compromise on grounds it would aid and abet his opposition is out of touch with his job description-, this is a democracy not a monarchy! Simply we have been had by the system, by this regime, and most of us are not even aware of it! Is there no end to these distracting school yard antics while the Sword of Damocles hangs precariously over our heads! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Political friend and foe a like: I've got a new full time job, a second career if you will. As a result you will not be hearing from me as regularly as before. It has come to pass in my efforts to simplify, minimize, downsize in my maturation process, I've reached the stage where my priorities require some drastic adjustments-, a point of diminishing return if you will. As it goes, you can try to do anything, but you simply can't do everything! In that, my time to vent my socioeconomic and political frustrations, little thou it has been, has come into contention. As you know these spontaneous blog burst of mine are reactions to "professional bloggers" of both liberal and conservative persuasion requesting a known conservative's perspective. Of late it has become a  frustrating chore to keep up with those request, for both of us I might add, thus this caveat going forward: Keep your request coming if you like, but my response is not going to be as timely as before.Yes I know most of your request are time sensitive...but if you want my comments please adjust your requests accordingly. 

So, know I'm still here, still valiantly trying to stay abreast of our government's political machinations, trying desperately to make heads or tails of what is happening-, not happening! In this notice let me reiterate a "party piece " I delivered at a resent B- School symposium to reinforce where I'm coming from, least you forgot:

"Incredulous" best describes my state of mind these days! I find myself saying all to often,"how can that be!" How can near 50% of Americans not be paying income taxes yet a disproportionate number of them are receiving some sort of government subsidies at taxpayer's expense; over two million Americans are unemployed to say nothing of the underemployed; our job creating industries are the heaviest taxed and over regulated in the world; our economy has near flat-lined; our public school system the most expensive on a per capita bases, yet is ranked 17th among nations in student acumen; we are near 17 trillion dollars in debt and counting (yet we borrow 40% of every dollar we spend?); the reward system for "public servants" has exceeded that of private sector employees; we have created an unmanageable welfare state and are expanding on it's eligible participants at an untenable rate! What happen, did  somebody throw a switch somewhere and "voila!" instant socialism! What!! Can it be true that the majority of Americans are willing to forfeit their freedoms for a womb to tome caretaker government subsistence! When is the last time any of us read our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and reflected on what our forefathers so clearly prescribed as the relationship between the governed and their governors here in this United States of America! Let me conclude with cause and effect:

"Unfunded Public Pensions and Welfare expenditures (entitlements) are major contributors to our country's wide spread fiscal dilemma..., from local municipalities to the federal government the burden is stifling. Our public employees and their union organizers, in our complacency, have treated themselves and their thought to be needy brethren too well, for too long, at our expense!! Just ask what % of your taxes are earmarked for pension payments and welfare programs in your neck of the woods and be prepared to be astonished!

Here are three indisputable and alarming statistics that unnerve me:: 1) 45 million Americans receive food stamps (that's one in seven of us); 2) 47% of us receive some form of federal payment benefits; 3)  49.5% of us pay no income tax! If that is not the creation of a potentially formidable voting block favoring socialism; against all things I perceive as American, I don't know what is!  And know, that's not to say some of those recipients are not deserving beneficiaries of such assistance, it's the order of magnitude that is alarming! Telling me, we are on a slippery slope toward socialism and all it's ills! Are we devolving to our ancestral European roots in our governing practices? Do you think these practices, these events and circumstances are commensurate with the  return on investment you are making in your education? I leave you with two Thomas Jefferson quotes to ponder:

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government 
 from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them"                                     

 "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too   
  much government. "