Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quiet Please

Would you actors and/or whatever might be celebrities, please shut-up on sharing your political values with us, and just entertain and celeb (whatever that means)! Know we appreciate your tax deductible contributions to worthy charities for the most part, but please enough of this political pontificating from your all too lofty media soap box! It offends in our knowledge of your over the top salaries, palatial estates, living large and reckless life styles; many of you taking up residence, even citizenship abroad; sheltering your American gained wealth in every nook, cranny and trust available to man-, all your prerogative I might add. But please spare us the sanctimonious dribble from your distorted perspective! I find myself making entertainment decisions based on a performer's political views! I'm to understand I've missed a lot of good movies lately! What a sorry state of affairs!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are We Over?

We say, we are spending our way into insolvency! They  say we are not-, in fact they are saying we are not spending enough! We say our burgeoning welfare rolls and government entitlements are unsustainable! They say it is our obligation, our commitment to each other to provide such sustenance to our deserving needy!  We say our taxes are too high! They say, they are not high enough! We say there is a glaring discrepancy between those who pay taxes and those who do not! They say the "rich" are not paying their fair share! We say, and the not-so- rich are not; show us the numbers to substantiate your allegations? They remind us: What is it that we don't understand about the results of Election Day Tuesday November 6, 2012! We roll over and play dead! With his thought to be electorate mandate bit firmly in his teeth, this president of ours is off to the race for socialism in his life time, with renewed  commitment and intensity.

I grow weary in these observations, although  I am looking forward to the upcoming budget negotiations as an opportunity, hopefully to some appreciable degree, stemming this tide of fiscal irresponsibility. To give us some hope for a survival course in the foreseeable post Obama future! I must admit however, I'm not all that optimistic judging by our performance to date!

A Ryan of Hope

This young Representative from Wisconsin and our resent candidate for the vice- presidency continues to have something to say and purports himself very well in saying  it. He has a comprehensive  plan to restore our solvency and the credentials and experience to backup his fiscal conjectures and postulates, not just another law degreed Washingtonian! At a  resent meeting of conservative activists In Charlotte N.C, Paul Ryan was a standout. He and his conservative cohorts were not cowering in our recent defeat at the polls but were steadfast in promoting conservative principals, rallying our members to the cause of a smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government, more attuned to the electorate's changing demographics, hyper-sensitive to the threatening consequences of insolvency! A while back I asked where are our young lions  ready and eager to take on this formidable socialist regime lead by President Obama.  I'm now perhaps more willing to recognize that there  are  some of them out there putting up the good fight, but obscured by neglect and the din of the liberal media to convince us otherwise. Their incessant rant "the  people have spoken, long live Barack Husain Obama"  had clouded my mind! Now, let all of us pay attention to the fight at hand, these pending budget machinations. We must have  a measure to hold their feet to the fire with. They have been very successful in avoiding the drawing of a budget (unconstitutionally I might add) and blaming the failure on us! Pay attention and let your feelings be known!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Phil Mickelson's Stifled Cry in the Night

Isn't this Phil Mickelson complaining about his tax situation interesting? Too bad he  backpedaled after liberal backlash, but at least he got it out there...,although the mainstream media has not exactly given it much press. I suppose we just have to bide our time until our president faces yet another crisis he can't handle, exposing him once again for the pretender he is. You'd think sooner or later the preponderance of evidence decrying his incompetence would awaken we the people! Or of course we along with him, can continue to circle the economic drain ignoring our certain fate!

Interesting to note the  NPR did a piece on LeBron James with the amazing claim that at 17 million per year, he is underpaid based on his worth to the franchise.  By their calculations, they estimated that his actual value should place his salary at 40 million dollars per year, stating that he was getting "hosed".  They did mention league parity and competitiveness as an afterthought. An unbelievable example of liberal hypocrisy when they can tout the talents of this athlete, whose worth to society is stuffing a ball through a hoop and hawking sweatbands and sneakers as being worth $40 million and yet they continue to hammer the "rich" overpaid CEOs and hedge fund managers on Wall Street for their exorbitant salaries and simutaneously praise the wonders of Obamacare when the average pediatrician makes $115,000 per year! There is something so basically wrong with this liberal logic that defies comprehension.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Week of OMG

Let me get this straight: President Obama , if he can just resolve those pressing issues of Gay rights, abortions, illegal immigration, gun control, global warming and a myriad of other equally pressing social issues in his second term; those other pesky little problems of our nation's pending insolvency, unemployment, a faltering economy, bloated welfare rolls well take care of themselves? And, in the knowledge Timothy Geithner is out but Jacob Lew is in as Secretary of the Treasury our fiscal fortunes will continue to be guided by a tax more/spend more philosophy while promising to stay the course of insolvency, inflation and depression? And let's not forget you, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in being resolute to never having the likes of Benghazi happen again; yet in so many words have not been able to tell us what did happen in Benghazi? And thinking forward in promoting our international prestige and reputation, we are to rest assured in the knowledge that Vice President Biden remains at his post as our expert on foreign policy (remember that's why he was on this presidential ticket in the first place). Now being joined by our sure to be newly appointed Secretary of State, the ever erudite John Kerry, our peerless international policies and relationships of the past four years will be sustained. How reassuring!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Enough with this racial, cultural and/or color prefix or suffix identification of everyone's person, spoken word, action, or inaction! Latino, Black, Asian, or whatever! It is divisive! That's what makes Americans unique. For the most part our only common denominator is that we are Americans! True our heritages may trace back to origins other than the United States, but in our citizenship we are, or should be Americans first and foremost. We or our forefathers before us, again for the most part-, made that choice of their own free will. By all means be proud of our heritage, but don't use it as a reason to divide us in the best interests of this great country of ours! And yes, in our associations to preserve our heritage's culture, be the hyphenated Americans we chose to be, but always keeping in mind the obligations of being citizens of this representative government of the United States of America-, yet again for the most part, that has been so very good to us all!

I cringe at the tactics of those who obviously think otherwise. That angst most recently peaked in the inauguration of BHO, coinciding with the celebration of MLK Day. One the great divider, the other a great unifier; one who promotes racial and cultural differences for political gain, the other who had a dream of homogeneous racial and cultural equality for all! One who history will certainly see him for what he is, the other for what he was!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cuomo Gun Law

Direct from Albany we have the latest winner in the category of grandstanding, self-serving politicians: the ineffectual, union pandering, rubber faced, socialist, Andrew Cuomo.  Does anyone out there with a functioning cerebral cortex think that his passage of “the toughest gun law in the country” in a closed door, middle of the night, Obama-esque end-around has anything to do with preventing gun violence?  The short answer: No.  This has everything to do with political posturing and appealing to his liberal base to set himself up for a run at the presidency in 2016.  With a swift stroke of his opportunistic pen, he has managed to stomp on the Second Amendment and turn legal, law-abiding, tax paying gun owners throughout the once great State of New York into criminals.  Bravo, I can hear Bloomberg high fiving his armed security detail.  I can also imagine the fury in Obama’s camp who was beaten to the political punch and whose thunder was stolen by a two-bit politician attempting to become the socialist heir apparent. His speech was nothing more than a stump speech, shrill and wild-eyed with all the charm of Howard Dean’s notorious war cry. He sounded more like a union thug or a mob boss than a presidential contender in a performance that will not play well with moderate republicans or independents. All in all, a pitiful display of political opportunism.

Mr. Cuomo, how exactly is it that the will of your downstate Manhattan elites should be imposed on a dairy farmer in Rome?  How is it that the highly politicized, city-warped views of a bunch of Mercedes driving, Starbucks sipping, yuppies with their Italian suits, man purses and season tickets to Broadway shows have anything to do with the daily reality of a pick-up driving, deer-hunting farmer freezing his butt off in a pair of Carharts in upstate New York whose concerns are getting in two milking cycles a day and keeping the coyote and woodchuck population in check?  New York State is a big, diverse place and this wrong-headed bill is like having someone in northern New Jersey pretending to know and influence the life of someone in rural Montana. You can’t paint all of New York with one big liberal brush and Cuomo’s comment that New York is a “progressive state” was verification that as far as New York state legislators are concerned, upstate is just an inconvenience.  New York City, Westchester County and Long Island are where the votes are and to hell with the rest of you.  Thank you governor for clarification, we suspected as much.  Rural America take note.

Tougher gun laws are not necessarily smart gun laws.  Once again, all the laws on the books are worthless if they are not enforced or if they are not adhered to by the criminal element.  It is essentially like making crime illegal.  Duh.  The insistence by the leftists on demonizing guns based on appearance is preposterous.  Cuomo’s expansion of the definition of an assault weapon to a gun with only one “military style” feature makes him look like an idiot.  Calling a semi-automatic rifle an assault weapon because it has a bayonet lug is like calling a Plymouth Neon a race car because it has a spoiler.  And the restriction of magazines to 7 rounds with the caveat that you can have a ten round magazine but are not allowed to load it with more than seven rounds is ludicrous.  Are we going to start a new division of magazine police?  And while on the subject of magazines:  this nonsense about magazine restriction to seven but you can have a ten round magazine but only load it to seven and only have two total and all magazines greater than 10 are instantly illegal and have to be disposed of within a year is like reading the NFL rules on blocking.  Only this, only there, and not always, but sometimes.  It is nothing more than a hilarious inconvenience for the law abiding and a laugh riot for the criminal element who I’m sure are just peeing themselves over the legal contortions, contortions that they have no intention of following anyway. It is an amazing embarrassment that the M-1 Garand, a seventy-year-old rifle credited by General Patton as the greatest battle implement ever designed, the rifle that won World War Two, a twelve pound, wooden stocked, tank of a firearm now has the dubious distinction of being a registered NYS assault weapon, based on a semi-automatic action and a bayonet lug.  And all this nonsense, this political grandstanding for a topic that, despite the media’s best attempts to keep it in the public eye, to report even the errant use of a slingshot in Arkansas, remains at a level of importance ranking of 4% in the public’s list of concerns.  It’s the economy, stupid.

With all these designations and definitions also comes registration, the natural precursor to confiscation.  Of course confiscation is our government’s goal.  Why else would we be spending so much time and resources on registering a group of firearms that are used in less than 1% of all crimes?  Senator Dianne Feinstein, she of the left coast, actually suggested that registration is necessary to track firearms to their owners when they are found at the scene of a crime, thus linking the gun to the criminal?  Seriously? Criminals are not so stupid as to leave valuable tools of the trade at the scene of the crime, and they are only found when the criminal is either dead or otherwise incapacitated at the scene, thereby negating the necessity of tracking the gun to the owner. Furthermore, it is more likely that the perpetrator did not conveniently choose to register his weapon, obtained it through illegal trafficking, or simply stole it to avoid those pesky background checks. Even the socialist leaning Canadians, notorious gun haters in Ms. Feinstein’s class, eliminated their long gun registry because it was found to be costly and ineffectual. Kind of like Congress.  But why would we expect Governor Cuomo to consider statistics or taxpayers in this stump stunt?  New York only recently eliminated a ballistic identification program (COBIS) that established yet another branch of the State Police to catalog and record the markings on cartridges, markings made when ejected from a semi-automatic firearm.  Never mind that the technology was unproven and found to be unreliable (markings on casings change as the extractor in the gun wears or if the parts are replaced). After seven years of operation at a cost of 4 million taxpayer dollars per year, COBIS had failed to solve a single crime.  Next up on the liberal radar is ballistic identification through microstamping, a technology that can be readily defeated with a nail file.  I wonder how much we will spend on that before it too is proven worthless. 

In a related moment of hysterical hypocrisy last week, Obama actually extended secret service protection to former presidents and first ladies for the remainder of their lives while simultaneously seeking to disarm law abiding Americans.  On this issue the NRA has it exactly right:  why is it that our politicians enjoy a life of security surrounded by armed bodyguards but treat the rest of us like serfs?  The NRA pointed to this inconsistency in a television spot where it was asked why Obama’s children have armed security at their school, yet that is not seen as a viable option for the rest of us.  The White House response was quick and predictable: how dare you use Obama’s children as an example, calling the spot “repugnant and cowardly”.  The next day, however, Obama revealed his gun control agenda surrounded by children who wrote letters to the president expressing their concerns about gun violence.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  I’m unsure which is more amusing, the glaring hypocrisy or the suggestion that Obama takes his policy cues from pre-pubescent school children.  As I opined before, why is it that we value our celebrities, our politicians, and even our money so highly that we surround them with armed guards, yet when the NRA suggests the same level of protection for our children, they are vilified in the press? From the democrat party that preaches equality, praises redistribution, and lavishes the poor with entitlements why do we see such hypocrisy in not allowing us, the people, the same level of security that they enjoy?  Fend for yourselves they seem to be saying.  Let them eat cake. They don’t even have to suffer through Obamacare.

And speaking of healthcare, how exactly are we going to monitor our mental health professionals?  Every time a bipolar patient hiccups, are they expected to make a call or file a report?  How exactly does all this meld seamlessly with a patient’s right to privacy, physician confidentiality and HIPAA?  And who exactly polices the mental health professional?  If one of their patients goes off the reservation, are they to be held responsible for not reporting a potentially unstable individual as a danger to society? And how is all this going to be enforced anyway?  Are we moving to the next level in a violation of out rights?  Are we going to conduct home inspections?  Arbitrarily conduct raids on random gun owners from the state data base?  Is it time to hack another chunk out of the Constitution, you know that inconvenient part about illegal search and seizure?  This is how freedom is lost.  With registration will come confiscation.  It is how England did it, how Australia did it and how every authoritarian regime in history has done it including Stalin’s.  So line up and register your weapons to the applause of the media and the left.  And take one step closer to servitude.  After all, when we finally rebel, the government can be assured that you will only have seven rounds in your magazine.

So in summary, I can only hope that Mr. Cuomo’s partisan stump speech will irreparably damage his presidential aspirations by failing to resonate with independents and centrist democrats, whilst completely alienating moderate republicans.  There is a fine line between a passionate speech and just being nuts.  Ten “bullets” may indeed be more ammunition than you “need to hunt deer”, it may be just about right for coyotes, crows and woodchucks, but it is most certainly less than you need when an oppressive, tyrannical government comes calling to quell a rebellion.  And that, my dear Mr. Cuomo, is the true intent of the Second Amendment. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welfare Spending & Taxes

I have said it before, and I stand by my original premise:  liberals are significantly impaired mathematically.  I enter into evidence the following: it has been estimated that welfare expenditure in this country will increase 80% in the next ten years. For those of you that are skeptical, recall that welfare spending has already increased 32% in the first four years in Obama’s reign of spending, based largely on aggressive enrollment tactics by federal recruitment workers, the USDA and the Department of Homeland Security.  In dollars, that amounts to $11 trillion, or a remarkable one quarter of cumulative federal spending.   Recall, the recent fiscal cliff tax increase on the politically expanded definition of “millionaires and billionaires” amounts to an increase in revenue of 60 billion dollars a year, or $600 billion over that same ten year period.  This tax increase is being harvested from the 1% of the population that already pays 21.3% of the nation’s tax burden on the premise that they are not paying their “fair share”.  Now for those of you having difficulty following this line of reasoning, let me reiterate:  Welfare expenditure will increase to 11 trillion dollars in the next ten years whilst tax increases on the “rich” will bring in only an additional 600 billion dollars to pay for our government’s entitlement spending.  In case the conservative claim that such spending is “unsustainable” is using words with too many syllables for you, let’s just pare it down to “we can’t afford it.” And President Obama actually told Mr. Boehner during fiscal cliff negotiations (if you want to call Obama’s “my way or the highway” style a negotiation) that this country doesn’t have a spending problem.  I beg to differ. What this country appears to have is a president problem.

And where precisely do you leftist sheep think we are going to go to make up for this socialist shortfall? I trust by now that you are all enjoying the reduction in your take home pay in the New Year after suspecting that the tax increase would be solely on the backs of the 1%. If those of you in the middle class don’t think you’re next in line for a tax increase……time to think again.  As a case in point, the WSJ Editorial page highlighted the following quips from our democrat aristocracy that bear repeating: 

[the fiscal cliff deal] “was not enough on the revenue side”  Nancy Pelosi

additional revenues” are likely in future negotiations and that “this [tax increase] sets that important precedent”Sandy Levin, ranking democrat on the Ways and Means Committee

When asked on CNN if there should be more taxes on the wealthy, he responded: “absolutely”.  And “We should have energy taxes that really fund infrastructure investment” Richard Durbin, (D) Illinois

the truth is, everybody needs to pay more taxes, not just the rich”  Howard Dean, Former Vermont Governor and Democrat Party Chairman

 Unfortunately, we have an admitted redistributionist in office doing what redistributionists do best.  Oh, he’ll call it something else to appease you.  As various media outlets and our elected officials have speculated, they will make a case for the necessity of taxing capital gains at the same rates as ordinary income, a carbon tax, further elimination of tax “loopholes”, a value added tax, a “surcharge” on multi-million dollar homes, higher corporate taxes, a financial “transactions” tax, or a national sales tax, perhaps. In a competition for most outlandish tax proposals, New Hampshire politicians once proposed a “View Tax” based on the quality of scenery viewed from your home and New York officials once salivated over a “Tree Tax”, on the grounds that the trees on your property are potentially valuable as a commodity. Alas, there is no end in sight in our government’s creativity in fleecing the taxpayer. But he’s going to come knocking.  The tax man always rings twice.  Sometimes more.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Again With the Guns

It says..., the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and does not further advise which arms to keep and bear, ergo the statement is all inclusive! And as I have said here before this 2 Amendment was drawn to protect the people from an oppressive government, not for recreational purposes or mayhem. What,does this government fear? It is oppressive, and seeks to avoid the potential for armed reprisal? What is the end game here? As you know, I suspect it is just another opportunity  to reduce our Constitution's obstruction to an autocratic, omnipresent, socialist government! The very Constitution that separates us from failed or failing democracies and republics in the freedoms and liberties it provides it's citizens. Statistics, unequivocally advise gun control is not going to quell violence one iota. It's appalling that once again these liberal Democrats using "The Children", the Newtown tragedy, to further their agenda! And make no mistake their agenda is to subvert our Constitution whenever and however it obstructs that agenda !

Saturday, January 19, 2013

There Are Legions

Another voice of division bursts upon the scene to fan the flames of divisiveness, Prof. Robert Jensen proffering White Supremacy, White Privilege, is the root of all our worldly woes? White Americans the worst! The narrative at the risk of over simplification, if you are White you are an oppressor, if you are other than White you are a victim! If that is not in acceptance, even in marginal acceptance, the final straw to break the back of any chance of unity among the races of the world, nothing is! And who is this genius offering up this hypothesis, I urge you to look into this man who advises his students on a daily bases that this imperialistic country of ours (his identification not mine) has used it's military might to secure a disproportionate amount of the worlds resources, that we are despots compounded by our "whiteness", a blight on the landscape of civilization ! This an American educator, at a prestigious American university, probably with tenure, unencumbered by any moral or ethic contractural restrictions, emboldened by the tenor  of this administration and the protection of the 1st amendment ( Oh yes, the liberals just love the 1st amendment when it allows one to espouse the party line with impunity). I'd like to tell you he is among the few, but that doesn't happen to be the case by a long shot!

Friday, January 18, 2013

ObamaCare and the 28 Amendment

Yesterday a friend of mine, knowing how I can get my knickers in a twist over perceived affronts to my sacrosanct Constitution, asked the question: In the implementation of "ObamaCare" how did they get around the provisions of the 28th amendment in exempting congress from its participation? The Kennedy Health Care Bill that's how! How come he didn't know that! Once again a demonstration of what these Washington politicians think of we the great unwashed citizens of the United States of America! How stupid they must think we are! No subterfuge here, no mincing of words, nothing but an out right, we deserve better than you, stick that in your ear and grin-, slap in the face! Kennedy, the liberal lion that he was, exempted he and his fellow zoo members from the inadequacies of ObamaCare in favor of maintaining their own far superior, all enclusve health plan! In case that 28th amendment escaped you, it reads (let me look it up):

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."

The intent and motivation obvious, is it not! The Kennedy Bill negated all that in '09 with but a stroke of the pen! How could he, how could we let him! It's bad enough to be accused of being misinformed, but uninformed-, stupid! Come on! And these exceptions to the Constitution are becoming commonplace! Our president, our legislators have run amuck! Washington D.C has become a self perpetuating bureaucracy unto itself; a government with in a government bent on regulating all social, economic and commercial aspects of these United States, to conform to their agenda-, by any means possible!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do You Miss Us Yet?

If not you will! As the world turns on it's shaky axis, the middle-east smolders ever closer to conflagration; rabid gangs of thugs savage the African fledgling countries, genocide practiced with impunity; puppet governments feeling their oats in possession of weapons of mass destruction, threaten each other and anyone else who questions their regimes; South American drug cartel's undermine the security of the western hemisphere in their proliferation of opiates; Islamic terrorist tactics, the fanaticism of Sharia Law finding practice and tolerance in western cultures; the US wallowing in debt; China flexing it's economic and military muscle to lend world instability; Russia ever attempting to regain it's former USSR stature to do the same -, all while the United States ponders it's social reformation navel, practicing it's "Lead from Behind" new order of international diplomacy. Ole Teddy Roosevelt's once big stick grown impotent, our once undisputed leadership of the free-world reduced to appeasing democracy's detractors, to speaking softly at the UN to curry favor! This my Socialist, my Globalist, my Progressive advocates are but previews of coming attractions in the absents of US viability as a force to be reckoned with. Your protector, your benevolent benefactor, done in from within! And remember those adversaries from within are working tirelessly to build an insurmountable majority of voters to assure in perpetuity government autonomy (one might substitute the word buy for build in that observation i,e buy through government welfare and entitlements!). We are not just on a slippery slope; we are in a downward death spiral with little potential for recovery unless we get a grip..., and soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As Patrick Henry Said, "Have Eyes and See Not"

A favorite bromide of mine: Don't inventory your problems, solve them! This Obama administration excels at inventorying problems. They inventory near every vexing problem confronting them until the passage of time has mitigated their relevance and/or consequences, or postponed to such a time when circumstances better serve their strategy of divide and dismiss their prosecutors.Their practice of this strategy is masterful in taking full advantage of our proven short attention span, penchant for all things politically correct and less than a knowledgable appreciation of the fundamentals of our Republic's founding, and the essentials for it's survival! Further assuring the success of this strategy: grass-root application at the seat of the uninformed community, and skilled manipulation of the truth! In turn character assassination of it's messengers-, right out of the Saul Alinsky handbook, "Rules for Radicals"! Problems, left to fester in themselves are the fodder of unrest socially, politically-, nationally, internationally, creating a seedbed for anarchy! The result, burgeoning national disunity; we the people become unfocused, divided as to where our welfare is best served, as a citizen, or as a patriot? Losing sight that they are essentially one in the same here in these United States of America! Again I hark back to the patriotism so passionately displayed by our leaders and founders; their single mindedness in preserving our individual freedoms and liberties at all costs from those who wished us sunder, exemplary! In experiencing first hand the political oppression being dealt our emerging country and their awareness of our european ancestry's political history made their zeal for individual freedom so abundantly clear! Why can't we, their modern day counterparts, in experiencing similar political oppression, act accordingly? Have we become so self absorbed that we can't see the forest for the trees?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spinning Misdirection in the Tragedies of Columbine,Tucson, Aurora, Newtown et al!

The gun, as if it had a life of it's own, is the focal point of the politicians, the media, the anti- gun, the repeal of the second amendment advocates. Little mention is made of the deranged sociopath perpetrators, their early detection, and prevention. Further the second amendment was not drawn for the privilege of hunters and recreational shooters to bear arms, as they would lead us to believe, but for the protection of we the people against oppressive government! Here before, you have heard me appeal to your sense of logic and proportion in what I thought was overwhelming evidence that we are missing the point in these baseless tragedies, if you haven't you should! Don't let a hidden agenda cloud your thinking, Rahm Emanuel's don't waste a good crises philosophy further their cause!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Perpetuating Deceit, Dissension and Division

Can executive privilege override the Constitution as the law of the land! Joe Biden advises the White House may bypass Congress over gun control, as if it is a given; Barack Obama has evoked executive order on numerous occasions negating the Legislative branch's prerogative to dissent; the Supreme Court has weaseled on decisions affirming the Constitution's prevail; the Judicial branch of our government, in general has succumbed to the whims and dictates of the Executive branch as opposed to their mandate to uphold the Constitution! President Obama and his acolytes indeed envision themselves as unfettered by anyone or anything in their governing. And we the people have given them every reason to think so in our lack of formidable opposition! It's all about President Obama's vision of the United States to be, not that of preserving our founding father's avowed legacy embodied in our Constitution. It's all about politics in Washington D.C these days, all about social reform-, nothing about the preservation of this great nation and it's promise of opportunity, liberty, and freedom for its citizen achievers. What is happening to us? With each new appointment to this new administration's membership I become more frustrated with we the people's impotence to muster organized resistance! Are we giving this President and his Administration carte blanche to destroy us as a nation, as a culture?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Very Thought of Kerry, Hagel and Company

Kerry and Hagel, Secretaries of State and Defense-, if to be, what a comfort to our enemies the world over! Two gentlemen with sterling records of indecisiveness, veterans both of our less-than finest hour, the Vietnam war (thank you for your service). But, political opportunist of questionable service since! I know there are those among us who begrudge our military might, and willingness to use it, not only in defense of our own country but to preserve some semblance of world balance as well. Admittedly not an easy burden to take on and administer, but if not us who? Do any of us remember when war was war? When the grave decision was made to go to war in light of fully appreciating the death and destruction sure to follow, and the unconditional surrender and consequences imposed on the vanquished. When was the last war of that awareness and perceived result.. It was WWII, for the benefit of some of you Baby Boomers and GenX Americans. Since, starting with the Korean War to date, we have been largely, along with reluctant allies for the most part, participants in wars, police action or whatever you choose to call armed conflict, under the auspices of the UN. And we all know how that's worked out: from stalemate, to humiliating retreat, along with a variety of so called strategic withdrawals. We remain unbowed but un-victorious, individually or collectively. Wars of late have been waged and administered by political hacks and dilettantes playing into the hands of the clandestine Progressives and Globalist.Victory is not the imperative any longer, but rather the promotion of a new world order in vague compromising alternatives. And, who better to show us the way than Kerry, Hagel and Company! My depression lingers.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Waiting For An Epiphany

My government's Gilbert and Sullivan like cast of operetta characters has me mesmerized in disbelief as I witness their pre-inauguration celebratory posturing: the ever amusing yet sinister court jester, Joe Biden; the overly starched, would be Queen Mother, Nancy Pelosi; the supercilious, self-ennobling John Kerry; the evil little whispering villain Harry Reed; the charming Prince-of-the-Party innocent, Joseph Kennedy III; the professorial Indian guide, Elizabeth Warren; the seemingly befuddled defense advisor Leon Panetta. And we have the POTUS himself and his courtesan Belle Michelle bowing and scraping regally before their adoring subjects. Sound like sour grapes to you, of course it is; shallow and beneath me as well, but there you have it! I'll make a promise to you this 2013, I will try my best to refrain from these unbecoming snarky personal characterizations of my political tormentors-, difficult tho it may be. After all, it's not like they have not provided enough substantive aggravating, mind boggling political fodder to comment on i.e gone without notice the last vestiges of the Reagan tax reform legacy; the progressing implementation of ObamaCare, suggesting no chance of fiscal solvency in our life time; adding to our financial straights the Feds deceitfully masking of our deficit woes in unconventional monitory policies; the Democrat's shameful cry for bipartisanship in light of their demonstrated no compromise agenda; the EPA's blatantly apparent efforts to curtail the exploration and consumption or our abundant fossil fuel resources; nothing being sacred but spending and taxes; Muslim atrocities and religious fanaticism tolerated, at worst mitigated in the name of international brotherhood and religious freedom while Judeo-Christian faiths, their principals and ceremonies are thought subversive when openly practiced; the separation of our three branches of government becoming blurred by partisan politics; pandering to illegal immigrants goes unabated; the chasing of our businesses and money overseas through oppressive regulations and taxation; the marginalizing of our military; our education system hijacked for the worst by the teacher's union; the weakening of our unity as a nation by class distinction, and those right off the top of my head! So many issues to address, so little time! Admittedly, if continuing not to find some glimmer of hope advising we patriots, we constitutionalist-, this generation of Americans are poised to take some definitive action to win our country back from these seditious pretenders, these constitution violators-, this small cry in the dark will abruptly cease to exist. 
Yes, as of this moment your Tom Swift has grown somewhat apprehensive, faint of heart.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Looking back over the years I always felt I was with the majority, the consensus, when it came to facing up to the challenges to my country, to my rights and liberties as a citizen of these United States of America-, today this dawning of 2013, not so much! It was obvious after the so called great depression and the ensuing second great war that the progressive movement in the United States, spawned in the early 1900s, had taken a decided turn to the left. We became fixated on the common welfare, not that concerns over social reform was a bad thing mind you, but to the extent its ensuing zealous political involvement triggered the diminishing of our vitality, our penchant for commercial expansion and growth, for responsible and measured financial expansion and growth-, the blush was taken off individualism, the hallmark of American exceptionalism! The blush I say, not the elimination of; witness our accomplishments individually and nationally hence! So was my patriotism, my confidence in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution as an impenetrable barrier to preserving our American way of life, misplaced? To the extent you and I, in our lethargy took for granted those governing legacies of our founding fathers would sustain our Republic no matter the onslaught of political aspirants for fundamental changes in its rule-, yes! We were asleep at the switch, so bent on taking full advantage of our own liberties and freedoms we neglected to assure the integrity accordingly of our administrators, our governors, our politicians! We allowed them unlike our founding fathers to mitigate the rules of the land, for their own personal gain and those of their constituents-, national interests be damn! I vow this 2013 whether at town meeting, party specific forums, at local, state or federal levels, at candidacy promotion-, to question national implications. A good new year's resolution for us all: Politicians are home grown it's never too early to vet their national intentions, don't let them pander to our self interests alone to garner our favor. From locale Community Organizers Presidents grow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Isn't it miraculous that all our concerns over our insolvency, our loss of international prestige in the ravaging of our Egyptian and Libyan embassies, the threat of a nuclear holocaust in the middle-east, the Fast and Furious debacle, our stalled economy, unemployment, our open borders, and a host of other pesky little problems we have been dealing with have suddenly been resolved. It never ceases to amaze me the shortness of our attention span! Are we too simply sit here and bask in the glow of the inauguration festivities of President Obama's second term, that our international estate now rest in the good and capable hands of John F Kerry; the knowledge that our peerless politicians have been rewarded for their efforts in a salary increase by presidential decree. All is well my fellow Americans, Barack Obama is white knuckled at the wheel of our ship of state! Yeah right! Hey captain we are taking on water!