Thursday, August 30, 2012


Interesting, if you watched the RNC on any channel other than Fox you got a running rebuttal and/or criticism of the presiding party's agenda, it's presenters, it's commentators, it's speakers, at every break opportunity. If you did watch it on Fox, you got amplification and praise of the conventions substance and tenor during those same breaks! I'll leave it to you, as to which was the more enlightening, the more up lifting.
Nothing new here, the biased media performing as expected! However the Grand Old Party, in my estimation, it's 2012 Romney/Ryan ticket, along with an array of diversified
relatives, friends, and a throng of enthusiastic supporters preformed admirably. sending a message that the DNC can only hope to mitigate come September. A closing comment, if the Democrat's impression of a strong woman is the likes of their
convention's Chairperson Debbie Wassermann Shultz, who again in my estimation,would have noticeable paled in comparison to the presence and acumen of Connie Rice, Susana Martinez and Ann Romney. to name but a few of the RNC woman speakers! There is much more to simply proffering "I am woman"! and posturing
accordingly, than to actually have proven your mettle in strife and handicap; to rise above the fray in conspicuous accomplishment!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

International Reputation

Are any of you as sensitive as I am to President Obama's plummeting international reputation as a world leader, yet further degrading the prestige of the United States in
the process! His intent appears to be one of evolving our nation's global presence, to be more passive, more ecumenical, more conciliatory, as opposed to his perceived distorted Teddy Roosevelt American persona.." speak softly and carry a big stick". In that regard he has succeed beyond anyones wildest imagination! Unquestionably we are perceived a lessor power under his tutelage and leadership than ever before. Our formidable military is now seen as impotent under his command, uncertain of it's tactics and strategies, hesitant in it's actions and reactions to threats and crises! We are regularly rebuffed by lessor rogue nations, our motives questioned by our former allies; seen as uncertain in our awkward, fugitive diplomatic procrastinations, a slave to political correctness; our fiscal instability distracting, our global trade incentives and treaties near ground to a halt! The America of our ancestors, of our fore-bearers, seemingly lost forever in being mitigated by ensuing generation's of questionable character, resolve, and citizenship. To add insult to injury now seen led by a consummate Socialist, apologist, appeaser of our detractors, proponent of equality for all, freedom for none, Barack Hussein Obama!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Look out you Democrats, you Republicans..., you Whatevers! I suspect many of your causes are being thwarted if not subverted from within by your own thought to be faithful advocates! Touting an all inclusive clandestine "New World Movement", as the final solution to the world's problems ( Progressives they call themselves and they have been around a long time!)! These Progressives, these Globalist; their associated members of the Military/Industrial Complex, the cabal of International Bankers, many, not all mind you, covertly and insidiously organizing to diminish individual liberties, to progress an oligarchy of borderless Socialist States controlled by a centralized financial
institution! Thomas Jefferson and James Madison forewarned us of this potential at our nation's founding. Some of our Presidents to follow, the likes of Lincoln; of the more modern era: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan spoke of this New World Movement
suspiciously as being a real threat to our Republic, to our American way of life! The operative phrase, New World Movement... listen for it. It's forums of advocacy other than of late our very own Congress: the United Nations, the European Union (how's thatgoing for them?). Can you recall what the USSR stood for? And watch out for the often proposed North American Union, or a more insidious union for the further dilution of the USA's prominence, the AU, the Americas Union, or the WHU, the Western Hemisphere
Union. How does that sit with you, being a citizen of North America or the Western Hemisphere as opposed to Americans, United States of America, Americans!

Friday, August 24, 2012


President Barack Obama is fond of quoting and liking himself to President Abraham Lincoln, when in reality his policies for redistributing wealth, class distinguishing, creation of a welfare state thru entitlement incentives, usurping individual liberties and rights, spending irresponsibly, are diametrically opposed to those of Lincoln! I quote: You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift....You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves……Abraham Lincoln!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mitt Romney

Do you really fully appreciate that Mitt Romney is our only alternative to President Obama come November? It irritates me to no end when someone of supposedly my political persuasion proffers disparaging comments on Romney's character or politics and concludes " I'm simply not going to vote for him"! What kind of uninformed fool are you? How can you fail to realize what's at stake here! This Romney/Ryan ticket is the only game in town for we Americans; our only chance to say we aren't going to stand still for this Constitution bashing, fiscally irresponsible, politically correct dominated administration to prevail! The extent of my ire, If Mickey Mouse was President Obama's opposition he would have my unwavering support!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Running Mate

So what did you think of Romney's choice of Ryan as his running mate? Personally, I feared the worst, that he'd take the: "how can I garner the most votes"route in his selection. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't, but rather went with the
strongest, most outspoken proponent of fiscal responsibility! To me he sent a clear message: balancing the budget would be a priority of his administration and he chose the best man to help him get the job done! Certainly not the most politically expedient choice, considering the supposed closeness of the presidential race itself, but a telling and meaningful commitment to solving a problem, if not the most important problem his
administration will face, that our nation must face! Paul Ryan will know his place and purpose in the scheme of a Romney administration, he will be the presidents go-to-guy on all things budgetary, as it should be! And, in my estimation, in hearing his arguments no one is better equipped or qualified! And tell me, why is it we appear more concerned over how Governor Romney spends and manages money he has earned than we are about how President Obama is spending and managing the money we have earned!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Candidate/President Obama

No, in the beginning I did not believe Candidate for President Obama was a bad choice, a bad man! At worse I thought he was inexperienced, perhaps somewhat naive,and caught up a little to much in our country's "politically correct" obsession. No more!
Now President Obama and his hand picked advisors and "czars" as he ironically enough calls them-, his administration as a whole are subversive to everything this Democratic Republic of ours stands for! I now believe, all along he and his acolytes had
a carefully crafted, well hidden agenda ( again ironically, that he readily admitted to, if only we were listening) that of fundamentally changing these United States of America as we know it. Little did we realize that change meant Socialism, if not Communism as our governing order! The dream of his father! And, effecting that change in a rapid transformation through deliberately ignoring, if not conspiratorial interpretation/
misinterpretation of our Constitution! Those of us who saw this election and presidency as one of Democrat vs. Republican; Conservative vs. Liberal, had missed the point! It is a case of Capitalism vs. Socialism, of our Democratic Representative Republic ruled by it's Constitution vs. a centralized socialist government bent on it's interpretation of equality for all, with limited individual freedom for life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness!l What have we wrought?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Milton Friedman

Where have you gone Milton Friedman, the nation turns it's capitalist eyes toward you- Woo, woo, woo (for arguments to thwart the virtues of socialism being foisted upon us)! Three of my favorite Friedman quotes: A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both;.... If you put the Federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand;....The great virtue of a free market system is that it does not care what color people are; it does not care what religion they are; it only cares
whether they can produce something you want to buy!