Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amidst this Chaos....

...again pardon the awkward syntax and grammar..., but I'm sure you'll  get the message. I've had it! It's been nothing but politics as usual while we and the world roil in disastrous episodes of social stupidity and unmentionable crimes against humanity. How does it go "....I've made a little list and counted it twice...? " A  list I feel this Obama Administration, this government of ours, must respond to by amending the political atrocities it has rained down on we the people.To be acted upon immediately, it's progress to be measured in the results of the midterm elections! Why? I want a base line, a point of departure, if nothing more but to confirm or deny (if only to my satisfaction), as a nation, as a society, we are not over! For as little a reason, for me to at the very  least fold up my rinky dink little blog and go away! Yup, that is what it has come down to for me! I can't keep torturing myself in my impotence, my irrelevance in attempting  to arouse sensibilities of our dire circumstances, to witness anyone with the fortitude, the wherewithal to rise above the fray and make a difference! For that matter, to feel their are enough of us left to want to make a difference! So here Mr President for what it's worth, is my line in the sand, my personal manifesto, relative to just little old me remaining a citizen in good-standing, ready to go to the mat, to encourage my progeny to go to the mat if so required for the good ole U.S of A: 

1) Recognition that radical Islam and others of similar intent are a clear and present danger, not only to us but to the world, and we will meet them with determined force wherever and whenever they rear their ugly heads, as leaders of the free world!
 2) The IRS being used as a political deterrent is an anathema to our Constitution and way of life, and if so practiced must be punished beyond sanctimonious partisanship gesturing. It's perpetrators must be rooted out and prosecuted beyond the full extent of the law! And that goes for the resolution of the Benghazi, VA, etc. etc. scandals as well!! 
 3) Our sovereignty must be protected and preserved at all cost, in that, our borders must be inviolate our immigration laws clear and concise; our military strength so formidable as to never to be questioned or risk testing.
 4) Our once vital economy restored to its former growth and potential through fiscal responsibility, discipline and restraint! We must demonstrably reject Socialism as a deterrent to that end and return to private sector stimulus, individual enterprise, freedom and liberties to grow and prosper as a nation, as the society our founders intended.
  5) We must return to a truly representative government primarily emanating from the wants and needs of our States and their responsible majority; in coordination with their combined Federal welfare as a union. Unfailingly look to and adhere to the letter of our Constitution for interpretation and practice, free of political machinations. Uphold the sanctity, separation and authority of our three branches of government. The goal a highly efficient, unobtrusive government made up of a cadre of dedicated and moral public servants, bent on preserving our sovereignty; our American way of life.

I don't think that is too much to ask. Nevertheless, there you have it. Perhaps you'll hear from me again come November. Don't hold your breath!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Pelosi and Reid have diverted me from my unhealthy obsession with Obama. Can you believe their latest gaffes on the Supreme Court's Hobby-Lobby decision. I can't bring myself to repeat their bold face lies, their manipulative misrepresentation of the truth. So manipulative, so distorted to make President Obama's coincidental professed aversion to photo ops statement, pale in comparison. These are not just political neophytes we are talking about here, as I've said before, but House and Senate leadership. And, what does it say of us the electorate enabling such intellectually challenged, political hacks to  gain such power and influence. Washington DC may well be the seat of our government in more ways than one, prompting the observation: why are there so many more horse's asses residing in the District of Columbia than there are horses! And, to have their acolytes and the liberal press mitigate those gaffes, those distortions  as merely misspoke faux pas, as opposed to the out right lies they really are, is nothing less than aiding and abetting criminal intent. To me Harry Reid is a weasel of the first order, the Democrat party's unscrupulous character assassin; Nancy Pelosi the nonsensical Wicked Witch of the West..., but then again that appraisal fits my profile does it not! Searching for the truth on any given issue in this DC bastion of deceit and outright treachery is an exercise in frustration no matter your political persuasion, morality or patriotism. The spin, of centrifuge proportion, has you dizzy in a perplexing state of diabolical confusion. One moment your grasp of what is happening or not happening appears clear and fathomed, the next moment suspect and convoluted; the designated spokesperson's persona, body language, oratorical skills, appearance all lending to the confusion of your perspective, rightly or wrongly. But, there you have it, mental torment, mental anguish...who to believe, who not to believe. In final catharses at best, but your opinion, your slant!  I've strayed from specific issues of late only because my cup runneth over with disturbing issues that have got my attention, but I simply don't have the time or inclination to sort them out, to learn enough about them to comment on, with any assurance of balance, let alone relevance. So I remain, superficial, concerned like most, in crises overload, frustrated, flummoxed as what to say or do. How much more of this can we take? Someone, anyone-, separate yourself from the rabble, take center stage and lead us back to some semblance of order and propriety!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


"... just exactly what is your Ideology Swift? Did you just crawl out from under a
prehistoric rock and evolved barely beyond the apes in your stilted, stagnant
conservative dribble. Tell me your parents and mentors lead you unsuspectedly down
this path of every man for himself, let the unfortunate and prejudiced-against to fend for
themselves. We are a collective one Swift, to be assured equality by our governors and
providers. Diversity, tolerance and fairness our watchwords. Get with it, the parade has
past you by...." 

That's what a responder emailed me recently, out of context but almost
verbatim (leaving out the expletives). Who said I'm just preaching to the choir? Well,
perhaps my perceptive detractor you said it all, albeit in distortion. If not indeed
completely out of step with what is going on, I'm certainly staggering about trying to
figure out what has turned my world upside down! Of late, no question I've pinned the
tail on our president as my identified number one facilitator. As for my ideology, never
thought of myself as an ideologue of any specific comprehensive normative vision or
behavior. I have identified myself here as a conservative in my politics; as a registered
independent voter who has voted at one time or another for both Democrat and
Republican candidates; morally guided by the Ten Commandments, yet certainly not of
the religious right; a pragmatist when it comes to our country's Declaration of
Independence and it's Constitution, if not to the letter certainly to their spirit. So what
does that make me ideologically speaking? I always thought it made me a pretty good
American. As for my parents and mentors contribution to my socio-political construct: in
the main I never thought of them as particularly politically bent, overtly patriotic, muchless
ideologues -, hard working, yes; morale and God fearing yes, Americans first and
foremost, yes; afforded me good council and guidance, as well as every other possible
opportunity that they could for me to succeed in life, yes, but indoctrinated me in the
ways of politics, attempted to instill a discernible ideology to live by, no! As I said here
so often, I'm just a Conservative venting his spleen in a sea of perceived unproductive
ultra-liberalism, whipped up by over the top political correctness! And, as a concerned
citizen trying to be relevant, if only in a tiny voice, speaking out.There was no torment or
relationship in my life's progression that has given me cause or persuasion to be other
than grateful for the opportunities this country has afforded me; pride in its
accomplishments as a nation, as a society. What I am as a result, is what I am of my
own free will, fortune and volition. Take me or leave me as you wish, what you read is

what you get.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How Could They, How Can He?

I'm sure you are tired of my fixation on President Obama of late; know I am, but here I am at it again! It is so bad with me I can't even watch him take that little hippity-hop jog of his up the steps to a podium or mounting or dismounting his Air Force and Marine aircraft without taking offense! But, watching him deal with benign social issues, fund raising, golfing, posing and posturing, while America burns has me apoplectic! In a resent televised photo op after a meeting he had with House and Congress leadership,  I had all I could do to contain myself. There they sat smiling, preening, cajoling-, just five old Washingtonian friends and neighbors passing the time of day; so secure and comfortable in their lofty political offices.., so full of themselves, good ole Barry, Harry, Nancy, John and Mitch. The Establishment! How can they do that? It really makes you stop and think, does it not? If so diametrically opposed on every issue as they claim to be, how can they sit in the same room and exchange pleasantries? Or, are they so diametrically opposed on every issue? Is it more a case of our Washington based governing bureaucracy first, the welfare of we the people a distant second! The agenda, the perpetuation of the Washington establishment, a clandestine cabal at all cost, no matter the party affiliation! The discord histrionics merely feigned political theater, the means to serving that perpetuation? This is what it has come to for me....I'm so jaded my conspiracy suspicions run rampant! But then again when our President announces he is going to resolve our Country-Without-Borders dilemma through presidential degree (and we all know what that means-, whole sale amnesty with a turn-stile mentality remaining at the borders) without legislative due process, I'm back on his case!  All the while Benghazi, the ISIS emergence, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Ukraine, etc; a faltering economy, the ACA scam, a staggering national debt, burgeoning welfare and unemployment roles, the VA and IRS scandals, etc issues reaching  critical mass. There was a time I thought Barack Obama was a good man gone politically amuck, a victim of poor childhood, adolescence, and adult influences, a man that when great opportunity was thrust upon him, as it came to pass, would rise to the occasion, mend and mind his ways, realize the greatness of our country. If in his unlikely ascension alone, would respond with humility and gratitude to do well by his country. That has proven not to be the case. His character apparently so deeply flawed, his being so committed to his often stated and vigorously pursued cause, that of fundamentally changing the face of America-, that no amount of pain or destruction inflicted in the process will persuade him otherwise! His attitude, I am the President, ipso-facto my will, no matter how pervasive will other words, the hell with you, your constitution, your country, your society if you think the contrary! "So sue me" you say.....,how presidential Mr President!