Thursday, February 21, 2013

Further Thoughts

Earlier today I posted "The Die is All But Cast." 
I have some further thoughts...

The "sequester" is Obama's baby, a ploy to kick the can down the road and avoid addressing budget issues. And now the answer to all our ills is once again (repeat after me) increase taxes.  Are the sheep surprised?  Tax more spend more and continue to stifle the economy. As the WSJ pointed out: how can billions of government subsidies to green energy projects and government programs be good for the economy, increasing governement spending to 24% (I think that was it) of our GDP, and yet a mere 5% cut in spending will spell disaster? The inmates are running the asylum! 

The Die is All But Cast

It now becomes so blatantly obvious and ominous: The potential death knell of The United States of America will toll Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 if the Democrats can sustain their 2012 presidential election momentum in the Senate (33 seats of 100 will be contested), and the House (435 seats to be contested) mid-terms! It will toll loud and clear, for the country, for the world to hear and take heed. The United States, as we/they knew it, will be over! Given free rein in the remaining two years of his second term, President Obama most certainly, through both House and Senate gains and his penchant for unabashedly exerting executive privilege will complete his decimation of our Federal Republic to be replaced by a Socialist Republic with but a hint of democratic order (The Constitution be damned!). I say but a hint of democratic order in as much as the liberal/socialist faction of the Democrat party, lead by President Obama's commitment to government control of all social and economic affairs of consequence, will have been near completed; our course to socialism laid in, our destiny pre-ordained! 236 years of unprecedented freedom, prosperity and accomplishment, done us sunder, by an eight year reign of a socialist despot! If we continue our ways, two years hence we are "gone baby gone"! And what is so frustrating to me, is it appears all to many of us have no appreciation of what we had, what made us who we are, the opportunities and freedoms afforded us to be who we are..., what we are about to do! This "taker" mentality, of an inordinate number of our citizenry is such an anathema to me, to those of my generation, I truly struggle with how can it be! What happen to us? And why this president's supporters are so adamant that his opposition is at fault for our country floundering in a malaise of domestic and foreign mismanagements and he is not-, defies comprehension. What has he done to deserve such misplaced loyalty? Again, how does it go: "... have eyes but can not see, ears but can not hear..."

I had great hope for the Simpson/Bowles budget compromise, only to have President Obama reject it out of hand! What was I thinking! My advise to House and Senate leaders Boehner and McConnell don't even consider giving a foot in these budget negotiations when this President of ours has no intention of giving an inch. Bring on the Sequester!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


He claims he is a champion of the middle-class? Give me a break! He is destroying the middle-class! In his socialist lexicon there is but one class other than the governing bureaucrats and their military-industrial complex compatriots, and that would be us the WBC i.e. *Worker Bee Class. To me this insect definition fits our plight: those genetically programed to work their asses off! And least I forget to mention the non-participants in the scheme of this class genre, those defying classification, the ubiquitous welfare and entitlement recipients, the benefactors of the government's boundless generosity at the expense of the WBC's toil and sweat. Those wards of the state, so to speak-, to a large degree those lacking both the ambition and self-esteem to participate in our free enterprise system.This class construct can not and will not stand, it has failed repeatedly through out the annals of history! The tipping point: when the needs of the government in support of it's wards exceeds the ability of the WBC to sustain their dependency.The rich will have moved on to more fertile fields of endeavor and investment, while we the Worker Bees grow distraught and weary under the yoke of big government's monetary oppression, and finally resist...,for better, or maybe worse I might add. It's always the ignored elephant in the room during resent political debates: who is going to pay for a government of required size to mismanage ( that's what they do!) and fund all these government programs as well? Isn't any one doing the arithmetic or are you all just taking the word of those sterling mathematicians: Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. By the way, that is a near 17 trillion dollar elephant they are ignoring, in case you've forgotten, haven't noticed or lost count!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What am I missing?

What are you doing to us you GenX/Y'ers Where did we of the preceding generations go wrong in failing to instill in you a sense of country, of patriotism; an appreciation for the freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed for so long; the accomplishments, and benevolence our country has shared with the world, the environment that allowed us to provide for you so well! How have you managed to bring us full circle from a government of the people, by the people, for the people to a government of career politicians separate and apart from the people, a government imposing it's will on the people for the furthering of it's own agenda of social, economic, and commercial reform! Reforms when enacted will empower a central government to dictate through ownership and regulation all aspects of our society; curtail all individual rights and freedoms that might obstruct those reforms! How can the polls so overwhelming advise the majority of you take exception to the direction the country is going in, yet overwhelming agree President Obama who has taken us in that direction is without blame, and worst deserved a second term to raise yet more havoc. Is it just this celebrity thing I have alluded to before, can you be that shallow! Of course you listened to his State of the Union discourse yesterday? What did you think...if at all? I thought: Oration over substance! The posturing, the clever mention of near all our vexing problems with nary a mention of plausible solutions, lies upon lies ! Where are the fact checkers to call him to task? Yes, he and his peerless administration promise to address those problems with the same vigor, vitality and intelligence demonstrated in his previous term-, undoubtedly  with the same results I fear!  And can anyone believe him when he says, "Nothing I'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime." I leave you with a vexing problem of mine, Barack Obama's supposedly "star quality" his "celebrity status". What am I missing? Admittedly he wears a suit well, is good looking if not a handsome man, reads well. But, doesn't his questionable credentials, lack of accomplishment, his failures give you pause, his arrogant, pompous air grate on you, his condescending mannerisms want to smack him up along side the head! Justin Bieber has the same affect on me, but for heavens sake this is the president of the United States I'm talking about here! This is a man hell bent on destroying America as we know it, and you are mesmerized with his celebrity, his charisma, his promises of a free-lunch at the cost of your freedoms; in acknowledging your children and children's children are going to be saddled with an inordinate tax burden of his making, before they earn their fist penny? He is stifling us and all we've ever been, or ever will be, and you are letting him do it! What's the matter with you?

Monday, February 11, 2013


Are you listening to this misdirection, are you buying it? In support of continuing exorbitant welfare expenditures, entitlement excesses, we hear the all to familiar narrative: we can't deprive our needy, our destitute from the bare necessities of life; assist those who desperately need and deserve our assistance, and oh those poor children and undocumented immigrants that will suffer so...,it's the humanitarian thing to do, the American thing to do (taken from the Joe Biden testament of idiocy)!The wealth redistribution advocate's subterfuge! Never do we hear how low the threshold is to qualify for such favors, the limits of those favors, their obligations in receiving those favors! Oh no-, they only hear how easy it is to get on the dole and stay on it! Are their needy requiring our assistance, of course their are, but, to this extent and proportion to the rest of us? As vigorous as our government is in levying and collecting taxes it is in indiscriminately granting hand-outs! And don't you believe it for one moment the margin of error in the administration of those hand-outs is tolerable in being judiciously monitored and disciplined, because it is not! Budget cuts of societal consequences are being portrayed as both unnecessary and mean spirited when in reality they are the crux of our moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility. Socialism is insidious in it's persuasions you dolts! Again I say, we are near broke yet we insist on portraying ourselves as Daddy Warbucks! Generosity to that extent is not just around the corner, it's going to take generations if ever to just climb out of this 17 trillion dollar hole we have so blithely dug for ourselves! When former President Obama resides in his Hawaii estate four years hence, basking in the accomplishment of realizing the dreams of his father, far from the chaos he had wrought on the contiguous United States, I wonder if he will reflect favorably on the gullible sheep he left behind! Will their be a day of reckoning, of course their will be, the vagaries of economic cycling will demand correction one why or another, but will the United States emerge as the country it was in stature and reputation? I fear we have been irreparably damaged! The "Great Divider" has left his indelible stain on Americana for decades to come!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Accepting the Inevitable

The straw that broke Ole Tom Swift's spirit, and the reason why I grew silent this past week or so, it was that 60 Minute Steve Kroft interview of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I all but gagged at their fawning all over each other, of their total dismissive attitude for the reality of our flawed international presence and its consequences, or perhaps I should say lack of presence. I kept saying to myself are these people in the same universe? And it hit me,of course they are, they are our President and Secretary of State for-crying- out-loud, who would, or should be more attuned to the reality of our international presence and it's importance!  Sad! Their smugness, their  denying  of any culpability in our ineffectiveness to respond to the violation of our foreign embassies made me reel in disbelief! This wasn't the two most accountable people responsible for the formulating and maintenance of our international policies coming before us to explain a series of diplomatic disasters, but two smarmy politicians telling us not to worry we've got everything under control-, the thin "Trust me" narrative of our political left on every conceivable issue this country faces both domestically and internationally. Don't deal with the facts, the numbers, the precedence just trust us! Yeah right! It's always smoke and mirrors, slight of hand, misdirection...profound failure, the establishment of new norms until hell won't have it! 

You know, my kids keep telling me the only way we are going to beat this regime is to get a cool front-man who has the charisma, the guile to capture the hearts and minds of the woefully uninformed electorate-, but with just enough intelligence to know we must preserve the basic precepts of this American Republic of ours, or all is lost!  Shallow thinking I thought-, its the substance of that person, the merit of his or her vision of what our nation is, and can yet be that wins the day! Now for good reason I'm having second thoughts...Maybe it is all political theater, and our performing thespians and/or our script has not been up to Academy Award standards. Perish the thought but I fear that's what it has come too! Celebrity over substance!

So OK, as many of you have requested (thank you for that) I'll blog on: preach to the choir, but on fewer occasions than before in recognizing the majority of you have spoken! I have accepted the inevitable....until further notice, in my mind we American's of yore are over! Television, the movies, the main stream media, literature-, the government of course; even the Super Bowl half time shows, constant reminders the parade has passed me by-, politically, morally, culturally and it's obviously not for me to say for the worst.