Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Political Incongruities Abound

How can our 42nd impeached President of the United States be so revered by his political party, so overwhelming lionized by women in general, yet be a proven perjurer and  flagrant womanizer? To add insult to injury how can the Democrat Party foresee he and his enabling wife, who in her own right lent a new dimension to both incompetence and  deniability in her tenure as Secretary of State, be their candidates-of-the-moment, for President and First-Man come 2016! The same Party that proclaims in its every breath transparency in its governing, and a professed champion of every feminine cause and persuasion known to man. And, this very same power-couple candidates soliciting the support and confirmation (and getting it!) from our standing President who they unequivocally deemed incompetent, lacking of record, and all around unworthiness to be President of the United States in their unsuccessful bid for the Democrat Party presidential nomination in 2008. Go figure! And, as with Fast and Furious, the IRS, NSA, the Benghazi scandal with its potential to besmirch their candidates reputation beyond repair received a congressional investigation pass with nary a mention of the woman in charges  implication-, as the bodies thrown under the bus pile up. And don't you dare mention any of this to be perceived pristine couple's prior indiscretions, with out being labeled a muckraker and anti feminist. These Clintons are being recast as the second coming of John and Jackie of Camelot, with all their excused inhibitions and over the top fabricated public personas, sans their sartorial splendor and personal charism that is! Further would not the would be Hillarycare have been every bit the debacle Obamacare is, if it had been enacted? And are we to suppose Bill's health issues and age would insure against unsuspecting or suspecting female staffers and interns from falling victim to his apparent never sated libedo and sexual proclivities. And this to say nothing of perhaps the more appropriate fact, their less than combined inspiring efforts to preserve and advance the fortunes of our country against foreign and domestic detractors and detractions in their eight year tenure. As said here before, please tell me come 2016 it is to be something more than just an exercise to elect the first women president of the United States! No one should care what sex, what color, what ethnicity our president should  be, or is. Intelligence, the record, the morality, the energy and perseverance to formulate and execute a plan to assure the prosperity and tranquility of our nation, the freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness it's  constitution mandates and promises its citizenry-, that should be the hallmark of all our presidential candidates! It's not just Hill and Bill, the Democrat Party, that incur my displeasure but all those Beltway bureaucrats, those career politicians that have sold our should be sacrosanct Constitution down the tubes for their own political security and gain; played me and my kind for the ninnies we are. And, played we've been!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Relevance Trumps Longevity

Asked, what is your problem Swift? Forgetaboutit they say, no one is listening.To paraphrase Satya Nadella of Microsoft: "Life is not about longevity, it's about relevance"! Me, I've got to feel I have made a difference in my life cycle, my term, my tenure, my whatever; made a meaningful contribution, a mark, strived for relevance in my convictions, visions and passions, don't you? If not, what is it all about? You came, you went, left no meaningful imprint of your arrival, your presence, your departure! What of your progeny, if any, has your relevance or not, served as an example for their good or detraction? 
And what of that progeny, or anyone for that matter that speaks of you, what do you think they would say, what will their  remembrance be. Sure the parental, familial normal or abnormal memories we all share: the mother, father, son, daughter, grandson granddaughter, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc, etc. interactions, encounters triggered memories, but what of the measure, the substance of the man or woman? Was he or she really relevant in their lifetime beyond being a revered or reviled relative, friend, or acquaintance? Did he or she warrant respect for his or her pursuit of relevance in their convictions, visions and passions, whether shared by you or not, was he or she accomplished, indelible etched in your mind for their relevance, not just their participation as, or in whatever? 
Which begs the question, are we making  the most of our time here, there or anywhere? I ask that question of myself often. In my business career I wanted to be part of a vital, growing enterprise, that it's associates would revel and prosper in its successes; as a member of my community I wanted to help guide its young people's scholarship and career paths; as a citizen I wanted to support, promote and preserve the greatest white paper I felt ever written on the founding of a democracy, The Constitution of the United States of America. I've taken a shot at trying to be relevant to those convictions, those visions and passions with some success (I'd like to believe anyway). But, that of meaningful promotion and preservation of our constitution, our representative republic's cornerstone, I feel I have been but tilting at windmills; fallen way short of the mark in any of my efforts. Not that I suspected my powers of persuasion were all that great, but that history was so convincingly on my side, that the moral dimension of the relationship between the governed and their governors here in these united states, tested by decades of surmounted challenges, that it would stand forever! Yet, that does not appear to be the case does it? No amount of persuasion by others, far more intelligent, committed, and positioned than myself to stay the course of this United States of ours can seemingly stem the tide of its insurrection-, and confoundedly aided and abetted by its very own self serving citizens and unprincipled leaders! Being brought down from within, from behind! 
This current administration of ours, it's proposed successors are poised to destroy all remnants of our once great society, its culture, its leadership! In the name of what, Socialism? Our President, no less, he who has stated unequivocally to fundamentally change our country in his tenure,has the audacity to say we should be more aligned with other industrial nations in our governing, when that very difference is what made us so prosperous, so benevolent; the demonstrated and envied pinnacle of a free society unencumbered by political machinations designed to meter life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for its citizenry. 
I say again, I will continue to voice opposition if but a whisper in the scheme of things, ponder my lack of relevance, and soldier on with but a glimmer of  hope 2014, in turn 2016 will bode well for our floundering ship of state.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Incentivized To Be Less Than You Can Be

As a nation we are being insidiously conditioned by our governors to be less than we can be, by incessant rewards and entitlements for doing little more than breathing and responding minimally to basic bodily functions and requirements for citizenship. If there is any compunctions on your part to lay-about, to exist with a minimal expenditure of physical and/or mental energy (and you apparently are legion!) you are in the right place, and the right time in the annals of American history. Our present government recognizes your needs, feels your pain and is eager to sustain your dependence (if assured of your vote that is!) and enforce the obligation upon others to pay for your lethargy  ..., if need be willing to amend our constitution accordingly in the name of equality!  As for you and yours who are of another persuasion sorry about that, our very same ever benevolent  government in its political correctness has so crippled the economy, your opportunities for something other than a non exceptional existence has been stifled, if not irreparable damaged for the foreseeable future! Again as so frequently said here...., what are we thinking-, our country, our society, our culture is systematically being eroded by unscrupulous politicians of questionable motives and intelligence! I have tried to site specific instances of blatant examples of conspicuous actions and inactions, distorted and divisive rhetoric, taken and voiced by those politicians,,,,, yet it appears so many of you are willing to stand silently by with an attitude at best of: this too shall pass! You said it in '08, again in '12! What is it going to take to convince you it's near all over but the shouting and gnashing of teeth! Yes I'll carry on with my angst, teeth gnashing and whatever, here and wherever, and hope for the best..., but know I'm not at all optimistic! Recently I recall some political pundit describing taxes as our addicted politician's crack cocaine.....that they are hard core users in their requirement to placate their electorates insatiable appetite for subsidies, entitlements-, favors of every type and concession..., the milk of every election and reelection. In that, knowing the amount of our deficit, which more than a significant portion is accrued for the incentivizing I'm alluding to.....what am I to think!?