Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good Guys

I always found solace, advantage if you will in the feeling we "good guys" were in the majority and that the sheer weight of our will would and could prevail when push came to shove! Further, that we are far from the tipping point i.e between we, the private sector employed, tax paying, self sustaining individualist, America first (albeit shrinking)
schlubs, and those public sector employed, entitlement advantaged, me-firstcounterparts; even when combined with career welfare recipients and their politically correct enablers. Now I'm not so sure! I'd like to think my doubts can largely be attributed to being fully immersed in effective propagandizing by the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, the East Coast Intellegencia! But, I am beginning to wonder! Could it
be that this once great nation of ours has run it's course, that Mark Steyn's premonitions of dire things to come, will indeed come to pass! If so, at least my age advises I will not have to witness this self destructiveness play out much longer! What a
shame it would be, to have this long lived most beneficial and benevolent, most diverse selfless society ever, forsake it's democratic principals, the rule of its above reproach
constitution; abdicate its world leadership roll to others of known ulterior motives and
dubious conduct! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Democrats are forever reminding us, it's the welfare of the children that is aways the first and foremost consideration in their political machinations. If thats the case why
are they not concerned about burdening each and everyone of them with a $250.000 future tax bill accrued by the 
$16,000.000,000,000 (that's right we are talking trillions
here!) Obama budget deficit! And, counting at a rate of $3.85 billion per day! Now there is a legacy worth leaving to our children?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harsh, I Know

I'm flummoxed by the apathy and naiveté when witnessing those fawning over this ingratiating, arrogant, smarmy president of ours. I beg of you take President Obama to task for his misrepresentation of events and circumstances, his flaunting of our laws, his misinterpretation of our constitution! His failed legislation and policies. He is an easy and accomplished manipulator, a master at strategic misrepresentation, an unrepentant liar ( harsh I know!), confident his thought to be charisma, oratorical skills, street smarts, his affirmative action pass, will cover his insincerity, his incompetence, while progressing his socialist doomsday scenario for the United States! Please don't except anything he says at face value, listen for those double entendres, those unsubstantiated projections based mostly on pure conjecture, his dismissal of history's painful lessons. As a nation, I contend we have never seen a more un-American American President than Barack Hussain Obama, the antichrist of all things American once was! Again, harsh I know, but this is no time to mince words!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Second Term?

Help me out here. Are you telling me President Obama deserves a second term because: Our deficit will be lowered, our budget balanced? Our kids will be better educated at a lower cost? Fewer of our citizens will require government subsistence?
Our economy will be more expansive and faster growing? Our enemies and allies alike will respect us more? We will curtail our foreign aid to those who wish us harm? Our unemployment rate will subside? Our government will be less intrusive? Our median
household income will rise? Our gas prices will plummet? Our taxation in general will be more appropriate and equally shared? Our standard of living will once again be the world's standard? Our dollar will strengthen? Our AAA/positive credit rating restored? Our ensuing four years under an Obama administration will witness the restoration and vigorous enforcement of our constitutional rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness? You do KNOW that is not what he is promising, don't you? In essence what he is saying with an economy of words, is that the lack of his administrations successes thus far, advises an uncorrectable lingering malaise, caused by others, must be tolerate for the foreseeable future (until it miraculously goes away!).There is no FORWARD in his marking-time; more of the same plans for our future. All, while our economy, our way of life, our international prestige slides into an abyss. I tell you, it is amateur hour these days in Washington DC!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Romney's comments on 47% of our citizens being, to one degree or another, on the tax payer's dole! Supposedly perceived as being disparaging to those poor unfortunates listed and damaging to his campaign? What's their point? Face it, it's reality! In fact, our big government goes to great lengths to incite it's citizens to join the ranks of its dependents, its entitlement recipients-, for obvious reasons: their loyalty, their votes! No mystery there! Again history poised to repeat itself.The path:
democracy, to socialism, to anarchy, to revolution, to whatever, and the subterfuge goes on and on. The chain has got to be broken! Romney, as others before him, reminds the
results of this insidious progression. Know, in the annuals of history the United States has protracted the reign of our democratic republic in sustaining its dominant presence
beyond, way beyond, that of it's predecessors (now precariously hanging on to it's remaining remnants!). Don't let these socialist, these politically correct liberals, these whatever detractors to our way of life do us sunder!

Monday, September 17, 2012

An Elaboration On The Foregoing If Pursued Separately

You might ask: Why has the United States become the longest lived internationally influential, dominate super power that it is today? How have we survived beyond the foretold 200yr. precedent of our predecessor's? My Theory: land mass, a highly diversified populous and an ocean surround. Simply we were not piled on top of one another in our maturation. We originated from multi nationalities, multi cultures, we spoke in many tongues, we came from near every walk of life, practiced most all religions-, all to agglomerate in an isolated place to fend for ourselves; essentially unchallenged by adjacent competing cultures, societies, political regimes. As a result, difficult to herd by any one dominate "shepherd" or another! We were collectively mongrels coexisting in a new world-, our only common bond, we were all Americans, sought to be, and thought better off for it!
So what has changed? Again my theory, we are devolving, going back to our ancestral, cultural, and society preferences through political culling, in the process losing our cohesiveness as Americans! Class warfare waged by unscrupulous politician's amassed in Washington DC has weakened that common bond. We have become a new brand of hyphenated Americans: rich ones, poor ones, black ones, white ones, brown ones, handicapped ones, white-collar ones. blue-collar ones, young ones, old ones, urbane
ones, suburban ones, etc. etc. We have been categorized/splintered by every imaginable difference in our appearance, our preferences, our geography, our age, our
what have you. All for the expressed purpose of diminishing or garnering our resolve for pure political reasons, sans national best interest! We have been led to believe our differences are best served when we unite in those differences, segregate and compete with those we differ from! The ole divide and conquer double edge sword, a political manipulation! That is what just happen in Europe, in it's EU model i.e separated by nations in that instance, but essentially politically and monetarily controlled by a central government. In theory thought to be emulating the success of the USA! What its planners left out of that equation: our American democratic republic is ruled by a constitution that affords it's citizenry as a whole inalienable liberties and rights, and we are by that citizenship all Americans. You can see in that oversight how it is working out for those EU members! My point, our strength lies in preserving our unique "Democratic Representative Republic", it is that amalgamate that has given us our longevity, that cohesiveness, that is being threatened by this Obama administration!


Our current administration has the audacity to try an convince us these atrocities committed against our embassies, our government and civilian employees, our military, our citizens at large are spontaneous isolated incidences! That these occurrence's close
proximity to 9/11 is coincidental, is ludicrous! What do they take us for, blithering idiots? When are we going to get it through our thick heads a vast number of Muslims are organized and committed to do us harm, we the Great Satin, as they so fondly call us! Aren't we all embarrassed, enraged by our inaction, watching our flag being desecrated our President's image defaced, stomped on and burned by an ugly mob of fanatical ingrates; depriving our military the right and means to defend themselves, all while our President, our Secretary of State, proffers excuses for the offenders actions, amidst weak-kneed superfluous rhetoric of feigned outrage! What has become of us!


In our President being so hell-bent on vacating our world leadership roll, obviously he envisions our successor will be as ecumenical, as benevolent, as staunch an advocate of human rights and liberties as we are? Sure he does! Let me see who could that successor be, China; maybe Russia, obvious candidates of course? Perhaps the UN could fill the void as a New World Order advocate? Now there are candidates worthy of serious consideration judging by their record alone, wouldn't you say? And if any of you are thinking "isolation" as an alternative, get real!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embassy Atrocities

It would appear we are more focused on Governor Romney's more presidential and forcefully response to the Egyptian and Libyan embassy atrocities, then that of our President's lack of a timely and appropriate response! Odd that the Democrats can
comment at will on a Republican administration's foreign policies and actions and deem it their patriotic duty! Yet, when a Republican does it, it is viewed as usurping the
President's prerogatives and damaging our international image(what image?!). Don't we recall the near seditious and endless rhetoric voiced from the so called loyal opposition
during our other desert encounters from a no-less stellar Democratic than Harry Reed, Speaker of the House (we lost the war before we won it!). Further back, Senator John Kerry labeling our soldiers pillagers and rapist during the Vietnam War! This is not a question of a double standard, it's a question of no standard at all, of journalistic and political malpractice!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Most disturbing, President Obama appears to get a "free get out of jail pass", when the preverbal buck stops at his desk, both nationally and internationally. His snub of Israel gets a pass. His entertaining the Muslim Brotherhood, our avowed enemy gets a pass. Even his failure to pass a budget got a pass. His dismal deficit and unemployment numbers gets a pass. His near every faux pas and debacle appears to some how get a pass. In these latest attacks on our embassies and the killing of one of our ambassadors, he appears to be getting a pass. It's always of someone else's doing, or fault. I wonder if a mushroom cloud appeared over the middle-east, he would get a pass as well? But, it will all work out fine this time around we are assured. Because? "The White House condemns the actions as outrageous". Boy, now that's strong language! I bet the Ayatollahs are shaking in their boots! Maybe things are changing for
the better, ya think?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Embassy Tragedies

The ravaging of our embassies in Egypt and Libya: Is this a teachable moment or what? The question what is it teaching us: that our foreign polices of appeasement, atonement and financial aid, thought to be retribution, is paying off for us; that the
Muslims do not see us as infidels, either to be converted to Islam or killed; that the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding (other than Sharia Law that is); that a nuclear armed
Muslim state poses no threat to non-Muslim nations; that they see the United States or anyone else for that matter capable of thwarting their religious fanaticism? Have another
glass of cool-aid! Admit it, our Kumbaya Foreign Policy, taken to extreme by our President, The Master- Appeaser, The Great-Equalizer, is a total disaster and may ferment a catastrophic international event if not changed!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Are We Sheep?

Although Clint Eastwood has gone on record saying," President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people". I had to ask myself, if so, how could that happen? We are not a bunch of sheep, we Americans! And then, in asking the question, it dawns on me, we are not the American's of our forefathers, and far removed from the so called Greatest Generation! And therein lies the rub, we have lost our edge, our collective strength, our cohesiveness as Americans, that cohesiveness that once made us exceptional. Our great melting pot has coalesced into diverse factions through political herding, making us less inclined to put our nation ahead of our own personal self interests! Entitlements, have unquestionably fermented the process; a large unwieldy omni- presence government has created a public sector that has mismanaged the country's revenues, natural and human resources to the point of a suspected hidden, intentional political subversion. We have become a governmentcentric populous so divided among ourselves we have lost our once indomitable majority to address our national and international interest with strength and conviction! Back to our Constitution I say, and quickly! It alone speaks faithfully in the voice of our forefathers! I fervently believe it can and will restore us if practiced passionately and

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Peggy Noonan

Oh Peggy Noonan I think I'm in love.., my sentiments exactly (WSJ Opine 9/9/12)!
She captured the essence of my appraisal of the DNC soiree in Charlotte to the 9's! With her terse gems: Joe Biden is a normal Democrat; John Kerry was on fire " being for it, before he was against it; pegging the DNC atmosphere marked by a kind of soft distracting extremism; noting the resounding "No!" vote on restoring the mention of God and support of the administrations stand on Jerusalem in the party's platform; comparing the Republicans to Nazis; tagging Ms. Fluke the fabulously confident and igneous-seeming political narcissist that she is; Bill Clinton sticking to fluid fictions in his address yet left the glaring specter of both Medicare and Medicaid's true benefits and financing in the scheme of Obamacare unanswered; asking the ominous question, can the Dem's extreme will, along with their bought and payed for public employee constituency carry the day come Nov? Scary!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What have you come away with?

Let's keep it simple: Now that the RNC and the DNC spectacles have faded from our reveries, what have you come away with? It looks a lot like '08 all over again,wouldn't you say? We are still looking for hope and change! That's what President Obama said he was going to give us back then, and it has come to pass, and resoundingly so, he has not! His retort: he has made significant progress, he just needs more time to get the job done, ergo give him a second term. So, if you believe him: that he has made significant progress toward fulfilling his promises, your choice should be clear. Give him his second term. Right? But, how can you, when the evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming. His, more of the same plans for the future, plans already proven inadequate if not abstract failures in practice is his answer? In that being said wouldn't you have to concede, all things being equal, change as proposed by others of some reputation the alternative, a logical alternative to take!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Have you been watching the DNC, if you haven't you should be! Move over Joseph Goebbels, Eva Peron, Fidel Castro, Obama and his legions have written a new chapter in practicing mass psychology in virulent propagandizing (not in substance mind you, but in inflammatory rhetoric!). Hardly a word spoken to the issues facing our nation, save for noting: what has been said by the opposition branded as lies and/or distortions!
What we got was a constant rant on the woes of the perceived oppressed: workers being victimized by tyrannical Industrial capitalist, the rich reaping the gains of the underclasses while not paying their fair share of taxes, women being denied their rightful place in society as well as their thought to be fundamental gender liberties,government being curtailed from bringing equality to the masses, emigrants unfairly set upon in their redefined illegal-legal status, those greedy bankers poised to foreclose on your home at the slightest provocation, minorities stifled by the majority, government portrayed as the final solution to all our nation's trials and tribulations! And, let me not forget Bill Clinton (touted to be the most popular President of our time!) taking full credit for his budgetary expertise and management during his second term while making no mention Congress sets the budget, which at his time was Republican, lead by Speaker Newt Gingrich! The coup de grace, President Obama himself extolling his constituency in revival prose and oration to give him four more years to continue his quest. That quest in my mind, bringing this great nation of ours to it's knees! God help us. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clinton At The DNC

Everyone is hanging on tenterhooks waiting for the past, impeached President William Jefferson Clinton to address the DNC, to pontificate on the state of the nation; to set the tone for the reelection of President Barack Obama! Give me a break! Isn't this the same "Slick Willy" the consummate womanizer, the husband of Hillary the would be president, that railed on Barack Obama's incompetence, his lack of record, his unworthiness to be President of the United States ( as did he! ), the same President who violated an intern, in the oval office no less, yet claimed "I never had sex with that woman"; who not only was impeached, but had his license to practice law revoked? Is that who our Democrat brethren is going to roll out as a paragon of Democrat values and Ideals?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pointing Blame

You can explain to me forever and a day, that it is President Bush's fault that we have gotten ourselves into such a mess....,and it will fall on deaf ears! Why, because, it
was Candidate for President Obama, back in '08, who pointing out the preceding administration's perceived faults and deficiencies, in turn his planned corrections and efficiencies. That in turn supposedly got him elected! Four years later we are in a worse
place than when he and his administration took office: fiscally, socially, economically, nationally and internationally! The numbers, the results, speak for themselves! If indeed a recovery was initiated, again by the numbers, this has been the slowest recovery ever, imperceptibly slow! And, as for his administration being Constitution abiding, the preservation of our American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness assured,