Friday, May 31, 2013

Pay Attention

Beware of our legislators hidden agendas and "bill bundling" in the drafting of legislation, ....we the people should know specifically what our legislators are voting on!! There is a long list of such submerged and disguised "tag-along" legislation, where we the electorate may favor (or not) the passage of a given bill, only to find out it's main thrust has been augmented with provisions and/or bundled with other bills that can potentially negate,dilute or enhance the bills thought to be original intent-, sometime being completely afield from the bill's considered primary intent and purpose. This slight of hand legislator ploy to usually appease opposition, accommodate "pork" or support a hidden agenda is insidious. It is difficult enough to grasp the substance of any proposed legislation let alone have to cope with manipulative double-entendres and outright subterfuge! We become mesmerized by the rhetoric surrounding the thought to be essentials of the legislation only to miss the potentially altering attachments,the fine print that if ignored in law can bring on results totally unanticipated and conceivably contrary to our survey.This is deliberate people, it once again tells us what sheep they think we are! Remember Amnesty '86, Obamacare '10, other voluminous bills before and after that when enacted their altering caveats and additions raised havoc in their adherence or lack of adherence. Specificity, is the politicians nemesis; thereby provisions for wiggle-room, for swerve is common place in their legislation drafting techniques. Why this mention you ask-, be wary of the proposed amnesty legislation now moving to the House!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lessor Credentials, Greater Rewards.

At the risk of being snarky (when have I ever!): I have figured out how to be President of these United States of America and it is a lot easier than you would suspect. Now I’m not talking about the process of getting elected, that is a sewer into which I choose not to descend, but the qualifications seem to be irrevocably diminished. Gone is the advantage of having served in the military, or to have some background in the private sector, be it business experience or actually having held a real job. So too has the experience of actually running something, be it a business or state government, supplanted by spending a minimal amount of time in Congress, and even that can be extraordinarily minimal. So you can actually be something as ridiculous as, say a “community organizer”, followed by a few weeks in Congress, never having actually done anything, to get elected. But I digress. Let’s just assume that you’re in….now what do you do? Is there a Presidential handbook or perhaps a hastily scribbled list of dos and don’ts left by your predecessor? Based on history there must not be, because the President continues to do the same stupid things that Presidents have always done. But this one has made it simple. We live in the age of celebrity. It’s all about how you look, how you appear on television. How you manage the teleprompter. Actual gravitas has been replaced by the perception of cool. You rub elbows with Jay-Z and similar characters from the cultural abyss. George, Angelina, Beyonce. You have swagger.You’re a media darling.

First rule is to do whatever the hell you want. Remember, the public voted you in, and you’re riding high on approval ratings, so it is, more or less, an affirmation that you are free to do whatever you want. After all they gave you the job. And why wouldn’t a democrat President be a reflection of his constituency? They all voted for you because you promised them free stuff on the government’s dime. So have at it. Show ‘em how it’s done. Fly to Indiana to golf with Tiger Woods. Throw a barbecue for all your hoop star idols and serve them some of that specially brewed White House beer. Send the kids to the Caribbean. Take Air Force One out to Hawaii for a family vacation and, why not, fly back to Washington to check up on things in the middle of your vacation and fly back. It’s not like you’re paying for gas. Shoot, let’s just take a jaunt with Michelle and a dozen or so of your favorite secret service agents up to New York to take in dinner and a show… know, just the two of us. And Martha’s Vineyard, like Hawaii, is a great place to showcase your scrawny pencil neck and man-boobs in a pair of fashionable swim trunks for the adoring People Magazine paparazzi while frolicking in the surf with the wife and kids. What could renting a second villa for your entourage be in Martha’s Vineyard at the height of tourist season….another 10, 20 grand? Pocket change. You deserve it.

Attack all your rivals and those that don’t ascribe to your world view relentlessly and personally, using all the complicit media and government agencies at your disposal. And when they attack you, declare your personal life and your family out of bounds. Be indignant. Declare yourself above the fray, too noble to resort to that sort of thing. But continue to leak information to the press. You say it…they repeat it, like a parrot. Worst case scenario: just throw the reporter or the government underling under the bus. Cannon fodder. And when the inevitable scandal pops up, repeat after me: “ I knew nothing of this [fill in the blank]. I just found out about it like you, read it in the paper. [Fill in the blank] is a completely independent organization and my administration has nothing to do with this. I am appalled at the actions of [fill in the blank]. I vow to form a bipartisan committee to investigate [fill in the blank]. I will work tirelessly to see to it that [fill in the blank] is held accountable for their actions. This has no place in America. I am shocked and outraged.”

And when your policies are found wanting, your diplomats attacked overseas, the economy continues to tank, and that Red Line that you alluded to is crossed, just use a variation on the theme of denial. Remember: It’s not your fault, you didn’t know, it was someone else, you were misunderstood. Once again, repeat after me: This is totally unacceptable. I was not informed. It was due to [fill in the blank]. My administration will continue to work on restoring faith in [fill in the blank]. We just need more time. I am forming a bipartisan committee to thoroughly evaluate the problem and make recommendations. I will be meeting with [fill in the blank] personally. I am shocked and outraged.” Remember, keep moving the goalposts. Always keep moving.

Claim all the good as your own, whether you had anything to do with it or not, and blame all the bad on the Republicans. And what to do when your term is over? Write another book, you know, like the one you wrote about eating tasty dog. Yeah, what a hoot: the media lambasted Romney for travelling with his dog on the roof, but at least he didn’t eat it. Build a library. Go on the speaker circuit, teleprompter in hand, and get paid handsomely to talk some more about your accomplishments. If you repeat it enough, they will start to believe it. Preside over a few graduations. Maybe teach some Constitutional Law, you know that document you tread on for two terms, and teach us how to interpret it. Retire in splendor on the wealth you accumulated from insider trading with your congressional cohorts and enjoy good health on the life-long healthcare plan you and Congress voted for yourselves. You know, the one that isn’t Obamacare. It’s that easy!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Man the Lifeboats

I've reached the conclusion there is no such thing as a "standup politician", standing up for the public's best interest that is. Few if there are, and far in between! For the most part they are all smoke and mirrors, an eighth of an inch deep and a mile wide! Try though they may to portray themselves as dedicated nonpartisan public servants, committed to governing our republic as our constitution intended-, we all know differently. The distinction between the two, public-servant/politician has become blurred in that most public servants of any rank are political appointees! Whatever the prevailing "Administration", their political appointments are candidates of similar political stripe. The prime prerequisite for their selection is their political party affiliation and demonstrated loyalty-, not their skill, expertise and experience in the job to be preformed. Consequently when push comes to shove in the execution of their public service duties, their accountability to we the people gets shaded in their political biases and patron loyalties! Witness our current round of hearings on suspected government malfeasance, it's a parade of inept partisan politicians masquerading as dedicated nonpartisan public-servant administrators, bent on shielding their politician patrons from harm's way at all cost! Our bloated government has reached new heights of inefficiency in it's patronage practices. Only now having it come to pass, lead by an equally inept celebrity president; favoring big government; socialism over our long lived, highly successful, capitalism driven democracy-, the problem has been exacerbated. A perfect storm that our ship-of-state is now floundering in!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Weekend of Frustration

Over the weekend I was both mesmerized and chagrined over the endless iterations of the House's hearings; the media's coverage of our government's miscues, inefficiencies and partisanship. Former Secretary of State's infamous comment on Benghazi "...what difference does it make..", and ousted IRS Director Steven Millers," Nothing bad is happening to me", stuck in my throat like a chicken bone! How dare they display such arrogance, such confidence in their immunity from punishment in their gross actions and inactions of negligence and incompetence! To me this sounds like a woman and man that knows where the bodies are buried and wields that knowledge with great aplomb.They rest assured like so many other political hacks before them, their careers as public servants, while perhaps momentarily besmirched, if they adhere to the party line will go on unimpeded to flourish another day in some nook and cranny of the bureaucracy. All the while we the people are being run around the may-pole in deception, deflection and deceit by our public officials, to the point of not knowing who to blame or believe! The bureaucrats so entrenched-, so gifted and practiced in double talk, innuendo-,so comfortability emerged in the muck and mire of the D.C malaise of government-speak; we are adrift in their sea of pollution! How gullible can we be, how long can we stand for such deception, such dishonesty? The fate of our country is at hand, must we wait for the mid-terms for that fate, quite possibly to be irrevocable cast?

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Voice From Upon High

Those Conservatives, those Republicans, those Capitalist, those of the Religious Right, those Homophobes, those Pro-lifers, those Chauvinist, those bible thumping, gun totting Red-Necks, those Racist, those Constitutionalist, those old, out of touch Americans, they are ever bent on deterring me from my noble quest -, that of fulfilling my destiny to fundamentally change this flawed United States of America of theirs! I'm trying my best, but my detractors are legion. Even of late my own disciples are failing me in my struggle to stay above the fray! My tireless efforts on behalf of these United States is thwarted at every turn in misunderstanding, disbelief and suspicion. Don't they know I am their redeemer, their savior! "Get with the drill people or I'll rain down the wrath of the IRS upon you-, you poor undeserving, wayward sheep you." That's what I'm hearing!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Addendum to the Foregoing

...for emphasis: If I asked you to name a country and gave you the following clues, what would be your answer?

1. This country's government manipulates the media and doctors released documents to alter the truth
2. This country's government targets specific organizations based on their opposition to the regime in power
3. This country's government spies on its citizens and has the authority to kill them on foreign soil
4. This country's government has taken control of one sixth of the economy and selectively props up certain businesses
5. This country's government rewards its supporters with government positions and rewards those who cast votes for the regime with special programs
6. This country's government passes laws to allow special privileges to those in power that do not apply to ordinary citizens
7. This country's government passes laws that violate its own charter
8. This country's government funnels money to unproven businesses, using unproven technology, based on unproven theories based on their political leanings
9. This country's government lies to its citizens
10. This country's government continues to print money and borrow money despite enormous debt and unsustainable spending
11. This country has porous borders and has been invaded by millions of illegal immigrants who are eligible for social welfare and the regime seeks to legalize them


1. Benghazi
2. the IRS
3. Drone attacks
4. Obamacare, GM, Fanny and Freddy, "Green" businesses
5. Ambassadors, Social Welfare programs
6. Obamacare exemption, insider trading
7. Gun bans and the Second Amendment
8. Solyndra and other "green" technologies, electric cars, wind power
9. The attack was based on a video.......Your health insurance will not be affected.......
10. Record accumulation of debt in the last 5 years, unchecked spending on social programs
11. Studies conclude that even if these immigrants were granted legal status, they would cost more in social programs than they generate in tax revenue

Answer: One would initially suspect the former Soviet Union or perhaps China, but they fail the immigrant test as nobody actually wants to go there. Perhaps one would consider one of the uber-liberal Scandinavian countries, but at least they are financially viable. Then of course there are the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain), but they are so laughably inefficient that they have no money to funnel to anyone. But only one country has slipped so precariously into the category formerly occupied by only the socialist leaning Europeans: the United States of America. Who would have thought that we could have fallen so far, so fast! I have seen the enemy and it is us.

Has Our Government Turned On Us?

Do they really expect us to believe Benghazi is merely a Republican apparition of Democrat malfeasance, that there was no coverup, no misdirection on the part of this administration; that the Boston Marathon bombing was an example of Homeland Security's flawless efficiency in thwarting terrorism.., after the fact; that the IRS's overt acts of bias and intimidation against conservative speakers and supporters was low-level management instigated and perpetrated, sans the Demarcate Party leadership and White House influence?

Could it possible be, that our standing government has turned on us, that indeed Washington D.C has become the epicenter of our down fall. that our politicians have run amuck, consumed in covering their collected behinds and feathering their own nests; that they have successfully lulled us into submission in their political correctness subterfuge while systematically attempting to strip us of our constitutional rights to fight back? Are you not distraught over these endless politically motivated affronts where our politicians have demonstrated gross misjudgment, deliberate effort to deceive us, intimidate us, commit venal, immoral acts of indiscretion beyond the pale of random political theater against us? How can we not suspect that there is a sinister plot afoot to destroy our republic, our society for which it has stood and prospered through some premeditated insidious ill-conceived agenda of sedition. I for one am in a quandary as to what is going on, let alone what to do about it! Everything seems to be upside down, our sense of proportion, propriety and morality distorted in a mosaic of confusing disorder and contradictions. Everyday, evidence of our path to destruction appears more self-evident, more predetermined, more hopeless. I once mused here, in false bravado, "it's everyman for himself", now only to admit that attitude is probably the crux of the problem! No one appears to be thinking about preserving our country, our society, our way of life.The "I" generation's motto of " me, myself and I, first and foremost", prevails as the order of the day, no matter the circumstances. I can only hope I'm wrong in this dire premonition, proven wrong in an imminent ground swell of indignation and action. Wait for it I keep telling myself, surely it's got to come.....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sorry about that Miss Weissenborn

In response to resent detractors equating my blog persona to that of Elmer Fudd's frustration with Bugs Bunny's affronts; as well as a suspicion of inferior intelligence in my wanting syntax, grammar and spelling. On occasion a not so surprising surmise, I'll grant you. But, I had advised my shortcomings as the author of these conservative slants right up front in my blogging. I'm not proud of them, simply it is what it is! Admittedly these errors make me an easy target for my detractors when my arguments and observation warrant merit, but are not to their liking. So be it! And, yes I have chosen to err on the side of spontaneity, worsening the chances of these shortcomings manifesting themselves! However, feeling these blog burst of mine less contrived, more honest on my part then if copiously edited in forethought and afterthought. Again they are what they are! My high school english teacher's words come to mind: "I know what you are thinking Tom, I just wish you could write them down better!." I'm sure you know what I'm thinking! Hey, we are not dealing with comments for the ages here..., lighten up!

Monday, May 6, 2013

President-elect Hillary Clinton

....not again! The appeal of electing our first president of color was not disastrous enough that we now must endure the supposed appeal of electing our first female president for no better reason then her gender? Only the selection of Whoopi Goldberg as her running mate would make this apparent 2016 Democrat nomination for president more absurd! What, she made us so proud as First Lady, as Secretary of State; that the prospect of her husband being First Gentleman, an impeached former president and proven womanizer, for some reason yet more appealing? And her "Miss Piggy" responses at the Banghazi inquires certainly spoke volumes to her inappropriate politics!
This is what it has come to? He or she who gets the most ink, the most notoriety (good or bad), suggests the greatest diversity in ethnicity, morality, skin pigmentation and/or gender gets the prize..., credentials, character, accomplishments be damn! Again, have we become so shallow-, so dumb that we can not fathom the consequences of our actions, our inactions? We as a society, as a nation are going down the tubes, and like the ninnies we are, are standing around in a funk witnessing our own demise?!
Hey as I see it, it's us against them! Them being career politicians in general! If for one minute you think they have our best interest, the countries best interest at heart, you have another thought coming! Their intentions might start off well and good, but once ingrained in the bureaucracy of government, the headiness of celebrity, power and control it affords, they become addicted to yet more celebrity, more power, more control. Along with it, a greater propensity for self indulgence, self preservation-,all to often indiscretions.Their reaction to any suggestion of term limitations and blatantly exempting themselves from rules and regulations they have imposed on their constituents, advises their awareness and tolerance for this deviation. Yes of course there are exceptions to this contention of mine, outstanding exceptions, but in this modern age few and far between! There is a crying need for changes in our political system, term limitation would be an obvious place to start! Being elected to office, should be honor and reward enough in the opportunity to preserve and advance our great American open society-, not an opportunity through guile and patronage to insure a lucrative career in politics. Our founders didn't intend it to be that way! We simply have to exercise greater discretion in choosing our elected officials, go far beyond vicariously serving their political career aspirations in hopes of personal gain; ferret out their hidden agenda that might be contrary to the good of the nation, the preservation of it's citizen's individual liberties and freedoms, and vote accordingly. Yeah right!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where It All Began

....hard to believe is it not: the pilgrim's Plymouth landing, Concord's shot heard around the world, the Boston tea party, Paul Revere's ride, Bunker hill...., the environs of the essence of American independence, Massachusetts. Now a bastion of those dependent on government whim and fancy, government regulation and control; a dismissive attitude toward personal freedom and liberties; a preference for all things thought to be politically correct! Consistent, a sitting governor, aspiring presidential candidate, who like his President sees himself above the Constitution, above the state's legislated laws and protocol; free in his wisdom and executive privilege to govern accordingly, above the people! Could it be: This is the end of the beginning or is it the beginning of the end? Boston Strong but nationally weak!