Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Savior of Our Auto Industry? Let me give you my slant!

In an abrupt turnaround, it appears that President Obama has decided to move away from the constant Romney character attacks and embrace his dismal record by painting it as successful. And I quote: “Obama not surprised election is so close despite his accomplishments”. Excuse me, his what? As he continues a campaign tactic that can be summarized with: throw everything against the wall and see what sticks, the Obama campaign is currently feasting on the remarkably sticky claim that he single handedly rescued the American automobile industry. NPR yesterday morning praised the President’s lead amongst mid-western blue collar white voters as being a combination of the president’s saving the American auto industry, and the view that Romney is a corporate raider that sells off corporate assets, makes his money and leaves town. You know, not one of us believes that! How is it that the constant force-fed repetition of misinformation is eventually regurgitated as fact? AOL, which apparently has sold its soul to the Huffington Post, is trumpeting a headline that reads: Romney Ad about the Auto Industry is Misleading. Of course that is the interpretation of the writer, and by writer I mean the HuffPost propagandist du jour. And Mr. Obama keeps repeating the headline of the article Romney wrote, entitled “Let Them Go Bankrupt”, content with the knowledge that most of America doesn’t understand bankruptcy and very few of them will actually read the article.
Newsflash: Bankruptcy, boys and girls, is not the end of the company. Bankruptcy will protect you from your creditors and allow you to restructure so that you may re-emerge as a streamlined, lean, mean profit machine. Yes, the same thing that Obama did minus the streamlined, lean, mean and profit part. The difference is that Romney wanted it to happen with private investment, not on the taxpayers dime. The taxpayer is on the hook in the Obama plan, and should the company fail, the taxpayer is out a lot of dimes. Furthermore, Romney wanted the auto industry to emerge from bankruptcy without the burden of union contracts, whereas Obama predictably pandered to the unions. The reason that America can’t make a profitable automobile is that we pay way too much in union perks. We have too much of the profit on that Chevy going to union pensions and union healthcare plans that are bloated, and economically unsustainable. That is why we have to sell an awful lot of those big old trucks and SUVs, because that is the most profitable item Detroit offers. We just can’t make ends meet on a Chevy Malibu or a Dodge Dart, let alone the Volt (let’s not even venture into that debacle). And apparently those unions just can’t seem to make a quality vehicle anyway. It is highly entertaining that on this same day, a report was released on the reliability of automobiles. The top seven spots were held by Japanese vehicles (yeah, yeah, some are made in America but they are still not the Detroit that Obama claims to have saved) with Chrysler at the bottom and GM barely above that. So Obama may lay claim to having saved the American auto industry, but if he did, he apparently saved a pretty lousy auto industry.

So is it just that Americans cannot build a quality vehicle? If so, how do you explain the scores of Toyotas being produced in American factories by American workers? Is it that Americans cannot design a quality vehicle? We have in the past, and given our propensity for designing some high tech gadgets it is unlikely that we are incapable of producing a product based on century old internal combustion technology. Or could it possibly be a union issue? Has the UAW produced a union contract that is so benefit laden, that it makes the American automobile manufacturer unable to compete? Has the union worker, so content in his job security evolved into a poorly skilled laborer? Perhaps, as Jon Cutler, a sociologist and most likely a socialist, opined in the LA Times back in 2008: “when the UAW exposed the Big Three to insurmountable competitive disadvantages, it cut its own throat*.

So who should we believe on the subject of bankruptcy, business and industry while on the stump? We certainly can’t rely on the objectivity of the mainstream media pundits. How about the successful manager of Bain Capital, the Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School graduate, the man who presided over the Salt Lake City Olympics, the Governor who balanced a Massachusetts budget after a 3 billion dollar deficit, the man who amassed a fortune through his success in the business world. Or would you choose the community organizer, the product of affirmative action, the constitutional scholar, the one-term senator, the Harvard lawyer, the king of demagoguery, the man now running on his accomplishments. Seriously. Given their respective resumes, who would you choose? Sticky indeed.

*It is interesting to note that Jonathan Cutler, a Professor of Sociology at Wesleyan University proposed in the same editorial a solution to the union disparity between US based Japanese auto plants and their American counterparts: Unionize the Japanese transplants. Exactly what you would expect from a socialist. Rather than streamline the inefficient American auto industry, hobble the successful innovators.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Who Are Our Sentinels?

Who are our sentinels, those guarding and protecting our country's great diverse  citizenry as a whole? Who with out bias is looking out for our best interest; who will tell us the truth, no matter how it might hurt; who will stand tall in our defense, be relentless in defending our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Trite I know-,but who? Certainly not our elected officials who are our legislators, or our judiciary who are appointed by those elected officials. Who then? The news-media perhaps, those of supposedly unshakable journalistic integrity...,surely you jest! Again,who? The scary truth, as demonstrated of late, no one! It is up to us my fellow citizens to shut out the din of bias, of prejudice, of self interest, of political party affiliation, and think solely of what is for the good of this great country of ours! We must secure this place where our freedoms were once above reproach, where our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness could be practiced unheeded by detractors of a contrary ideology. We must hark back to the days of our founders when those rights/truths were self evident and assure their preservation. May God and country guide you come this November 6th election day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keep Our Country Moving Forward

The ad's copy reads ...give me your vote and we will keep our country moving forward...we've come too far to turn back! Have you ever! Even if Governor Romney wins this election, if he doesn't win it in a landslide, my concerns over America's direction will remain suspect. President Obama has got to be a bitter disappointment to his most ardent supporters; a more damaging influence on our country's well being then his worst detractors! Are they! His gaffs, his errors in judgement, his divisiveness, his subversion has tainted our political landscape like no president before him. And here in the waning hours of his first term presidency he has become a maniacal candidate for reelection with no scruples, scurrilously demeaning everything and anybody obstructing his path back to the White House. What perhaps bothers me most: I have been lead to believe a vast majority of Americans don't judge this president and his administration's performance that harshly. Saying: they really don't care about what happen to our embassies in Egypt and Libya; our 16 trillion dollars in debt and seemingly being on the road to Greece; this regime's aversion to our constitution; their tolerance for anarchy; the loss of our international leadership and prestige! More chilling their appraisal that this president and his administration, the democrat party's slate of candidates for the 2012 elections, in promising greater government entitlements and subsidies, greater regulation of our free enterprise system; assuming a lessor roll in international leadership is more appealing and compelling to their wants and needs than those of their counterpart conservative republicans! Implying, that the conservative republican message of dire consequences if we don't curb our excesses; have greater conviction and commitment to our free-world leadership, is falling on deaf unresponsive ears. The election going in our favor is in jeopardy! I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tom Swift Full Throttle: An Overview

It is interesting to note that the liberals (the progressives, the socialists, the Marxists, the left-wingers or whatever that bunch of disconnected boobs are calling themselves) continue to use Obama's lead in recent Massachusetts election polls, some as high as 20%, as a counter to Romney's assertion that he was a success as Governor of the Bay State. His record of reducing the Medicaid rolls, establishing a healthcare plan, a number one ranking in education, and balancing the budget are all cast aside by Massachusetts voters in favor of yet another blind pull of the Democrat lever. What is wrong with New England, where only New Hampshire stands alone as independent thinkers? Perhaps it's that Live Free or Die license plate. And this remains all the more perplexing given their current Obama clone: Governor Duval Patrick. In a matter of months in office he managed to demonstrate a reverse Midas touch, turning Romney's surplus to deficit and restoring the entitlement state back to its former glory. But we have seen this time and time again. Witness the current state of Ohio. Obama leads in the polls and yet Ohio is, under their conservative Republican Governor, enjoying the lowest unemployment rate of any swing state due largely to fiscal conservativism and traditional Republican policies. Why isn't that evidence enough that conservative policies work, evidence that would lead Ohio voters to support the Republican challenger for the presidency? Further evidence of mass hysteria is the Massachusetts Senate race between Scott Brown and the Cherokee warrior princess Elizabeth Warren. Now Brown is about as center as a Republican can get, the kind of Republican that makes most conservatives wince. He votes the party line as often as not. And yet Warren, she of dubious Native American ancestry, peculiarly the only non- Ivy league undergrad educated professor at Harvard, the candidate exposed and obliterated in the debates by Mr. Brown, continues to lead in the polls.

Maybe the American public is atoning for past sins. If they vote for the woman, the native American, the African American, the candidate that represents the disenfranchised, they can set the record straight, rewrite history for the better. Or maybe we are returning to our roots. Maybe we want to be more like Europe. Despite all their ailments, Europe is cool. Europe has history. Europe has attitude. Europe dresses better. Or maybe its something simpler. Maybe entitlements and socialist policies have produced a kind of reverse Darwinism. Maybe we are just plain stupid.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Language, Language Mr. President!

So you say Governor Romney is a "Bullshiter"! How un-presidential yet so, the Radical Liberal Democrat way: When you can't refute ones position with intelligence and decorum shoot it's messenger; besmirch the messenger's reputation, morality, integrity, family and friends! And do it with venomous and wide spread coordinated vindictiveness! Attaboy Mr President you make your party proud! Ole Jack Kennedy undoubtedly rolling over in his grave!


You know it never ceases to amaze me how little this President of ours seems to know about basic commerce, about basic economics, about basic management principals and techniques-. about history.I am not talking about PhD level stuff here, but a fundamental grasp of the rudiments of running anything, let alone the United States of America. He claims he was a Constitutional Lawyer, that should tell him at the very least the rules for running the country, but he really comes up short on abiding by and applying those rules, does he not? And as for commercial and economic issues begging resolution, his lack of background and experience is self-evident, is it not? Apparently four years of intensive on the job training hasn't done him much good in broadening his Chief Executive Officer perspective and effectiveness, has it?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are We That Stupid?

Doesn't it just gall you in President Obama's incessant campaign stumping, accusing Romney of wanting the auto industry to go bankrupt as opposed to his claim that he "saved" Detroit. He repeatedly references Romney's editorial that flatly stated "let them go bankrupt". As if bankruptcy would be the end. Apparently Obama either is too stupid to know the distinction or thinks that the electorate is stupid enough to believe him. Even MSNBC called him on the distinction and yet he continues to repeat it on the stump.Is there any end to his misinterpretations, his manipulation of the facts!

Shallow Tom

I want to respond to a recent question... "You (Tom Swift) appear to dislike Pres. Obama beyond his politics. Why is that?"

Admittedly I'm near totally distracted alone by my dislike of President Obama's public persona. It's the way he carries himself, his supercilious demeanor, that strutting gait of his, his preachy oratory; exacerbated when he tries to project a conciliatory, humble, man-of-the-people veneer-, even his well rehearsed military salute when entering and leaving his Marine helicopter puts me off! Shallow, I know. However in combination with his rhetoric, his polices, his proposed legislation, his leadership (or lack of ), I reel in I believe justifiable contempt and disbelief! If it's any consolation to you Democrats, you liberals, I have the same problem with Bill O'Reilly's smarmy presentation as well, but then again Bill O'Reilly is not my president!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The U.N. Intends To Do What?

I'm to understand the U.N intends to monitor our elections for voter fraud.  Got to watch those devious conservative Republicans, those Tea Party malcontents for mischief. They undoubtedly are the ones we should be most concerned about! How very U.N.  appropriate. Give me a break! I for one wish the UN would go the way of Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations for all the good it's done us-, and the world! At the very least let them reside in some neutral country that is better suited to accommodate their, masters of world-order fantasies, or is it disorder? We have got to get Ambassador Bolton back in there to represent our best interest and in most cases the best interests of the other member nations as well!

The Apology Tour

Amazing to me President Obama would take umbrage to Governor Romney calling his european tour "an apology tour."  Surely he has listened to the tapes! What would he call it? His comments could not be interpreted as anything other than apologetic for his obviously perceived American immorality, impropriety; lack of religious, ethnic, and cultural sensitivities. Shamelessly he sighted his presidency as the dawning of a new age of forbearance and tolerance for this socially wayward nation of ours! And yet not once could he bring himself to mention the benevolence, contributions and great sacrifices America has made, and continues to make on behalf of world peace and its general welfare.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Reuters' reported it in the morning, President Obama confirmed it that evening: Governor Romney was to blame for the Bangladesh Embassy terrorist attack and the subsequent killing of our ambassador (they didn't say directly responsible mind you, but no question implied he precipitated it!). If that doesn't tear it for you Obama supplicants, I don't know what will! This President of ours is not only incompetent but a prefabricator of the first water, of epic Pinocchio proportions. In his every word he avowed his inaction, his coverup of this atrocity as prudent, appropriate and presidential. His defense of his failed foreign policy: Ben Laden is dead and our soldiers are coming home! I'll give him that: Ben Laden is indeed dead, but other than saying,...."Okay,go ahead and do it", his participation at best was meager; as for bringing our soldiers home from another non-war, they are coming home alright, unbowed but not victorious. And least we forget, although Ben Laden is dead his Jihad lives on. The world views President Obama's America as impotent in both it's strengths and weaknesses!

Tom Swift Full Throttle

(The 3rd Debate) From the get go, Romney lost a golden opportunity to hammer Obama on the administration's weak and constantly fluid analysis of the events in Benghazi. Romney would have been better served if Obama had commented first, and undoubtedly would have devolved into all sorts of characteristic double speak on an issue that clearly was mishandled, culminating in Hillary's entertaining and predictable public hari-kari and Obama's ham handedly and falsely noble "she works for me" comment.  I would have loved to have been sharing a beer with Bill  when he let that one fly.

Obama was his, by now familiar, cock-sure self with the turf being one in which the similarities outweighed the differences, that of foreign policy.  His attitude seemed to be a condescending version of "you may have seen baseball on TV but 
I have actually been to Fenway Park".  Yet, having sat with the joint chiefs, it would appear that Obama has never actually played ball in that park either. In response to Obama's quip that Romney has never actually experienced the implementation of foreign policy, Romney ideally should have responded, "like you have never actually worked in the private sector?", but again he chose dignity over trading barbs with a desperate and apparently delusional politician. The President continuously described policies of another President that exists perhaps in the Obama mind, but has failed to materialize in Washington. The statement that we should not be "nation building" in foreign countries in favor of nation building "at home" seems to suggest isolationism as foreign policy and reveal a  fundamental flaw with his assertion that we are somehow safer today and will be safer by decreasing our presence in foreign affairs. His banging the drum for the teacher's union by suggesting that Romney has it all wrong and more expenditure on education will surely lead to smarter students flies in the face of statistics that rank US students 17th in the world, with no correlation between expenditure,class size and achievement. All this rhetoric while sitting next to a Massachusetts Governor who presided over the top ranked school system in the country and had the nerve to suggest that quality of teachers was more important than quantity. And Obama continued to reference Romney's economic plan as not "adding up", yet he failed to explain why his economic plan is failing to produce jobs and, while on the subject of adding up, has accrued 16 trillion dollars of debt. Perhaps the Obama economic team should spend less time on Romney's website and more time developing their own effective strategy. A suddenly glorious record of achievement was presented with an America safer than ever before and with alliances never before seen in our history. He may continue to repeat the macho lines of "Iran will never possess a nuclear weapon s long as I am President" or the farcical "We will stand with Israel", hysterical in the context of his well documented and publicly expressed disdain for Netanyahu.  But the facts remain that we are another day closer to a nuclear Iran and Israel lives under the threat of annihilation with Egypt run by the Muslim brotherhood, Syria lobbing explosives into Turkey and Lebanon, an entire mid-east in turmoil whilst our President honors his alliances by choosing a Vegas fundraiser over a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister. Perhaps the debate format should be altered with the opportunity to rebut with "Mr.President, we have on line two, Bebe Netanyahu to add his comments". Now that would be entertaining.

And another thing. What is with the flip-flopping on maintaining a military presence in Iraq?  First Obama supported it, then when faced with resistance, promptly put his tail between his legs and slinked out of the country without so much as a parade. What a disservice to those who served there. We did it in Germany, we did it in Korea, we did it in Japan.  We maintained a military presence in regions of conflict after hostilities had ceased as a deterrent to further hostilities.  So after we busted our military humps in Iran, we are just going to leave and allow the Arab Spring to do its thing?  Sure, that has been enormously successful. And Obama's comment criticizing Romney over naming Russia as geo-political threat:  Just who does Obama think gives Syria the backbone and makes dealing with Iran and North Korea a diplomatic nightmare?  Has he actually been to the United Nations recently? Oh yeah, it was the video.  But it's all okay because he will have flexibilty after the election. Ask Putin.

The most annoyingly snarky moment, one that the liberal pundits call a defining moment, came when Obama, in full condescension, criticized Romney's comments on naval strength in numbers of vessels by lecturing him on the advances in military hardware such as "aircraft carriers that we land planes on" and "ships that go underwater called submarines".  Implying Romney was unfamiliar with contemporary military hardware, he went on to remark how we no longer have "horses and bayonets" like we did in 1916. Snarky is not well-informed, Mr. President. To suggest that advances in military hardware make up for lesser amounts of that hardware shows not only a poor understanding of military history (ask the Russians, in WWII they seemed to have a grasp on numbers over technology as did the more recenet VietCong), but a fundamental lack of common sense.  Excuse me, but I can have the most sophisticated warship on the planet, but it still can't be in two places at once. Regardless of whether your vessel is powered by steam or a nuclear reactor, it still relies on propellers and hulls to get from point A to point B just like they did in 1916.  Although technology has improved, speed improvement over the same time period has not been statistically significant. Thus, a vessel providing presence in the China Sea is just not going to get to a crisis in the Persian Gulf much faster than it did in 1945. Furthermore, the implication that sophisticated warships cruise into battle solo is preposterous.  An aircraft carrier remains vulnerable and still travels in a battle group consisting of specialized vessels.  Perhaps Mr. Obama should spend more time playing Battleship where your toy fleet is arranged in, yes, a battle group. And as the Brits will tell you, a significant development over that same time period is the anti-ship missile, a development that can and will reduce your fleet size in an instant. Please reference the Falkland Islands.

So once again, will the American voters choose style over substance?  Will condescension and snarky one-liners sway the voter in favor of the incumbent who, as of yet, has not yet told us how he intends to alter the course of his failed policies?  What, exactly is Obama proposing to do in the next four years that is fundamentally different than the last? Romney can continue to repeat himself over and over again, but if he is lecturing on business economics to an electorate more concerned with charisma, swagger and entitlements, then all is lost. Romney was sluggish and at times, appeared to be tiring of repeating himself in the face of an onslaught of disinformation and unprofessionalism on the part of his opponent.  But the fact remains that a prosperous America is a strong America. An America that can project its will across the globe.  Now is not the time to retreat into isolationism, nor is it the time to pull the global default lever and succumb to socialism as a cure for our ailments.  It is a time for leadership, and most importantly,new leadership. Let's hope America comes to this realization by November 6.

Monday, October 22, 2012

They Like Him?

Hugo Chaves doesn't like America on several levels, but likes our President.The Ayatollahs don't like America and everything it stands for, but like our President.The Arab Brotherhood detests the American way of life, but likes our President. The Palestinians don't like America for our surmised affinity for the Jews, but like our President. Putin demonstrates his dislike for America every chance he gets, but likes our President. Moanmar Kadafi didn't like America but liked our President (you see where that got him!). Let me not forget Rev. Jeremiah Wright who fundamentally damns America for its alleged mistreatment of African-Americans among other-things, but likes our President! And there is Bill Ayers the communist terrorist bomber who hated America but liked our President! Does that not tell you something? "Leading from behind" has become a popular metaphor for our President's foreign policies, but I ask from behind who? This administration's professed commitment to identify America's enemies from within, and if need-be prosecute them to the full extend of the law, but I ask who might they be! In our President's demonstrated perspective I remain skeptical.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Numbers!

The numbers, the numbers, isn't anyone paying attention to the numbers! It's not rocket science, it's not calculus, it's simple arithmetic. We are going broke, for all intent and purpose we are broke! Yet our government is expanding on the very programs that got us there. What are we thinking? Do we have a financial death wish, a 16 trillion dollar and counting death wish. Our welfare state has run amuck: Medicare, Medicaid, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( PPAC) otherwise known as Obamacare, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) otherwise known as Food Stamps, and a host of other government entitlement programs; to say nothing of exorbitant retirement packages for government employees are lending a new dimension to being broke! And as we speak, to keep up, the Treasury's printing presses roar on, as our dollar's value plummets. Anyone for a Prozac?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Recurring Queries and Thoughts

In my frustrating attempts to fathom President Obama's appeal to the electorate, I find myself again quoting Don Quixote's faithful companion Sancho, in mollifying his masters distorted perspective on life, and his unattainable quests with the simple retort, "...but I like him. Is Barack Obama's appeal simply that, for the man, as opposed to his leadership qualities, his integrity, his accomplishments, his intelligence? I'm to gather, in person, when out of the limelight he is a most affable, well-met man However, most of us see him on camera when performing in public, right? In that, what is there to like: His preacher-like, halting speech pattern, his jerky bobble-head robotic body language, his smarmy condescending attitude? What? Okay their is no accounting for personal taste, I'll give you that. But, their has got to be more than just that, does a president make? It has got to be his politics, his party affiliation that garners the majority of his attractiveness, his support, wouldn't you say? And to me, that is the most scary prospective of all, for today's Democrat party lead by Barack Obama, is committed to Socialism lock-stock-an'-barrel, right out of the Cloward and Piven's playbook of social reform. Who with but a modicum sense of government and history would wish that on us? Again I say God help us!

Mr. Spontaneity

Know these blogs of mine are spontaneous reactions to a circumstance, an event, a provocation. Their is no desire here to be an ego-driven political pundit; to be identified as a political scientist of record. What I know, at least I think I know. I do no research, no premeditated heavy thinking in these blog blurbs.What you have here is just a Conservative venting his spleen! You will forgive my wanting spelling, syntax, and creative punctuations.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Look n' Listen

Look at at our burgeoning welfare rolls and tell me we are not on the road to Greece. Look at our failed foreign policies and tell me we are not aiding and abetting an international conflict of potentially biblical proportion. Look at our economic and financial status and tell me we are not on the brink of disaster, Look at our energy programs and tell me government meddling has not fostered feigned shortages and inflated costs. Look at our failure to recognize, often appeasing, Muslim terrorist attacks and tell me we are not emboldening those terrorist to further attacks. Now, listen to President Obama's administration's response to those allegations: It is Bush's fault, it is the Jew's fault, it is Bush's fault, it is Romney's fault, it is the CIA's fault, it is Wall Street's fault, it is Bush's fault, it is the oil companies fault, it is the Republican's fault, it is Mother Nature's fault, it is Bush's fault, it is my Grandmother's fault, it is the racist's fault, it is the banker's fault, it is Bush's fault.You mix and match the blame to the problem. It would appear Barack Obama has a penchant for deniability. His narrative of nothing-is-my-fault is wearing thin. When is our President, our Commander and Chief going to understand," it was somebody else's fault and/or nobody told me or I was not aware of that", are not metaphors for I am not responsible. Geez!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


President Obama's obsession with everyone getting their fair share of the American dream, as he puts it, is subterfuge in it being fundamental to his redistribution of wealth intentions. A strategy essentially bent on creating victims, victims of real or perceived crimes perpetrated by our Democratic Republic against its citizenry, for the explicit purpose of fermenting unrest and dissension! Knowing, a country divided by it's differences is susceptible to the promised entitlements of socialism, his ultimate objective! Anarchy must be in the air to sponsor change; to be receptive to becoming a ward of the state; to trade socialism's implied economic equality for all, for personal self determination of social and economic gain to none! Is this what we want for our country? His rants are always divisive, never uniting! How often must we hear those rich white guys, those homophobes, those hawks, those fossil fuel promoters, those concerned with  illegal emigration, those antiabortionist, those Second Amendment proponents, those conservatives, are the bane of our existence-, our American way of life. Please!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So it comes down to who are you going to trust: the one that said he could do the job; got the job; had the overwhelming majority in both the House and the Senate to do the job; didn't do the job; got an unprecedented vote of no confidence at the mid-term
elections; persisted in doubling down on his failed programs to no avail for the remainder of his term; wants a second term, or someone who has a proven track record of accomplishment; years of experience in business and government efficiency and success; a comprehensive plan for restoration of American values and solvency; a man with a familiar American success story to tell, a man steeped in traditional American ways and means? 

The Second Debate

Ugh......that was ugly from the start. I thought President Obama was petty, snarky, condescending, and generally obnoxious. Credit Romney for venturing into the lion's den and keeping his cool. After it became apparent that Obama's tactic was attack and he was allowed to ignore his own record I all but bailed out. Crowley was a disgrace. I cannot fathom how a four year performance that included two years of carte Blanche democrat control of congress can be disregarded, whilst attention is diverted to a criticism of a Romney plan that has not even been implemented, despite his record of success in the private sector. In the business world Obama would be fired for failure to perform, and the board would not base its consideration of extending his failed policies on criticism of the successful resume of an applicant for his position. I just don't get it. The liberal news outlets are all trumpeting an Obama victory. I fail to see any clear cut winner In a 90 minute argument that can be summed up with exchanges that amounted to: "you're a liar, no you are distorting the facts, no you are." Not a very educational dialogue. Alas I still have my fears that our failed President is going to get back in. If so we are on the road to Europe when we reach the point of basing our decision on such relative non-issues as abortion, undocumented illegal aliens, and free contraception. If the democrats win this election they will have successfully diverted our attention from what is important and will lead the sheep to slaughter. Yes, I fear that we, as a nation, have become that stupid.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embassy Debacle

How many bodies can our President throw under the bus to avoid any culpability in these embassy debacles? Obviously his faithful Kamikaze contingent are up to the sacrifice of reputation and political life! I keep asking my self, what are they seeing in
this President that I am not? How can they not see his feet of clay, see through his thin veneer of deceit and subterfuge? Is it just personal taste in appearance and manner, or just blind adherence to a political party's doctrine (whatever that might be)? Believe me I have tried to engage my friends of political persuasion other than mine, to tell me what is it?! Their logic or lack of, astounds me. Their admiration is simplistic, not unlike that of Sanchez, Don Quixote's serf; his retort to criticism of his master...." but I like him"! He is their President, their candidate for a second term and they like him! Damn his disastrous record, his lies, his gaffes, his impropriety, his ineptness .....but they like him. Man, party, above the country! Unbelievable!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Presidential Demeanor

This President Obama of ours so distresses me! His presidential demeanor is the antitheses of Truman's "The buck stops here"! i.e "The buck never stops here"! Our President, the Master-of- the-Swerve, always above the fray! We are so proud? Is anything of his doing, of his fault; is he ever wrong and takes definitive action to make it right? How can anyone think for one moment we can survive four more years of his inept administration; think for one moment of even giving him and his the opportunity to
prevail for four more years! If you are of other than that mind, here is one for your texting acronym's dictionary: GYHOOYA!

Vice Presidential Debate

Aggressiveness should never be interpreted as intelligence! Joe Biden a glaring example of that potential misconception. "Engage your brain before you open your mouth", my mother use to say. In Vice President Biden's case that would be a near impossibility. Ol' Joe has no filter for fact or fiction, no sense of proportion, no foresight of consequences he just fixates on making a point and although quite often loses his train of thought, merely intensifies his vitriolic rhetoric and plows ahead! He personifies the school yard bully that when provoked, an obvious easy thing to do, is in your face in a flash with threatening bluster and carnage! Is Joe Biden a bad guy, I really don't think so. He is just a political hack that has ridden his aggressiveness, his political savvy right into Number One Observatory Circle! Scary to think this man is but a heart beat away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Feisty Joe

OK what is it, Feisty Joe Biden that you don't understand about your loyal opposition being so irate over our President being unresponsive while our Libyan ambassador and Consulate were under hours of attack by Muslim terrorist left swinging in the wind? That our President and his Secretary of State falsely advised the American people it was a spontaneous demonstration instigated by an American movie maker besmirching the deity of Allah (in it's self an atrocity!). And again Feisty Joe what is it that you don't understand about us being broke: 16 trillion dollars in debt, and our spending goes unabated, borrowing 40% of every dollar we spend along the way! Put away your violin playing Feisty Joe, fawning concern over the wards of the state's lot in
necessary budget cuts, we are all going to have to tighten our belts, that goes for the young, the old, the indigent, the infirm, the rich, the poor to get us out of this hole you
and your President have so prodigiously dug! If not Feisty Joe, if we don't mend our ways, our legacy to the world, to our citizenry will forever be indelibly written in the
misdeeds of the Obama/Biden administration!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Warning to Paul Ryan

Look out for snarky Joe Biden Paul Ryan! He is fully capable of lying in the grass and ambushing you. Facts have never deterred our Vice President from mounting a 13 diatribe of misinformation, of false accusations; fawning irate indignation for imaginary
affronts, evoking the privilege of his office, his years of public service, his " Mr. Everyman" persona to his advantage. He is a wily old veteran not to be taken for granted. He will not attempt to match your budget crafting expertise, but try to get you to engage him in political nuances where he can portray you as a young, inexperienced, heartless number cruncher out to do in the middle class, the children, the old, the indigent, the infirm, through perceived extreme budget cuts! Don't let him get off message for a second! In a no-holds-barred street fight, you are overmatched!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Foreign Prestige and Influence

Under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton our foreign prestige and influence has dwindled to the point of ridicule and embarrassment! We have repeatedly misinterpreted and/or misjudged the intent, purpose and commitment of both
our adversaries and allies alike! We neither lead or follow any more, but rather pontificate, procrastinate, in turn deviate and distant ourselves from the consequences of our inactions. On every international stage we present as the impotent 500 pound gorilla in the room, the poser super power! The likes of Venezuela, N.Korea, IranPakistan; now Libya poke sticks at us with impunity! As a nation, where has our selfesteem

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Political Theater

I know, you must be weary of this political theater, he says/she says antics; manifested in a deluge of facts and fictions, contradictions and hyperbole! Seemingly there are no boundaries, no integrity, and no above reproach arbiter to sort the wheat
from the chaff, to affirm the truth from the lies! Please don't get discouraged! Know we are on our own, we must take the time to ferret out what is happening, what is not happening in the political process governing us; discern the good guys from the bad guys, the pretenders from our supposed champions, to have a sense of history! I have said it before and I'll say it again, don't take my word for it or anyone else's for that matter-, let our constitution be your touchstone, be your guide! Take the time to clearly understand the unprecedented rights and liberties it affords us, than ask yourself are those rights and liberties being subordinated, worse usurped by would be politicians, by
duly elected politicians! If so, you must by every and any means available to you, act decisively to protect your interests! To be submissive, to be arbitrary, is to be un-American! As a nation, as a society, this is our most crucial hour of need! And, I implore you committed John F Kennedy Democrats of old, time to take one for your country!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Yeah, yeah, yeah: he was blind sided by Romney's aggressiveness, the altitude got to him, the moderator lost control of the debate, the real issues never surfaced, his studied presidential presence and reserve were misinterpreted, Romney was all theater,
no substance and a liar! Truth be known, where Clint Eastwood addressed an empty chair, Mitt Romney debated an empty suit!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First Presidential Debate 2012

To paraphrase the great Red Sox philosopher
Pedro Martinez: "Who's your daddy, Barak!" How about those apples, ye of the "great uninformed"; ye of little faith! May I introduce you to Mitt Romney a man of accomplishment, of character, informed, articulate and presidential! Not the same man you and your biased press have been depicting; that the Obama ads have vilified. A lot to be said for being afforded the opportunity to confront your accuser in debate, one on
one, where truth always wins out!

Monday, October 1, 2012

TV Spot

The Obama TV "spot" advises the Romney/Ryan deficit reduction budget extreme! Tell me, is that to suggest a 16 trillion dollar deficit is not to extreme, therefore does not require extreme methods for correction? What am I missing? Our dollar is
floundering, our credit rating has been down graded, our GNP has stagnated, our trade initiatives stalled etc. etc. etc. However, all that is required is four more years of President Obama's peerless leadership to turn the tide?