Friday, November 30, 2012

The Irrational Won The Day Hands Down!

Now in the wake of the elections, how can anyone in hindsight conclude President Obama had a better plan for America than that of Governor Romney? In the result of the election alone did we see the usual surge of confidence when the die had decidedly been cast, manifested in economic, social, and international indicators? Have we seen any indication we have turned the corner on our national distractions as President Obama has professed?Have we learned nothing other than showering enough gifts on the thought to be disenfranchised minorities of the electorate that they will vote for you no matter what your ulterior motives might be! The Obama campaign was not so much brilliant as it was diabolical in playing to our selfish weakness'. Who would have thought, least of all Mitt Romney that such a puny opponent in stature, proven accomplishment, and credentials, to say nothing of running against precedence would win the day, albeit was President of the United States of America! To the rational it was a mismatch from the getgo. But isn't the keyword word here rational, who could have accounted for the irrational-,not any of us, that's for sure! We became tangled footed in social issues that were inconsequential in the scheme of our real threatening national challenges, but apparently not so to the irrational!

You must grow tired of my incessant Obama bashing, but know, as I've said before I see him as the anti-Christ to all things I feel American holy! I grow impatient for someone to pickup the Romney/Ryan banner, that resonated with me, and run with it! Must we wait another four years for someone to come out of the woodwork to champion our cause? I don't think America has that kind of time!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

...while we fiddle!

Never once did I suspect there was a seditious movement within our country to fundamentally change it's governing principals-, not even when President Obama said it ("....fundamentally transform America"). But here we are in the process! Worst, like sheep we are standing by and letting it happen. Apparently all that was needed to bring this sedition to the light of day was the catalyst, Barack Husain Obama! Can our Republic survive this movement in tact, our founding Constitution remain the rule of the land, our people assured of their freedom and liberties? Why were we so naive in not seeing it coming?I blame it all on the career politicians! Their was never meant to be a Career Politician, it was a career created by our lethargy in demanding a growing need for public servants to tend to our thought to be required governing practices.That insatiable need breed a servant mentality aspiring to specialize and unionize, so to speak, to expand its ranks and influence in those practices through a hierarchy, a pecking order to being the leader of the servants: the ultimate leadership roll, the Presidency! And that has been the order of things for the most part with the occasional General of the Army breaking the ranks. It always was a precarious balance between tyranny in it's many forms and democracy but America always managed to walk that fine line until now, our Constitution being the bulwark of our existence. Now that Constitution, our very Republic as we know it, is in jeopardy! And most of use, me included, fiddle while America burns!

Duvall Patrick for President in '16?

Is anyone outside Massachusetts paying attention to the Democratic Party trial ballon in it's latest pandering to the burgeoning Latino vote? College admission entitlements for illegal immigrants! Not legal or green card holding immigrants mind you, but illegal immigrants! Can the unconditional amnesty ballon be far behind. And further,are we witnessing the grooming of Obama 11 four years hence in the person of Governor Duvall Patrick? Hell the State supposedly spawned Obamacare why not go for the whole Latino affirmative action enchilada as well! And I'm sure you noticed Governor Patrick is a man of color and does bear a physical resemblance, as well as admirable political traits to that of our President, does he not? Ahaaa Massachusetts you're such a Democrat Party bellwether. And to think they now have young Mr Kennedy in the wings! I guess our only hope he is more John than Teddy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Friend Larry

My friend Larry persists it's the message we are sending and who is sending it, that is the Conservative/Republican Party's failings with the electorate. He sights Ronald Reagan's successes of over 20 years ago as his example of the right message and the right messenger. And let me say I agree with him, to a point. At that time it was the right message and the right messenger, no doubt!The caveat, at that time, is where our differences lie! This time, is a vastly different time on so many levels, to attempt a comparison would be futile! My friend's retort, so adjust your message and choose your messenger accordingly. Easier said than done I contend! As my previous blogs have alluded to on this subject: the demagoguery of intervening administrations; the demographics of our nation, of the world, have so drastically changed; social and political differences grown so sharply delineated to defy comprehension! Again his retort, "so stop your whining and adjust"! The question how do you adjust and maintain your principals, morals, patriotism and integrity -, your freedoms, when your opposition is so seemingly diametrically opposed to them and committed to the gains in self-service. Yet again, the surmised worn ethereal retort, "just adjust will ya"! Please tell me how you do that? Yes, I suppose we Conservatives could dress in Liberal clothing and try on subterfuge, division, and deception for size, but I for one wouldn't know how to do that! A little to much of the Patrick Henry spirit in me I suppose. History tells us Freedom can only be gained by fighting for it! Tell me, show me, how to fight for it in this malaise of socialism and patriotic indifference-,this side of civil war that is! I get the yips just thinking about it!

We Are Star Crossed

At face value alone can anyone look at Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and tell me these are the best elected officials America has to offer?! Take a good close look: do their mannerisms, their rhetoric, the timbre of their voices, their apparent intellect, their overall presentation inspire confidence, suggest strong national leadership qualities? Forget their politics for a moment: Examine their accomplishments when butordinary citizens like the rest of us struggling to make our way in the private sector. What singled them out for their lofty ascension to elected office. I don't get it, it is as if a curtain was drawn and there they are, a cast of characters in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta fumbling and bumbling along in an endless plot of pratfalls and misadventure! Less than towering pillars of virtuous convictions and harbingers of great thoughts this lot. Save for a notable talent for self-aggrandizing and securing personal gain through inside trading and power brokering, career politicians through and through, as opposed to statesmen of proven expertise and impeccable credentials. Again politics aside, see them and their supporting friends and acolytes for what they are, who they are, and the tenor of their demonstrated social agenda and personal morals. Step back and take a good hard look. Now add their political record of intent, purpose and accomplishment to your appraisal. Ask yourself: do you see a marked separation of personal gain and professed biases to that of national interest in their legislation and policy making-, or a suspicious commonality? Has office holding disproportionately established their good fortune or inordinately amplified it? What do you see? What I see is more personal gain in not only petitioning for the job but holding the job, and again that word inordinate, in describing government perks in keeping the job. And in that I contend their constituency in kind anticipate personal gain over that of national interest in their voting preference. Voila, the Socialism stars have aligned! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tom Swift, Full throttle: In the aftermath

Admittedly I have been in a funk since the elections.  But I've recovered, I’m back, I’m bad and I’m pissed off.  It has become clear that in a nation of changing demographics, our fate is being decided by a peculiar amalgamation of young, single, college educated females, blacks, and non-Cuban Hispanics. Despite amassing the largest percentage of the white vote in recent history, there are apparently just not enough whites for that to matter anymore.  Obama’s campaign manager prophetically announced just prior to the election:  we have the Black and Hispanic vote.  We just need to be “competitive” with white voters. Savvy computer geeks for the democrat party analyzed the demographics, divided voters into categories, targeted them, and then told them what they wanted to hear.  Rush Limbaugh called it “Santa Claus”. Romney called it “gifting”.  And the democrats actually objected to the characterization.  Stop it.  In an entitlement society of your own making you dumbed down the issues and promised young women reproductive nirvana, the lesser compensated more handouts, the blacks more social programs, the Hispanics looser immigration policies, the students forgiveness of their college loans and, oh yeah, how about free health care for all.  And they bought it.  Hook, line, and sinker.  The economy?  What economy.  Never mind about jobs, we’re going to tax the rich.  They’re going to pay their fair share.  Unemployment?  Under my plan it’s improving.  A work in progress. Look at that, it’s only 7.8%. And besides, I saved Detroit. That national debt figure?  Just a number, my friends.  In the words of that modern day philosopher Forrest Gump:  Stupid is as stupid does.  Welcome to the United States of Entitlement.

On Catholics and Hypocrisy

Mr. Swift is often amazed by the habits of the Catholic faithful, particularly in the northeast United States.  Seemingly pious, regular, church going Catholics pack the pews, wish one another signs of peace, smear their foreheads with ashes, confess their sins, and accept the communion host as the body of Christ every Sunday, and yet they remain the most ardent, ferocious supporters of the democrat party.  You know, the party that is pro-choice and all about Catholic institutions tossing their archaic church doctrine aside in favor of distributing buckets of condoms, oral contraceptives, and paying for abortions.  Yeah, that democrat party.  As far as I know, the Catholic Church is pretty clear on the issue:  abortion is a sin and contraception by any means other than the preposterously ineffective rhythm method is forbidden. No further discussion.  Hmmm.  It seems to me that what we have here is pretty much the standard definition of hypocrisy.

I have a friend who once said that he was often amused by the faithful who, after shaking his hand and wishing him peace moments before, were obviously willing to kill him to get out of the parking lot faster.  Why is that?  How are the seemingly pious able to separate Church from their daily lives?  Perhaps it is the mixed message that the Catholic Church sends.  Mr. Swift has often been subjected to a sermon on the evils of accumulating wealth and the special place in heaven for the poor, as if the wealthy will somehow be denied access by a benevolent God, based solely on their portfolios.  “I’m sorry sir, but it seems that St. Peter has noticed that you scored big on that Microsoft stock back in the 90’s” Please proceed to the elevator on the right.  Going down”.  And let’s not even get involved in a discussion of  the Church’s disastrous handling of rogue priests and their pedophilia. But all this is particularly entertaining when viewed through the lens of charitable giving.  It seems that those pesky evangelical Republicans aren’t just getting naked and rolling in their stockpiles of cash, but actually donate large amounts of that cash to charitable organizations.  And at a significantly higher rate than their democrat counterparts despite the Church’s insistence that you give it all away in favor of a vow of poverty and a life of service.  And in an interesting feat of accounting, the very priests that have taken that vow are part of an organization that, if thought of as a country, would be one of the wealthiest on the planet.  Yes, that country would be the Vatican. If defined by redistribution policies, then isn’t the Catholic Church by definition also a socialist organization?  And that’s not to say that socialism in this context is a bad thing. In fact, charitable giving used to be the only thing before government cut in on their action. The fact remains that we are not obligated to give our wealth to the church despite some subtle coercion in the form of eternal damnation.  Thus, our contributions that are redistributed for the maintenance of the organization and to the needy are just that: our contributions.  They are clearly not taxation.  They haven’t been taken from me against my will and used for purposes that I may find personally reprehensible.  And therein lies the rub.  Can we regard charitable giving and redistribution to the poor by the Church as being evidence of our true character, whilst simultaneously supporting a government that allows redistribution not only to the poor, but for programs not consistent with our core beliefs?  If so, then perhaps it is not hypocrisy that you liberal Catholics are practicing but instead you are suffering from schizophrenia.  Mr. Biden may be your template.  You decide.

On the Female Vote

Now at the risk of being accused of being a sexist, out of touch elderly white male, allow me some observations and you are welcome to object and express your opinion just as I am mine. Young single, college educated, white women tend to be single issue voters and apparently think with their uterus.  There, I said it.  And that single issue is S-E-X.  I’m talking sex in all forms.  The act of, with whomever, and the consequences thereof. Why is it that young females are so preoccupied with reproduction, rape, abortion, contraception and homosexuality to the exclusion of all other issues?  The entire fabricated “war on women” was a clever tactic by the democrats foisted on an apparently gullible demographic.  Talk about recognizing your target audience.  Bravo. The entire Sandra Fluke episode was so pre-mediated and heavy handed that it remains a remarkable achievement in that it led the way for the media propagated lie that Republicans somehow don’t care about women’s health.  Really? The quantum leap from contraception to a woman’s overall health aside, the facts remain that Ms. Fluke was formerly employed by the Clinton administration, was certainly aware that Georgetown University is a prominent Catholic institution prior to her matriculation, and undoubtedly saw an opportunity to promote a secular agenda by forming her organization for reproductive rights knowing full well that she was bucking Catholic doctrine.  She was, pure and simple, an operative. The additional fact that Ms. Fluke is of Jewish faith is not often mentioned but leaves one wondering what the reaction would have been had an evangelical Christian enrolled at Yeshiva University and demanded that the cafeteria serve pork.  With cheese. And where were you Catholics on this issue? Crickets.

Now Mr. Swift is not saying that the critics are completely wrong about the Republican stance regarding women’s health, but it may be a matter of semantics.  Mr. Swift actually agrees that the majority of Republicans don’t care about women’s health in this context. But they don’t care in the true libertarian fashion: not my business, not my problem, not my check.  Now I know that in an effort to appeal to the evangelical base, it is necessary to stand on the stump and object to abortion as is preached by the faithful, to object to artificial means of contraception. But no thinking voter could possibly suspect that a personal opinion by a candidate, and a pandering one at that, would translate into an outright assault on contraception and Roe v Wade.  Seriously, they are not going anywhere.  A true libertarian recognizes your right to do whatever you want with that uterus of yours, as long as it doesn’t affect me. Use contraception, don’t use contraception, sex with him or her, abort or don’t abort.  But in exchange for me not meddling in the affairs of your sex organs, I shouldn’t be financially responsible for your decisions regarding the consequences of your sexual exploits.  Your decision.  Your responsibility.  Period. Now if you want to press me on my personal opinions, allow me to digress: Contraception is, in my humble opinion a good thing.  Keeping reproduction in check yields a twofold benefit, less people on an already overpopulated planet, and less offspring that many of us, but mostly you, cannot afford to raise.  And despite the Catholic Church’s widespread objection to contraception, it never ceases to amaze me that the countries well-known for sexual exploits and contraception are those most often associated with Catholicism.  Witness Italy and France as the poster children for modern romance.  So have at it, kids.  But once again listen carefully: not my decision, not my financial responsibility.

Abortion is a much stickier issue.  Mr. Swift is a man of science, and has a particular, shall we say, histologically acute insight into this issue but recognizes that human nature being as it is, mistakes will happen when biology is set in motion.  But when it is, that is the time to demonstrate some level of common sense and humanity.  For the very reason that pro-choice advocates went apoplectic when it was suggested that pregnant women considering abortion would be required to see pictures of fetal development, the pro-life folks recognize that you’re actually engaged in the process of growing a human.  Thus, the cut and dry reduction of the argument to pro-life/pro-choice is inherently preposterous.  The Catholic doctrine that life begins at conception notwithstanding, exactly where in this process does it become human to the secular? Somewhere along the line, what starts as aborting a bundle of cells progresses rapidly to something that is considerably closer to baby than zygote.  So as far as I am concerned, if it has hands and feet and purposeful movement, you may have missed the window of opportunity to be, what is in my estimation, morally responsible in your actions.  If you’re going to do it, put on your big girl britches and do it early in development.  This 20 week stuff is, in my humble opinion, bordering on the obscene. Have a look at those photos. Why is it that we are so outraged by infanticide yet we are numb to a similar insult that differs by 5 months and a few hours of labor?  And once again, if I didn’t get you into this mess, then it certainly isn’t my financial responsibility to get you out.  So once again repeat after me: when it comes to your sexual exploits…..not my problem and not with my tax dollars.  And besides, the government shouldn’t be messing around in your uterus anyway.  And neither should the candidates. Yuck.

On Youth

Ah, the children of baby boomers.  The offspring of the worst generation of parents in history. The entitlement generation. But then again, what would you expect from a group that has been pampered, coddled and grown to expect that everything they say or do has been incredibly important, and all their needs should be provided for them.  This is the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. Even IBM lamented that this generation of workers has to be handled carefully with a new set of parameters.  Where at one time it was understood that you started at the bottom and worked your way up to a title and the corner office, this generation expects immediate gratification.  They need to feel included from the start and have to have a sense of contribution and worth and most importantly recognition.  In today’s world, young entry level employees expect to be regarded as something special.  But the missing ingredient is the work ethic of generations past and the accomplishment to warrant that sort of respect.  They want to be your equal in the corporate hierarchy on arrival and have little respect for the old dog that has attained a position of authority by busting his ass. Years of being catered to by Mom and Dad and being taught to question authority has made today’s job applicant self-important, self-indulgent and a potent over estimator of one’s own talent.  It’s all about me, the wonderful things I’ve done, my meaningful tweets, my cellphone, my music and the number of friends I have on my facebook page.  So in their evaluation of a presidential candidate, is it any surprise that their vote will be cast with emphasis on “what’s in it for me?” Thus the democrat party, the party of entitlement is a perfect fit for a demographic that expects immediate reward without having contributed to their own well-being, or anyone else’s for that matter.  After all, once they leave the nest, someone has to take the place of their parents in the provider role.

On Culture

We are in an age of easy celebrity.  Guidos and Guidettes on the Jersey Shore, fat precocious, overindulged, pre-pubescent beauty queens, genetically fortunate, vacuous, super-models, obnoxious, uninhibited, pregnant teenagers, dysfunctional, drug addled pop stars, and a host of rehabbed, over-compensated, serial marrying, Hollywood bubble-heads all achieving instant celebrity status in a reality TV world gone amok.  Entertainment Tonight, American Idol, People Magazine, MTV, even the Disney Channel are places where celebrity is manufactured, promoted, and worshipped. Style has replaced substance and self-promotion in the vein of “any publicity is good publicity” is the rule of the day.  What has happened to us? Has class been replaced by crass?  Has humility been shoved aside in the name of self-aggrandizing, shameless, self-promotion?  Has accomplishment been overshadowed by appearance, by the perception of cool, by the rock-star persona?  Is it then any surprise that, with overwhelming support from the youth vote, we have elected a president devoid of accomplishment, devoid of credentials, but oozing that X-Factor, praised for his ability to read from a teleprompter?  Where are all the adults?  When interviewing for a company, or in this case a country, in economically dire straights, do you hire the successful CEO with experience in righting the ship or the charter member of the “Choom Gang”? And while on that subject, t is well documented that our current Commander-in-Chief was, at least during his high school years, a “stoner”.  What is truly amazing is not the fact that he was a prominent member of an organization that indulged in the wicked weed regularly, it is how the media reacted to the news.  He wasn’t condemned and raked through the headlines like George Bush for his youthful indiscretions.  He wasn’t lambasted in the press like Romney was for his unsubstantiated incident of supposed high school bullying.  No, on the contrary he was praised for his “innovation”. For those of you drinking the liberal Kool Aid allow me to enlighten you.  Whilst most of us were participating in varsity athletics, becoming members of the chess team, or playing the clarinet in the high school band, your President was a founding member of a group known as the “Choom Gang”, “choom” being Hawaiian slang for pot smoking.  And this is not anecdotal.  This is very well documented through interviews and period photographs.  Ironically, no hysterically, a documentary on the two candidates appeared on PBS (of all places) where the narrator actually lauded Obama for not just being a charter member, but for introducing innovations like “roof hits” (where after finishing smoking a joint in a closed car, you place you head against the ceiling and inhale any residual smoke), and “intercepting” (where one gets up from the circle when the joint is being passed around and cuts into the other side of the circle to get another hit before your turn).  He was also praised for his introduction of punishment for a member who exhales too quickly (thus wasting the THC load in the smoke) by not allowing the offender his next turn.  And we are to believe that he just up and quit.  While living in the People’s Republic of Cambridge? Wow. You can’t make this stuff up (Go ahead….Google it).

But hilarity aside, how is it that Obama got a free pass in the media and more importantly a free pass by the electorate?  The perception of celebrity, that’s how.  He’s perceived as cool.  He shoots hoops, hangs out with ballers, he doesn’t walk, he struts, he drinks beer, he even smoked weed, man.  Now if I was at all interested in basketball, partying and getting stoned, then perhaps Obama would get my vote, although I suspect that I would be stuck with the tab.  For that matter, I think Bill Clinton is probably the better choice, although I don’t particularly care for cigars or his taste in interns.  But let’s be adults for a moment here.  We are electing a man to the most powerful position in the free world, a man that can shape the future of America, and world economy.  A man with his finger on the switch.  And we elect the stoner?  Seriously? This is not a popularity contest.  This is not the prom king. This is not funny, kids. This is the President of the United States of America.  Grow up.

On the Hispanic Vote
Mr. Swift is a fan of Mexico.  He vacations there, he does business there.  But if he wants to go to Mexico, he will go to Mexico.  He does not want to bring Mexico here. Therefore, he can’t understand the Hispanic vote.  I always suspected that they immigrated to this country to get a better life.  But then they want to import their former country here with all the problems they fled from.  Huh? Newsflash: It’s not the country, it’s the people in it. And that segment of the Mexican population that wishes to immigrate is most likely not your skilled, upwardly mobile, intelligentsia. I don’t see too many Mexicans climbing over the border fence wearing Armani. Maybe I’m old fashioned.  When I go to a foreign country, I don’t expect them to cater to me, to offer me health care, to provide me with a translator, to give me free stuff.  Hell, I don’t even like it when I see a McDonalds. But it appears that Hispanics have become single issue voters and support the democrat party solely on the basis of a loose immigration policy and we are luring them here with the promise of work and benefits.  And why not?  Let’s break up this rant with an exercise:  Google “government benefits”.  First hit is “your path to government benefits at www.”.  Click on that.  Big letters: “Looking for Benefits? Upper left hand corner: “En Espanol”. In other words, your roadmap to entitlements. This is your tax dollars at work, my friends.   And if you don’t think that the democrat party hasn’t identified this demographic as a quick and easy way to retain power in perpetuity, recognize some startling statistics.  Puerto Rico, an island of 4 million has voted in favor of statehood, potentially injecting 2 million welfare recipients into the voter rolls.  Wonder which way they will vote.  Democrats are also in favor of gifting our illegal alien population citizenship.  It is currently estimated that there are 11 million illegal aliens in the United States, although that estimate ranges from 7 to as much as 20 million.  Wonder which way they will vote.  And Hispanics are, if anything, prolific.  They can effectively reproduce and are doing so at a remarkable rate, becoming the fastest growing segment of the US population.  Wonder which way they will vote. So in short, continued democrat policy toward looser immigration is fostering an invasion of sorts.  Mexico is taking territory back and the democrats are apparently good with that, as long as they get their vote and retain power.  Just imagine the rush on the border on December 31 if suddenly the democrats decide that anyone in the country as of January 1, for example,  is granted immigration amnesty.  Not a good day to be Border Patrol. And deny it all you want, but Rush had an interesting thought in the name of comromise.  If democrats truly want illegal aliens to be granted citizenship on the basis of humanitarian reasons alone, then grant it to them.  BUT, and that’s a big but, you can’t vote for twenty years.  Brilliant.  See what kind of support that gets.

On Legacy

The political pundits, having rejoiced in the re-election of their savior, are now philosophizing on the direction his final term will take. The consensus amongst the democrat talking heads is that Obama will no longer be concerned about campaigning, will be less concerned about partisan politics and will be focused more on his legacy.  They unanimously think that he will want his legacy to be similar to that of Bill Clinton, a second term of moving towards the middle, a coming together for the benefit of the country, a setting aside of our differences in favor of bipartisan efforts to restore our nation to its former glory, economically as well as in the eyes of the world.  Even Obama’s immediate post-election banter was all about meeting with the vanquished republicans to hash out the differences, to avoid the fiscal cliff, to invite Romney to the White House for a discussion, to embrace John Boehner as a partner in charting America’s course.  That didn’t last.  Within days it became apparent that Obama’s position remained unchanged, there would be no compromise, and the socialistic ideals of increased taxation and redistribution will remain basic tenants of this administration.  Economy be damned.  And why would his policy suddenly change?  Mr. Obama has not met with Boehner since back in June and has only spoken to him on the phone since September.  And how about all those off the cuff remarks he made prior to the election that were unknowingly recorded (and given yet another pass by the media)?  Comments such as the one to Putin: “I will have more flexibility after the election” or the pucker to Sarah Brady about “flying under the radar” regarding gun control. Obama has shown himself to be aloof and clinical, he is not a people person, and he has no desire to work with Republicans.  His style is heavy handed, with policies rammed through Congress in the dark of night. He looks at the election results as a mandate that his policies are what America wants, regardless of the 27 states and 47.5% of the electorate that felt otherwise. He is a loose cannon no longer concerned with campaigning for a second term.  Obama is an ideologue, pure and simple. A man so firmly rooted in socialist policies, so possessed with a visceral drive to alter the fabric of America, that compromise is not likely to appear in any of his future dialogue. Obama is not a man who wishes to have compromise or moving towards the middle associated with his legacy. He wants his legacy to be that of the man who fundamentally changed America. And that will be an America that our Founding Fathers will not recognize.

                                                    So there I'm vented !!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our alternatives to rampant Socialism are few

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation". Are we destined to hark back to this 1776 premise to find refuge or cause to meet the devolution of our Constitution, of our un-alienable rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this onslaught of Socialism? Is this very thought seditious or patriotic? This United States of America is a house divided. Reconciliation seems impossible. What then? Are we to devolve to States more separate than United? Do the States have a right to nullify Federal  dictates to effect such separation as some contend they do? History tells us we've dealt with this before, on two occasions, one resolved by compromise, the other by civil war! Because of demographics as I've alluded to before a democratic solution appears daunting. I say again, what then? Somehow, some way we have to convince our leaders the good of the country has got to come before politics, freedom before equality, that the preservation of our nation as constituted is the only assurance of our survival both economically, and  socially! Tell me this President of ours is  not striving toward a self fulfilling prophecy of his Lincolnesque  fantasies in portraying himself as the great emancipator of our welfare riddled society!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shame On Us ( a response)

In response to a recent comment  
"Why are you so unwilling to cut this President of ours some slack"?

How is it both President Carter and President Bush (the father) were refused 2nd terms supposedly because of a slumping economy but President Obama presiding over the worst economy ever was reelected (to say nothing of his other mismanagements)! Simply in my estimation, we the too kind and less aggressive opposition failed to adjust to the electorate's shifting demographics and gird our loins accordingly. Perhaps worst, a failure on our part to recognize the lack of patriotism,that our citizenry once coveted so dearly, was so easily compromised by promises of entitlements and bogus gratuities.The electorate in their naiveness and greed were scammed by a cool Community Organizer, purveying a cleverly repackaged, but never successful Socialist form of government. In opposition we shouted from the roof tops,  "our problem is not one of taxing to little, but spending to much" in support of that proffered Socialist agenda! Numbers supporting that contention, un-refuted; history verifying the folly to think otherwise; the european model lending further credence to pending disaster, all falling on deaf ears. What we needed was a nation leader, what we got was a political operative! The false promises of Socialism once again won out. Somehow it keeps escaping us: with out the engine Capitalism, fueled by opportunity and unencumbered by oppressive government regulation, manned by the ambitious and hard working-, if not nurtured, this Republic of ours will not be able to prosper and take care of it's truly needy, let alone legions of free loaders! Have we Americans become so short sighted, so unmotivated to be the best that we can be, to let all we have become as a nation slip away from us in the dictates of this would be despot! Somehow I don't think enough of us see him as such and cut him to much slack! Just look at what he has done in but four short years and realize we have just afforded him four more years of this reign of America's  systematic devolution!

Not once in my considerable life time did I ever appreciate my government as  oppressive-, I do now. Not once in my considerable life time did I suspect my government was out to do me harm-, I do now. Not once in my considerable life time was I ashamed of my governments motives or actions-, I am now. Not once in my considerable life time did I feel my future, the future of my children, the future of my fellow Americans could be stifled by my government-, I do now. Not once in my considerable life time could I ever imagine open rebellion against my government-, I do now! What a very sad and debilitating state of mind.

.......get the picture now?!

Their should be no question in your mind, that as a result of this election President Obama concludes he has a mandate to expand our welfare state more aggressively-, feeling less encumbered by former opposition! This is the unfinished business he is referring to that he plans to finish in his second term. If indeed he does, we are finished! It appears a significant number of our citizenry are willing to trade liberty and freedom for government subsistence! The American Dream is now apparently one of getting on the government dole to one favorable degree or another... the more favorable the better -, self respect; ambition for a better life through opportunity and hard work be damned! The low road of least resistance is to be striven for at the cost of others. The inevitable catch 22 however: A new class of Americans, the nouveau-poor, and the promise of civil war! Now you know I hope that never comes to pass but I can't see the "makers" as I call them, stand still much longer watching the "takers" benefit from their sweat equity! As I alluded to in previous blogs not a conventional civil war mind you, but one of economic attrition! The makers will find a way to balance the scales in their favor perhaps with a little less patriotism and benevolence,but one that best preserves the spirit of a free society; free enterprise; a country willing to make sacrifices for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Wait for it...........!

....a parting shot: at the time of this blog: the middle-east burns while our President bows and scraps in Myanmar. Well my Jewish brethren you got what you voted for, the second coming of Neville Chamberlain with an Islamic bent! I wish us all a reflective Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We'll show 'em how it's done!

Austerity brings Europeans to the streets! Hey you Europeans, just wait until we Americans get the hang of it, we'll show you a thing or two about taking it to the streets! We were just getting warmed up with our Wall Street sit ins! Now with the assurance of our continued slide into fiscal oblivion, with the reelection of President Obama, we can really put our minds to it. After decades of whistling past the grave yard, our great perceived underclass have gotten their way, it's now clearly us against them! And their proven disruptive and destructive tactics, finely honed in europe, second and third world countries around the world, will be vastly improved upon,here in the innovative United States Of America. As we have proven to be productive in our past life, we now will show you how self-destructive we can be! Our crippling debt load is about to do us in, triggering the requirement for austerity of unprecedented proportions. At first it will be a lowering of our standard of living, then more precipitously as unemployment and lower wages weigh in; the coup de grace, a bloated government raises taxes to maintain itself and it's dependent constituents; the inevitable occurs government and it's dependents run out of other people's money and all hell breaks loose! What a prospect to look forward too! And we can't say we didn't bring it on our selves!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Am I getting old or what?

What is it with these gaudy displays of thought to be notable achievement? What triggered this observation? A picture of General's Petraeus and Eisenhower side by side; Eisenhower with but three ribbons, Petraeus bedecked with medals, ribbons and every trinket of memorabilia ever known to the military! For all the world looking like the second coming of Napoleon ( his "costumer" most have spent hours pining and aligning his gaudiness) ! And while I'm at it: what of our police officers following suit, bedecked with ribbons as well; and what about our football players who must have their names blazoned across their jerseys and their elaborate choreographed celebrations for just doing their job; basketball players in kind, who must hang on the rim to prolong their dunking adulation! It is not good enough their rank, their often over the top financial reward, their just making the team, their credentials and statistics recorded for posterity, their endless rolls and halls of fame enough? When did modest recognition of accomplishment, expressed gratefulness of God-given physical attributes, mental acuity and talent get supplanted with these showy displays of" look at me bravado"! And don't get me started on our entertainers with their attention getting antisocial antics, behavior and performances. Admittedly this "Pop" culture of ours drives me to distraction! And again admittedly my age has something to do with it I know, but by no stretch of the imagination do we not appear to be on the brink of a moral chasm? To be "cool" or be gone, the excepted norm of the Baby Boomers and GenX and flaunted at every opportunity; to be in your face with every perceived provocation and/or Kodak moment offends my sensibilities! Where has civility and modesty gone, I miss it so! Maybe I'm more depressed over this election past than I thought!


I am sure, you who read this blog regularly, envision a beaten Conservative lunatic, frothing at the mouth, spittle spraying in all directions as he rants and raves over the aftermath of the elections! Not true, near comatose in disbelief closer to the truth of my state of mind-, more so however in the lack of concern demonstrated from my friends and acquaintances. This too shall pass, as they quote the scriptures; sa la vie,we'll get'em next time around; the Romney failed us blame game and such other trite observations they espouse! My God, even Pravda's headline sensed the big picture: "American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper!" As I've said before, you who saw this election as Democrat vs Republican, as Obama vs Romney, as Liberalism vs Conservatism, missed the end game-, it was Socialism vs Capitalism, it was our Constitution driven Democratic Republic, it's freedom to the people form of government vs a  Marxism style Oligarchy imposing central control over all social and economic governing practices! This is beyond just big government ideology we are talking about here, this is autocratic bureaucracy at it's repressive debilitating worst! Save for intervention of seismic proportion, some revelation of great consequence, an awakening of our misguided  electorate, I for one am flummoxed as where do we go from here.  As of the moment  I have no confidence in the Republican Party's "Plan B"or for that matter know if they even have a "Plan B"! I await as I"m sure you are as well, for a defining moment of,"enough is enough outrage", that would identify those patriots of station among us, who in righteous indignation are prepared to lead the fight in stemming this administration's systematic dismantling of all things American-, a Thomas Paine moment! We desperately need such a defining moment for us to rise up from these election ashes of despair, Phoenix like, to restore our commitment to the good fight with renewed purpose and commitment! I'm looking and listening for that moment with great expectation and hope! Surely the American spirit is not spent! And you John Boehner, do not appear to be any Thomas Paine.

Why have others so clearly got the message, quoting the Former Premier of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klause: "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."  

Michelle, Michelle!

As Michelle Obama proffered on the occasion of her husbands election in '08 " I've never been so proud of my country" or words to that effect. Well Michelle let me tell you I have never been so ashamed of my country under your husbands leadership. And to think I am to face another four years of his mismanagement, with only the certainty to watch him, four years hence strut off in the sunset of this once great nation of ours. It is gut wrenching! I am overwhelmed by his divisive rhetoric, his pandering to America's detractors, his lack of patriotism and pride of America's history and accomplishments, his endless denial of a hand in any of America's misfortunes, his haplessness in offering any meaningful course correction to our floundering economy, our burgeoning debt, our waning international reputation. Most of all I resent his lying to the American people for political gain. We have not turned the corner, we do not have any reasonable prospect for turning the corner in the foreseeable future. America is stuck in a malaise of his making! Not just a political change, or ideological change mind you, but a cultural  change unbecoming of a nation of our heritage, of the intent and purpose of our founding principals. A heritage and principals he is apparently oblivious too! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Painful Reality

 ....repeat after me: it's not the message we Conservatives are sending or who, or how we are sending it that is our political failing, it's the demographic structure of the audience receiving it!! This is not a  simplistic case of best selling "sizzle" for political gain, but a failed attempt through comprehensive planning, deed and action, to pull this country of ours back from the brink of disaster! We can't in good conscience attempt to out gift Santa Clause (his very mention politically incorrect) with lies, misdirection and silver tongued rhetoric-, propagandizing! The takers and would be takers of our society have got to come to realize the dire consequences of what their unfettered taking and their social biases has wrought and react responsibly! What chance do you think we have of that happening! Sure a gifted liar, an unscrupulous despot along with his or her acolytes can herd the unsuspecting, the naive (code word for stupid) but history tells us sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost. Then what! And that is where we are right now, just this side of Greece! So what does history tell us: dread the thought, civil war! And just how does a country of our size and diversity wage a civil war in this 21st century? Certainly not the good ole fashion way: clear lines of demarkation and armed conflict. What then? We go the way of all great societies, great cultures we waste away in economic and civil despair, in lethargy and despondence, morph into an inconsequential nation, the un-united states of America. Succession from the union becomes thinkable when state rights to nullification of federal legislation becomes a bone of contention! Is this what we wish for us? I say again, what then? Where are you pundits on that issue? Stop shooting the messenger! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Economic Wizards!

Reduce the bloated deficit by massive tax increases! Now there is a novel solution to our fiscal problems! A brilliant concept worthy of our Socialism bent administration. Support the takers of our society at all cost while diminishing the rewards of the productive makers. Brilliant indeed: a win/win for the Marxist of our governing regime? The subterfuge, there are simply not enough makers to sustain the takers indefinitely, and we are at the tipping point NOW! Only the government bureaucrats, like their entertainment industry brethren before them will be afforded the opportunity to pull up the stakes and abandon the good ole US of A for greener pastures. Not unlike what happen in microcosm here in the northeast-,those who fled Massachusetts' oppressive tax climate for New Hampshire only to impose their political mores on that state for the worst: witness their preferences this election past!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away

We all have feet of clay to varying degrees when tempted by our assorted seductions-, some feet of marshmallow! But the reaction of the liberal moralist in awareness of that podiatry is mind boggling! A double standard comes into play immediately when one's politics, race, gender, religion, or cause du jour is in consideration! Even in blatant malfeasance, the liberal wagons are circled, proposed retribution minimized, the griddle cooled in spin, scrutiny lessened, when one of their own or an instigated event is subject to ridicule! However, their wrath unabashed, their morale indignation palpable when one is of another persuasion then their own. Get use to it: this is the way of a culture, a society in decline. Point in question, General Petraeus-, criticized before lionized, before yet criticized again, by the political opportunist of the moment! And Benghazi, what of Benghazi?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

...eyes but don't see; ears but don't hear

I'm amazed how the statistical relevance of this last election seems to escape the majority of the populous! It lends credence to that old maxim: The inmates are running the asylum! Those least involved, or for that matter least concerned with the preservation of this Democratic Republic of ours, the least invested in the tenets of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, have overwhelmingly cast their vote for all things contrary! The Baby Boomer generation's lack of a sense of country, the disposition and intentions of the resent wave of immigrants, the influence of disgruntled social minorities, has fostered a divisiveness never seen before on these shores. And of course, having the most divisive,the least uniting President ever in our Oval Office, has exacerbated the divisiveness beyond anyone's wildest imagination (certainly mine!). Indeed our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves! I'm sorry I have no great revelation of what to do about this catastrophic turn of events, nothing but stand here with the rest of we deer, caught in the headlights of an unfamiliar America! I must admit the awful premonition of a second civil war has crossed my mind! If so, resolved intelligently as opposed to stupidly we can only hope. We desperately need another Lincoln to emerge from this political quagmire and once again rally us in preserving the sanctity of these United States of America, even though the odds against it are daunting (as Mitt Romney came to find out!).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Beat Goes On!

John Kerry for Secretary of Defense: John Kerry of infamous Swift-boat fame; John Kerry who labeled our Vietnam soldiers rapist and pillagers; John Kerry the JFK wannabe, the fabricator of heroic daring do; John Kerry who married his way to fame and fortune; John Kerry of legislative conviction, demonstrated in his oft quoted gaff ... "I was for it before I was against it"....., that John Kerry!? Obviously Massachusetts is considered a bottomless pit of Liberal/ Democrat talent! A bottomless pit I'll give them that! How is it Liberal/Democrats can demonstrate great feats of impropriety, immorality, indiscretion and incompetence yet survive to "serve" another day? I guess Massachusetts' record of convicted, jailed, disbarred, felon Speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives is testament to all, of the state's ability to not only tolerate but nurture politicians of great national Democrat party potential!

And yes I continue to roil in the events of the week past. Four more years of failed policies, of a President no longer hindered by re-election: facing a shift in the makeup of the Supreme Court, an attack on the Second Amendment, further attacks on the productive 5% of us, redistribution of wealth, and one-sixth of our economy handed to the government in the form of Obamacare! Our only hope appears to be Armageddon... or in an ironic twist, maybe "climate change" and rising seas will claim those fanatics on our coasts!

You're the odd man out!

Is it not disturbing to you to find out, not only is our country color biased, but if you are not of color, or perceived not of color your chances of ever being considered for the presidency of this country is all but nil! This election past unequivocally sent that message loud and clear! Those of supposed color, any color other than white, overwhelmingly voted for the candidate of color! Principals, integrity, honor, credentials and country trumped by color! How American! And does anyone think this preference can be quelled? Think again, in this trend sustaining, the key to elected office is going to be primarily dependent on the demographics of the electorate's makeup! Crudely said by many but factually true, those of non-color are being statistically out bred, in turn disadvantaged at the polls for no other reason than their non-color. Just think of it 70% of our population that might aspire to elected public office are potentially going to be handicapped merely because they are not of color! Does that seem right to you? Some may say the tide has finally turned in their favor, but can they say for the better? If these past four years are indicative of this color bias, I for one think not! With this administrations push for amnesty, Puerto Rico statehood, and a host of relaxed immigration laws the die, in my estimation, is all but cast. Perhaps those of you not of color should band together to better promote your interests-, a NAAWP association like..., or might that be considered too racist!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Et tu Brute!

For those of you who missed the eclipse of the British Empire, I bring you it's sequel the demise of the United States of America! And you Speaker John Boehner-, Et tu Brute! You suspect there is any productive compromise in this president elect, you Wanker you! This is a president like no president before him! He is America's anti-Christ, recognize him for what he is! You and yours are the last bulkhead of resistance to his end-game: the total democratizing of our nation, the advent of Socialism! This is a take no prisoners death struggle; to think otherwise is an admission of defeat! From here on in we Conservatives have been relegated to Gorilla Warfare and must gird our loins accordingly! Get with the drill Mr Speaker we can not afford to have a weak-kneed leader anywhere in our ranks! We don't have an inch to give in compromise, we are being overwhelmed! Please take a page out of Thomas Paine's book on patriotism in your leadership!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Expecting Instant Gratification?

So what did you think: The price of gasoline was going to drop like a stone as would unemployment; wages would soar, the stock market would go through the roof; our economy suddenly awakened; peace and tranquility would break out the world over-, all when the coronation was fait accompli! You simps you! Wakeup to what you've done! Any one dare to contemplate impeachment. What to do, what to do! I've even thought the unthinkable..., certainly their must be something in the Obama thought process, in his vision of an America to be that I can support? Nothing, absolutely nothing!! Anything seemingly good is cloaked in socialism subterfuge and Saul Alinsky spin! Stick a fork in us we're done! And don't tell me, at the very least I must respect the office of the president.This office holder deserves no respect! He has demonstrated careless and reckless abandon of all things sacred to we American Patriots (apparently not enough of us to matter!). Worst, he says his work is not yet done..., God help us!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back, irked and chagrined to no end , but back!  I've heard the, "I told you so" 'til hell won't have it! I'm disenchanted with political friend and foe alike who fail to appreciate what they have just witnessed, or worst actually were accomplices in this miscarriage of democracy! Goodbye America, your day of promise and prosperity to all has been eclipsed! Your countrymen have sold you out! For what, totally escapes me! To focus my wrath: I have a friend who has said to me on more than one occasion, the problem with you Conservatives, you Republicans in general, you have forgotten how to address the wants and needs of the people! My response, what people might they be: those who have been bought and payed for with food stamps, entitlements -, through one form or another of the government dole, or those whack jobs forever championing the perceived disenfranchised for every contrived slight or insensitivity, demanding government retribution! That's the problem you boobs, don't you understand? There are more of them than there are of us! And there ranks are swelling with each passing day! They are all want and take, no give! Let's face it, we've past the tipping point. What is most frightening, the "givers" (that's us) have to go bust before the "takers"(that's them) realize the trough is empty, and take to the streets in mayhem, giving us yet more grief! Then what?The trouble is that we ninnies, mostly associate with the makers of this country not the takers, consequently are near oblivious to their insidious self serving tactics and strategies. To reason with them is an exercise in frustration, we just proved that this Tuesday past! So, NO I'm not going to go away, at least not just yet, but stay right here and bear witness to your folly; remind you every chance I get what you've done to our country! You'll all rue the day you deprived generations of Americans to come, the opportunity to experience the American dream; the world to benefit by its free-world leadership and benevolence!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

See You Later, Maybe!

Obviously the scales have tipped in their favor! They being those willing to trade their freedoms and liberties for promised government subsidies, entitlements,favorable regulations and treatments; to be members of a second rate world power strongly influenced by the Globalist Movement! In such, sponsoring an omnipresent autocratic declining socialistic government capable of wielding oppressive acts against it's citizenry at will, while shirking any international responsibilities for maintaining peace and stability! As for me I'm heading for the hills to lick my wounds and contemplate my navel in consideration of this rebuff to my American sensibilities! I'll keep you posted upon my return.

How Could We?!

If you have been following this blog you can imagine how disappointed I am in President Obama winning a second term, how disappointed I am in my fellow Americans for not seeing the hand writing on the wall? We have sold our country,our heritage down the river, quite possibly never to regain it's once proud stature among nations again! It is impossible for me to fathom what possibly could persuade anyone to wish this anti-American president to preside over our fate for another four years. He has demonstrated his desire to make us ordinary, to humble us before a world we sacrificed so much to save from despots and despair, that has plunged us into crippling debt while stalling  our economic engine, who has blatantly devalued the rule of our once omnipotent Constitution and governing legislative procedures for his political gain, has divided our citizenry in to sniping factions unable to find a common ground, has encouraged dependency on government welfare and  entitlements for subsistence to garner loyalty, Shame on us, we've been duped, we deserve what we've got. And in doing so have witnessed, at least the partial eclipse of America the leader of the Free World-, America to date, the worlds greatest benefactor. How could we?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get a Grip!

Can you believe it, exist poll results already attempting to persuade, the yet to vote, "don't waste your time the die is cast", it's forward with Obama! It is disheartening, at least to me that shenanigans of this sort are sure to persistent through out this presidential election process. I guess it's true, politics are indeed a dirty business-, and we know some politicians play dirtier than others. A further distraction, when all is said and done between the popular vote and the Electro College vote how often does one candidate or the another get an overwhelming mandate to do what he says he wants to do and how he wants to do it? The checks and balances apportioned between our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government, laced with their own conflicting political biases will cancel out any of our fears of demagoguery of impropriety on the part of our chosen president who ever he might be. Right! So why worry, the system will quiet our fears if the wrong guy gets in-, ya think! Please don't think that for a moment! Not this candidate for a second term. He has demonstrated a lawlessness, a reckless abandon for fiscal responsibility, a lack of prospective in foreign affairs, an imbalance in his management of people, events and circumstances, an unamerican aditude beyond any of his predecessors! He and his kind can not be allowed to prevail!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Day Before Reckoning

Don't be faint of heart my fellow true Americans. Our Democrat brethren would like us to believe all is lost, that their incessant, highly coordinated propagandist have advised unequivocally the electorate has spoken in their polling-, it's Barack Obama by a wide margin here in this the 11th hour! Don't be poll boggled! It simply ain't so!! Check their polling methodology, it is skewed in near every case to favor their political preference, or by omission of pertinent data. Have faith in the patriots among us, wherever, whatever their political bias might be. They know what's at stake here: it is near everything that America is all about. They won't let it slip away by slight-of-hand. When push comes to shove they'll do the right thing. Just make sure you do the right thing an get out there an vote!

New York & New Jersey

Tom Swift has a special place in his heart for New York and New Jersey and wishes all those affected by Hurricane Sandy warmth, safety, security, a hot meal, a roof over your head and a quick return to some semblance of normalcy.

Well you got my attention!

An anonymous reader recently commented ....

"Mitt Romney says if Obama is elected for another term The U.S. could face a financial crisis like Greece. However, in the reality-based community, the slow recovery in both Greece and the U.S. is due in large part to super-wealthy 
corporations and individuals,like Bain and Romney hiding their money in offshore accounts to avoid taxes, instead of putting it to work at home. Meanwhile central banks and government (both owned by super wealthy elites) demand austerity measures that place even more burden on the struggling poor and working class, who can least afford it!"

Thank you for your timely response to Tom Swift's Conservative Slant. You have thoughtfully provided me with, as Mr. Obama likes to say but rarely delivers, a "teachable moment". Now, let me set some ground rules and get one thing straight: this is by no means a public forum for a give and take dialogue in response to liberals spewing the party line. Get your own blog, I have no time for that. Call Hannity or Rush, they'd be glad to take your call and disembowel you on the air. Or if you want to engage in that sort of exercise online, then by all means, vent your spleen on AOL's Huffington Post with like-minded socialists who, based on their number of responses, do nothing all day except seek a higher level of "community pundit" or "super user" status, as if that was actually something to which one would aspire. Alas, in some cases I will use your comments to further my cause, to dispense some wisdom, and of course for my own entertainment.

Your "reality-based community" comment is especially revealing. Why is it that liberals immediately resort to demagoguery, in this case with the implication that Tom Swift does not live in reality. You don't know me at all, and that makes your comment one of those unsubstantiated broad-brush nonsensical attacks that infuriates conservatives. Could it be that, in true liberal fashion, your definition of reality is that place where everyone agrees with your opinions? In fact, Tom Swift does live in liberal-land and is, by virtue of demographics, constantly exposed to the opinions of the left through mainstream media, newspapers, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NPR, HBO, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and online outlets such as the Huffington Post and the Microsoft Network. If Mr. Swift is anything, he is well read. Mr. Swift is therefore well-versed in the opinions of you and your liberal herd. Where is it exactly that you, and most of your ilk, get your information? I would have to suspect that it is from the same sources that I have mentioned. Hardly unbiased. We are inundated with it, saturated in it, and from your comments, I would go so far as to say that you are wallowing in it. And where does your standard issue Northeast liberal get his information on the conservative stance? Why, from the opinions of that same parade of left-wing outlets of course. So you, sir, if indeed you are a sir, have most likely not engaged in a, dare I say, "fair and balanced" exercise of information gathering, have you? Your opinions are most likely based on the opinions of other liberals, and you likely have not come to your own conclusions. You are sheep. You are all sheep. And if you are not, and are merely seeking personal benefit from the policies of a President that admits to redistribution as a hallmark of his entitlement programs, then you are simply the worst kind of opportunist.

It seems that the Obama campaign has, in the absence of any real accomplishment, resorted to lobbing misinformation at Romney from the start, and as always is aided by a more than compliant and cooperative main stream media. Where falsities and outright lies are your bread and butter, the Republican response has been reactive, and by necessity fact based, unfortunately delayed through the time consuming process of fact checking and research. And when the misinformation is proven to be just that, it usually is ignored by the mainstream media or appears buried in the back pages. One word example for you: Benghazi. If you are any kind of leftist political junkie, then surely you watched the debates.......and then probably allowed Diane Sawyer to tell you what you should have derived from them. After a lethargic performance at the first debate, Obama continually attacked Romney for plans that have not been implemented, spinning his own scenario as to whether they would be successful and what they would cost. Romney's attacks, on the contrary, have been consistent, based on Obama's existing record, a dismal record of failure where the only new campaign plan is to stay the course. How novel, more of the same and, most likely in a lame duck second term, more of the same amplified tenfold. Forward, I believe is your rallying cry, despite the slogan being linked rather unfortunately to Karl Marx. And allow me briefly to get ahead of myself: by misinformation I mean nonsense like the "Republican war on women", the "tax cuts for millionaires", the whole "pay their fair share" campaign, the $6000 more every senior will pay for Medicare under the Ryan plan, the destruction of the environment, the tax increase on the middle class, not to mention the personal attacks on Mr. Romney's success, his wealth, his character. What happened to all that coming together, bipartisanship, feel good, hope and change rhetoric of Obama's 2008 campaign? Now it's all class warfare, divide and conquer, style over substance. Does anyone with a shred of intelligence actually believe this nonsense, or is it all fair in the name of partisan politics? Has the Obama campaign devolved into a case of do what you have to do to get our guy in, so you get your bread buttered on someone else's dime......what's in it for me? Where did America disappear to?

Your comment about the Greek crisis is laughable. In three short sentences, you have managed to regurgitate the democrat party line verbatim. What a good little soldier. Greece is in the proverbial crapper for one reason alone: Greece spends more than they have. So does Spain, so does Italy and Portugal and Ireland. And in an ironic turn of events, the "tax the rich" technique has been put into play on a grand scale, except in this case, Germany will be playing the part of the rich. And if you contest Romney's assertion that we are headed down the same path, how do you explain the 16 trillion dollar elephant in the room? How soon we forget Margaret Thatcher: "The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money". Prophetic, indeed. And if you think Europe isn't ahead of us in the department of taxation, government expansion, and entitlements, then you sir, have some reading to do. It's all about the blame game, isn't it? If it isn't Bush, then it's the rich. You can't keep blaming the rich for all our ills, nor can you expand the definition of wealth and then keep going to back to the well for more. If anyone thinks that the middle class is not next on the list of declared wealthy, then hold on to your wallets. How many times have you been told, but fail to understand, that even if we taxed the top 1% of wage earners one-hundred percent of their earnings, it would still fail to balance the budget. Now, Mr. Swift is not what one would normally consider a millionaire by any stretch of the imagination, but in a bizarre feat of what Al Gore would call fuzzy math, it appears that our government has, in Clintonesque fashion (although Mr. Clinton also redefined sex as I recall), altered the definition of millionaire to be two-hundred fifty thousand dollars. By God, I may be rich. Or at least I may have been rich. And after all, I trust that you are a northeast liberal so you know exactly how far $250K goes in say......New York or Boston. If you're not, let me help you: not very far. And all this nonsense about the super-rich hiding their money in offshore accounts and not paying their fair share. Bullshit. The United States of America has the most progressive tax system of the 24 member countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The most progressive. And as further evidence of that system's inherent unfairness, and that is essentially what redistribution is, unfair, the Tax Foundation notes that the top 1% of US earners, defined as those that made 17% of total US income, paid 37% of the taxes. The top 5% earned 32% of all income and paid an astounding 59% of the taxes. Nearly double their fair share. The bottom 50% of income earners paid a mere 2.3% of the tax burden whereas the bottom 5% actually received money in the form of refundable tax credits (ref. Hagopian and Ohanian, WSJ, October 30, 2012) . So in response to your comment, the statistics certainly don't bear out your contention that the burden lies with the "struggling poor" now does it? It would seem that the burden already lies with the top 5 percent. It would appear that not all of the horses are pulling the wagon, some are actually along for the ride. As you digest all these stats, also bear in mind another disturbing fact that you liberals avoid: it's not your money to begin with.

And this illusory concept that wealthy Republicans are hiding all their money in offshore accounts and overseas investments instead of "putting their money to work at home" implies that they are engaged in some nefarious form of illegal money laundering. For God's sake, all those liberal Hollywood darlings like Clooney, Pitt and Jolie don't even live here. I hate to break this to you socialists, but it is not illegal to invest overseas, and frankly, even your basic 401K more than likely has a mutual fund or two that invests in foreign companies. I'll bet Al Gore, the same Al Gore that is worth 100 million dollars, amassed largely on government subsidies to "green energy" companies in which he had a financial stake, has a few bucks stashed offshore. Hell, isn't that where a large chunk of our stimulus dollars went anyway? If the government is good at anything, it apparently is very good at picking losers, and they're doing it with our tax dollars. Ask the 5% if that doesn't just piss them off. Peruse the Fidelity catalog and you will find scores of mutual funds with such illicit titles as "Emerging Asian Markets", or "European Growth Fund". Heavens, somebody call Warren Buffet and the investment police. And speaking of Warren any of you actually believe that wiley old codger pays less taxes than his secretary? A lesser percentage perhaps, but don't let the spin confuse you. Yes, his secretary paid twenty some odd percent of her 350 thousand dollar (yes, that's 350 plus three zeros) salary, whereas Mr. Buffett paid a paltry 15% of a couple gazillion. But, do the math...... that still adds up to a higher bill for Mr. Buffett. And a few salient points may have escaped you: One, the secretary only paid a percentage in the twenties despite being, by your liberal definition, a millionaire. Two, she was taxed on a salary. And three, Mr. Buffett earned his income on dividends, not a salary, which are taxed at 15%. All of the above parties played by the rules. What's this, you want to change the rules? Not a good idea. Dividends are taxed at 15% to encourage investment. Companies are taxed on their earnings, and then the investor is taxed again on receiving a dividend. To raise the tax on dividends is akin to double dipping and will have the negative effect of reducing the income of seniors dependent on dividends in their retirement portfolios as well as discouraging investment in growing companies, thus stifling growth. Mr. Buffett is no angel and may also be playing both sides of the street by cozying up to this administration and promoting policies while investing in the potential winners if that policy is adopted (Schweitzer, P. Throw Them All Out, Mariner Books). And we all know that this administration rewards its supporters. But we don't have the space for that lesson, so once again, before you embrace this darling of the Obama administration, do your research. Before you embrace any policies of the Obama your research.

There is so much more to say and yet, so little time. Thank you again for the opportunity to rant, and please don't write. I realize that there is nothing I can say that will sway you from attempting to destroy America on tuesday. You are likely hunkered down in your McMansion in a liberal northeastern state, with a lawn covered in Obama signs, a Prius in the driveway with an Obama-Biden sticker next to one of those fashionable COEXIST stickers with all the religion symbols for letters, just itching to get into that booth and punch the chad, finger the touch screen, felt tip the line or maybe even pull a lever to cast your vote for four more years of the failed policies of a misguided Obama administration. Whether you vote or not in your state will probably not matter, the northeast states are already painted blue, except perhaps New Hampshire which is populated by peculiarly independent thinkers. As I speculated before, I suspect that it is that "Live Free or Die" license plate that does it. But to you folks in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, Florida: you may hold the future of America in your hands. God help us all, and God Bless America.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Benghazi Ugly!

Can this Banghazi atrocity unfold any more ugly? Can it be true that two highly regarded and decorated commanding officers in theater, were replaced because they were disinclined to stand down?Is this Muslim act of pure vicious terrorism, of Pearl Harbor, of 9/11 premeditation, to go unpunished? Will a mushroom cloud have to appear over American heads to get President Obama's attention? Where is the outrage of our citizenry for this impotence, for our government's blatant coverup of this atrocity, it's feeble and embarrassing attempts at misdirection? We have emboldened our Muslim enemies to the point they are willing to flirt with acts of potentially participating World War III with impunity. All while our liberal press covers this President and his administration's collective behinds with silence and acrimony. Come out, come out America where ever you are !!

Friday, November 2, 2012

You Missed My Point...

I Was Exposing a Pipe Dream!

I asked a while back (October 29, 2012): who are our nonpartisan sentinels to guide us through this political malaise, this political labyrinth.Your response was predictable but the magnitude of that response took me aback. You told me who your sentinels are: The New York Times, The Heritage Foundation, the Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Mathews, even Harry Reed and Google if you can imagine, and combinations there of, to name but a few among the many you identified as bonafide sources of truth, purveyors of light! Essentially missing or making my point! So I ask again being more specific this time: who is the one, the  most trusted nonpartisan source we can turn to when flummoxed by conflicting political rhetoric, when attempting to authenticate the veracity of proffered facts and fictions? Spin has become an art form. It's practitioners can manufacture a plausible scenario to suit any situation, and support it with seemingly equally plausible conjecture. By those Spinners' standards, the question to be answered is not what reality-, what facts will best confirm or refute a position, but rather what support do you want to lend to your perceived reality! Let me pose some examples: did Elizabeth Warren work on behalf of the victims of mesothelioma or the insurance company trying to minimize their liability, is she really  part Cherokee or not, did she gain professional advantage by her claim that she was; while at Bain Capital had Governor Romney decimated more floundering companies in aggressive profit harvesting than righting them; is President Obama a committed Socialist, if not a Communist and why won't he revel his academic record; what really happen or didn't  happen in Benghazi; did President Obama save the auto industry or just their unions; the Iranians are close /are not close to having atomic weaponry; the Iraq's did or didn't have weapons of mass destruction; Attorney General Holder was or wasn't implicated in the Mexican gun debacle; the Pakistani's did or did not harbor Ben Laden; of the Arab states who we send millions to for apparently their unrelenting hatred, wouldn't they be willing to do it for nothing; is global warming fact or fiction; can our republic recover from a sixteen trillion dollar deficit, if so how and when; etc, etc? These  question and their ilk are posed ad infinitum, in turn denied, reaffirmed, elaborated on ad nauseam. But those basic questions, those same statements of fact or fiction, those same accusation's validity never really get resolved to anyone's full satisfaction! Their affirmation, their denial, a continuum  in an alternative reality for us to pounder, to believe or not believe, because their is no arbiter, no authority we can trust, no fact-checker whose findings are perceived above reproach. I propose we identify  an official: Office of the National Fact Checker, someone solely responsible for determining the validity of any public officials claims of propriety or the impropriety of  others, a sort of truth-in-politics arbiter, if you will. If President Obama can have his czars we the people surely can have our own truth detector!  Some one who has that unquestioned certification of authority to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth by the powers vested in him or her by we the people of the United States of America: our Chief Arbiter of Truth in Politics, our truth-detector! Wouldn't that be grand? Fat chance!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Now Brown Cow!

How now brown cow? With every conceivable dirty trick, slight of hand, manipulation of the truth, sowing of disinformation and discontent been played, what dire spell can this administration attempt to cast over the electorate to save their regime in this their 11th hour? Or in honor of this Halloween give up the ghost and admit they made a horrible mistake and join their fellow Americas in giving Governor Romney an undeniable mandate to lead this nation of ours back to the prominence it so richly deserves! As this embassy embarrassment continues to unfold; our nation's debt soaring unabated; our taxation and unemployment withering our sprite and ambitions, I for one would revel in them joining our ranks in the promise of resolving our less than national issues that seem to separate us in a true conciliatory atmosphere of compromise and cooperation. A little Kumbaya there I know, but wouldn't it be worth a try considering the alternative?