Saturday, February 1, 2014

Incentivized To Be Less Than You Can Be

As a nation we are being insidiously conditioned by our governors to be less than we can be, by incessant rewards and entitlements for doing little more than breathing and responding minimally to basic bodily functions and requirements for citizenship. If there is any compunctions on your part to lay-about, to exist with a minimal expenditure of physical and/or mental energy (and you apparently are legion!) you are in the right place, and the right time in the annals of American history. Our present government recognizes your needs, feels your pain and is eager to sustain your dependence (if assured of your vote that is!) and enforce the obligation upon others to pay for your lethargy  ..., if need be willing to amend our constitution accordingly in the name of equality!  As for you and yours who are of another persuasion sorry about that, our very same ever benevolent  government in its political correctness has so crippled the economy, your opportunities for something other than a non exceptional existence has been stifled, if not irreparable damaged for the foreseeable future! Again as so frequently said here...., what are we thinking-, our country, our society, our culture is systematically being eroded by unscrupulous politicians of questionable motives and intelligence! I have tried to site specific instances of blatant examples of conspicuous actions and inactions, distorted and divisive rhetoric, taken and voiced by those politicians,,,,, yet it appears so many of you are willing to stand silently by with an attitude at best of: this too shall pass! You said it in '08, again in '12! What is it going to take to convince you it's near all over but the shouting and gnashing of teeth! Yes I'll carry on with my angst, teeth gnashing and whatever, here and wherever, and hope for the best..., but know I'm not at all optimistic! Recently I recall some political pundit describing taxes as our addicted politician's crack cocaine.....that they are hard core users in their requirement to placate their electorates insatiable appetite for subsidies, entitlements-, favors of every type and concession..., the milk of every election and reelection. In that, knowing the amount of our deficit, which more than a significant portion is accrued for the incentivizing I'm alluding to.....what am I to think!?

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