Saturday, October 18, 2014

The road to Hell........

How does it go, the road to hell is paved with good intentions? As you remember in my last blog, however fed up with this gang that can't shot straight, I was going to refrain from my torrent of calling yet further attention to their bumbling and stumbling-, rise above the fray and be more constructive in my political opinions. In being the Constitutionalist that I'm, I was gong to attempt to pre-qualify those candidates aspiring for public office's credentials for practicing our constitutional law-, get out in front of the curve so to speak. How noble of me! I started by looking at the midterm election candidates state by state, sans political affiliation, attempting to ferret out their inclination, their commitment to govern in accordance with our Constitution. No easy task I learned quickly! I accessed three sources of information for suggested compliance: incumbent's voting record, media interview comments, campaign rhetoric. What struck me right off, the subterfuge: the mincing of words to gain thought to be political high ground -, to be faithful to party messaging, subtle sometimes not so subtle unsubstantiated opposition character assassination and/or of course, outright distortion of the data, circumstances and situations being observed or addressed-, often with a propensity to cloak the issues in the ever popular politically correct posturing of the moment. Political speak at it's absolute distorted worst! I have concluded unless there is a an "official forum"  designated specifically to qualify and hold accountable to the standards of our Constitution prior to their candidacy for public office, it ain't gonna happen!! And it ain't gonna happen after their election either, judging by resent Supreme Court rulings! So I'm back to my less learned, basic spontaneous snarky sniping. I cringe in the knowledge our Constitution has long been compromised and poses a near insurmountable obstacle to the fundamental self-rule of we the people: the federalization and centralizing of the seat of our government in Washington D.C!  One quickly reaches this conclusion when attempting to discern Harry Reid's qualifying credentials, his motivation and reasoning  as a supposed Constitution advocate. Senator Reid epitomizes all that is wrong with government today. He is an iconic socialist ideologue , a committed and demonstrated anti-constitutionalist if not a non- constitutionalist...and there I go again! I just hope you don't share in my frustration to the point of just wanting to vote out the lot of them come the November midterms, and risk in the process, throwing out a few of the babies with the bath water! Look for your candidates propensity to follow the rule of our Constitution. Don't be dissuaded by superfluous political rhetoric designed to take our aim off what should be the foremost basic objective of all we Americans, to preserve our inalienable rights and our nation's  sovereignty!

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