Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great Uninformed

When you are out there politically, among "the great uninformed " you have three adversaries to contend with, 1) the contrarians who disagrees with you for the sake of disagreeing; 2) the what is, is, fatalist, "so what is their to argue about" pragmatist; 3)those telling you, "you don't know jack-shit about what's going on, so buzz off"! Inresponse I often I find myself deferring to that patriot of old, Patrick Henry's admonition of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1775:... there are to many of us who have eyes and don't see; who have ears and don't hear....! Worse in my estimation, who are oblivious to the disastrous lessons of history, potentially dooming us all to repeat them! Those of you who are so caught up in the cause celebre, the partisan rant of the moment, that you miss the point, that of first and foremost preserving at all costs, our Constitution, our therein clearly stated unalienable rights as citizens of these United States of American..., wake up America an pay attention!

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