Monday, June 11, 2012


Talk about not doing the math! Amazing, the Obamacare advocates can shout from the roof top's of the liberal media, the Ryan budget would gut Medicare, yet ignore their administration's recent $700 billion cut in Medicare to fund Obamacare! Worse, tout under Ryan's proposed Medicare reform, would force seniors to pay $6400 a year more for health care that is not at all germane to the current debate in being a highly distorted projection based on fuzzy math and highly suspect conjecture by a CBO proposed model. And, of course failing to mention all seniors now over age 55 would not be effected by any of these machinations. Yet further that future seniors of 65 years of age would have more cost effective alternatives to Medicare under the Ryan plan if they so wish! The problem, the government has become so proficient at dazzling it's citizenry with a fuselage of "funny" numbers to support their claims for greater efficiency, for greater welfare, for greater whatever, we flounder in a malaise of confusion, not knowing what to believe!

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