Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Sentiments Exactly

My frustration cup runeth over, in that I quote a compatriot responding to my latest Blogs advising:

"I just read the Huffington Post comments after their story about the sequester. Comments like "the Republicans are just trying to punish us after Obama won" and "in actuality government spending as a percentage of GDP has gone down under Obama and taxes have gone down as well despite what the Republicans say" and some suggesting that the sequester is a Republican ploy to attack the President's credibility as he struggles against them to right the ship. As Rush would say, these are 'low information" voters who get their news from facebook and the internet. Then, in a sign that the apocalypse is upon us, the outgoing Pope makes a comment that the new Pope should be well versed in social media like facebook and twitter. So that''s what we have come to....what you read on your smart phone. The inmates are indeed running the asylum! After 4.5 years of failed policies and a struggling economy wouldn't you think "dawn would have broken over Marblehead!" I will wait until the midterm elections. If after 6 years of failure, if Obama comes out smelling like a rose and the Democrats sweep into power in both House and senate, then I too will acknowledge that all is lost. Obama is either the greatest political genius in history or he is the anti-Christ. Or maybe decades of reverse Darwinism has finally caught up to us."

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