Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Whimper On

7.7 % unemployment, 200,000 + jobs created. Eureka, we are on the wings of recovery! Tell me how many jobs were lost; how many dropped out of the labour force in this same time frame? Such subterfuge! We are hurting economically to the point of collapse yet Obama and his propagandists continue to whistle past the grave yard in stupefying ignorance trying to convince us prosperity is just around the corner. I shudder in disbelief ...tax more, spend more to support a bloated welfare and entitlement agenda, and we will magically rise above our burgeoning deficit, our economic deficiencies? Please!!! His hue and cry for compromise, for non-partisanship should fall on deaf ears in his deeds and actions speaking volumes: it's his way or the highway! I say again to give this man and his regime an inch is foolhardy and counterproductive. I pray we hold the line in these budget negotiations, remain vigilant in our demands for fiscal responsibility-, buoyed by the result of our stand on the sequestration issue!

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