Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit Bankrupt?

Detroit the liberal Democrat's shining Emerald City, unspoiled by those deterring  conservative Republican slants, a bastion of union lead socialism, the model of what could be if liberalism, socialism prevailed through out the nation.Tell me it isn't so! 

So goes Detroit, so goes the United States of America was foretold by the Democrat Party pundits. In reality-,ain't it the truth! How many more examples do we need, this one in our own backyard, to tell us collectivism, socialism, communism and all of it's infinite variations on excessive government intervention in the workings of a society  doesn't work! Government control has never, will never trump individual freedom and enterprise of a true democracy. A society dominated by takers as opposed to makers is doomed to drown in its own social and bureaucratic excesses! The solution? In Detroit's case, but one: it's Obama to the rescue!  After all isn't it just another "money shortage" to deal with in his peerless inimitable fashion? Crank up the presses at Treasury and run off ole struggling Detroit a couple a billion dollars or so.That should do the trick. shouldn't it.Yeah right! How can the most passive of us witness such tell-tale signs of pending calamity and suspect there is light at the end of this liberal Democrat tunnel.The lingering death of our socialism preferences has ensued! Are we stupid or what!

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