Friday, July 26, 2013

Hypocrisy Run Rampant you hear him, this great divider, this committed socialist, this perpetrator of immeasurable harm to our nation's economy, pride and leadership-, its citizens! He is back on the campaign stomp advising we must disregard all the dissension and misdirection his administration has wrought on this Republic of ours these past, near five years and reinvest in his vision of the America to be (reinvest, his code word for tax more spent more!). His hypocrisy cup runneth over! He has indeed lent a new dimension to the deniability gamut. Does he honestly believe like the rest of us he has been but a chagrined spectator to his own impropriety as President of the United States!? The polls certainly would lead him to believe he is above the fray with his popularity unwavering while the results of his governing highly suspect and generally abhorred. He certainly is the Poster-boy for this age of celebrity is he not: a mile wide and an 1/8 of an inch deep! As I once said here before like Sancho, fumbling stumbling Don Quixote's faithful squire's retort to those who questioned his loyalty.."but I like him". What a sad analogy for the President of the United States!

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