Monday, October 28, 2013

The Divided States of Washington D.C

Let's face it, if state governments and/or state representatives sent to Washington to govern are not aligned with the Washington establishment, are soon  punished for their party association or party infidelity and banished one way or another! Look closely at your state's  elected representatives in Washington D.C, their public and private accomplishments before and after their public service, their financial status at the start of their public service, their voting record as it relates to their constituencies and/or their party's platform, their success in reelection, their party and private funding of their reelection campaigns; their personal gain both monetarily and materially during and after their tenure....... You'll find an interesting correlation between the answers to these seemingly abstract enquiries, one that advices something stinks in Washington D.C! How can a mediocre man or woman of modest intelligence, accomplishment, vision, finances and propriety rise to such power and wealth. I'll tell you how, by joining a  political cabal within a sanctioned democratic government and subvert its electoral process by adhering to a  clandestine agenda of self- preservation and gain! A club of unsavory Politicians if you will, who in choosing a governing vehicle that most lends itself to the manipulation of the masses, namely socialism-, communism in it's most viral form; systematically centering all socioeconomic activity at it's governing epicenter. Our constitution was the rampart against such ideology, speaking directly to its prohibition, but it's once sacrosanct purview has been diluted by an insidious politically-correct morality that has eroded  the very underpinning of our society. Our once separation, by design, of the Executive, Judicial, Legislative branches of government served as an effective system of checks and balances, now so politicized to be near totally ineffective, as a deterrent. It has been said: government should be accountable, transparent, and limited..., unfortunately we have devolved to a government that is unaccountable, opaque, and omnipresent. To add to our misfortune, near every branch of our government is lead by ideologues of similar political persuasion and/or intent, some more so then others, but the preponderance seemingly hell-bent on making America other than what it once was, a bastion of true democracy, to a mirror image of the  European model our early forebears so bravely and fervently fled from.

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