Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Can Barely Watch Or Listen

Our "Spectator President" postures and pontificates on our government's inability to resolve it's fiscal problems, the very same government he advises he is but the titular head! This is not England Mr President, you are not the Queen, you are the leader of the executive branch of our government, our President, having omnipresence, power and influence at all levels and stages of our legislative process! Yet from your bully pulpit you persist on doing nothing more than heaping disparagement upon any and all who take exception to your failed economics and diplomacy. You have lent a new dimension to, "My way or the highway!" Yet, come away inexplicably unscathed in the eyes of the liberal media and populous. You and yours, as you promised, are presiding over fundamentally changing America-, and as we have come to realize, not for the better! Along with the rest of us you are witnessing, at your behest however, the systematic destruction of America's social order, watching it collapse under the weight of the cost of your social reform agenda; collapse as our dependency on government entitlements increases at an inordinate and untenable rate. Seemingly you and yours are intent on raising our debt limit, borrow more, tax more, spend more and more inappropriately-, until we inevitably and surely will default on our loan maintenance.
Thereafter we join Greece and those other countries teetering on the brink of debilitating social unrest and financial ruin. Who are the beneficiaries of your envisioned utopian socialist society: the have little, the earned less, the work not, the want more; the penalized: the work hard, the earned more, the productive and responsible members of our society .... And, I have not even drawn a breath to comment on your foreign forays into diplomatic disasters. As said here before, Mr President, on your watch "Gone America Gone!"

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