Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Why is it that so many of us seemingly refuse to see the handwriting on the wall; that are seemingly too lazy to read or add up the numbers for themselves; that are seemingly so gullible to accept the premise that if we stay this course of socialism, all will be well, dispite the overwhelming precedence of those who tried and failed miserably before us! Can you tell me what you are seeing (not hearing from others, but seeing and deducing for yourself) that is advising your lot, or that of your fellow Americans is improving? What can you point to that lends this encouragement? Anything, you who have paid your dues and those of you still paying your dues to be a member of the great middle-class, the great working-class of this country of ours! If you are, or were a member of that class, help me out here, think of it as a humanitarian gesture in giving me something to hold onto-, I'm losing purchase, debilitated in searching in vain for myself! Throw me a line, please!

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