Monday, November 18, 2013

What If? (prompted by your response to my previous blog's enquiry)

What if our Liberal Democrat brethren did not have to tolerate we Conservative Republican's opposition to their utopian socialist aspirations? Can we construct a model, a computer simulation to test its principals, prove its  prophecies? No need I say, we have a preponderance of historical precedence readily available, and unequivocally disparaging the premise of socialism as an economic system and political philosophy; as a true form of governing, that great nations and their citizens alike have adopted, practiced and thrived upon! Think about it, in the annals of recorded time not one sustaining example of pure socialism as a governing platform worthy of emulation..., and not for the lack of trying mind you! We tried it our selves and failed! Begging the question: So why are we trying it again? I dare say a great many of us don't even suspect we, they, them are trying, for all the masking disinformation, misinformation and of course plain ignorance emanating from every nook and cranny of our political spectrum! Want a more current example, one closer to home? Surely you are familiar with our own "Great Socialist State of Illinois"? Without a Republican of any strip or color in sight-, how are they doing? I know I harp on this theme of what are you liberal Democrats seeing, listening to, that have you convinced our constitutional republic has gone awry and our only salvation lies in socialism. I just can't imagine how anyone fails to fathom the consequences of the slippery slope we are on! And, while you are perusing for pertinent data to state your case take a good look at the salaries and benefit packages our politicians realize as our "public servants". Historically Socialist's reward their practitioners, at the expense of their citizens, exorbitantly!
Suffice to say, your response to my last blog's enquiry prompted all sorts of interesting, imaginative, distorted, unverifiable data to the contrary (not all, but most). If you will stick to our government's stats (CBO) reporting on our budget and economy so that we can be on the same page, I promise to be more specific in my comments. 

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