Saturday, March 1, 2014

Identity Crisis

In this confusing politically-correct malaise we are all wallowing in, I'm struggling with who or what I am politically! I'm a registered Independent. However, I identify myself as a Conservative, which generally speaking these days, makes me other than a Democrat, but not necessarily a Republican, yet adding to my confusion. Further, I'm not quite sure conservative in the first place is a compatible label for my political, let alone social leanings. By definition the noun conservative means a  person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes. Sure, in the sense the Ten Commandments and the Constitution of the United States are seen as paradigms of traditional social and political values, in that, they are unequivocally my moral and political compasses. However, I am not adverse to change socially or politically within the constraints of  those values; open to debate in their interpretation. But, to blatantly; the audacity of some in power to unilaterally misinterpret or circumvent those values for the purposes of self gratification, personal gain or subversion offends me to no end! And, to say I am a Conservative Republican suggests  their are Liberal Republicans (if liberal is the antithesis of conservative in this narrative) and if so, Republicans are a house divided (which they truly are) ergo not consistent with my intolerance for Liberalism which is a synonym for Socialism in my political vernacular. So what am I? 

Who are we, we who are disenchanted with the direction our country and society are taking. I don't want to be an Independent or for that matter a Conservative. I want to be a member of a political party of stature that appreciates what our country has done for the world, for mankind; the opportunity it has afforded its citizens to prosper and grow in an unparalleled environment of freedoms and liberties, and wishes to maintain that status! We should be legions! I'm a beneficiary of those freedoms and liberties, consequently I grow oh so weary of superfluous rhetoric espoused by special interest groups and acted upon by compromised politicians pandering to a politically correct bent populous while the very foundation that allows those privileges is being systematically eroded. We have lost our perspective, our way-, we have lost touch with the realities of maintaining our representative republic's integrity as a democracy, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all... And, as often said here, the very bulwark of our Republic, it's Constitution, is being subverted as never before ( so don't believe me, read the most resent opinion of Jonathan Turley, a credentialed Madisonian authority on Constitutional Law as to the certain disaster we are courting if this subversion continues. Frightening!). 

How I hate hearing myself  sound so pious so pompous, whining in my impotence to make a difference. An old guy wanting to make a difference, wanting to join others in making that difference and frustrated in his inability to do so! But, I tell you, I'll suffer that impotence, and whine on as opposed to go away-, if only to be heard by the choir, rebuked by my detractors!

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