Thursday, March 6, 2014

Punk'd by a Thug

Called out by a born again KGB thug! Well, now the world-over knows for certain the United States of America, lead by Barack Hussain Obama has truly abdicated its roll as leader of the Free World, as champion of the oppressed, suppressor of terrorism, an ally whose word is its bond! This impotent, passive, ambivalent seemingly inept President of ours, stands idly by while yet another despot violates all international law and protocol. Might I remind ( although everyone of my ilk has been screaming it from the roof tops) what was it that the maligned Mite Romney said in so many words: Russia is to be seen as our number one nemesis, and we scoffed at his thought to be an inane presumption! And what of Sarah Palin forewarning Putin would in due course move aggressively on the Ukraine, only to have it come to pass! These lesser people in the eyes of this administration knew, why didn't they! Obama, Kerry, Hagle and Rice have not only set the United States up for embarrassing ridicule, but to be held suspect by its allies of insincerity and benign and shallow posturing in its diplomatic practices..What are our enemies to think of this endless list of international faux pas!  I know: all their aspirations and ambitions for land grabs; for compromising governments they feel not supportive of their regime; for fostering mischief and mayhem wherever and whenever it suits their perceived national interest will be hard at it, knowing their actions will be met by nothing more than righteous indignation; debated endlessly in the hallowed halls of the United Nations, with little or no real damaging repercussions or lingering consequences! Yes I know you have heard this lament from every quarter of the Obama bashing network, so why join the chorus? My point to urge us all to grasp the enormity, the depth and insidious underlying nature of this panorama, this continuum of seditious acts of incompetence demonstrated by our Washington D.C based political elite. I ask you for what end, the final death knell of the United States of America? This can't be just circumstantial, can it, it's just to substantive too consistent . Are we witnessing the machinations of a master plan executed by a cabal of Washington DC insiders/ world power brokers determine to marginalized all nations for the purposes of organizing a centralized global monetary entity garnering world dominance through financial control of the industrial-military complex. Could that be? I always thought that notion was a reach. Or, can it just be my slant of incompetence manifested by stupidity. Ya think!

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