Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is It Just Me?

My source of information in the main is essentially the written media, literature and observation of the human experience. Admittedly I occasionally fall victim to the omnipresent radio and video talk shows, but in knowing the superficial audio and visual influence of these staged entertainers, news readers and/or news appraisers, would be journalist, I am leery of the message I am taking away. So here I sit and ponder a plethora of print news emanating from both liberal and conservative sources; hard cover historical accountings of political machinations and events here and abroad, again from both recognized liberal and conservative authors; supposed unbiased expert analysis of those political machinations and events; perusing the net of course. And, find myself amazed at the introspectiveness, the intelligence, the farsightedness of our American founders! James Madison,Thomas Jefferson and their ilk, as if clairvoyant grasped the challenges their nation-to-be would most assuredly encounter if their so carefully crafted Constitution was not adhered to and abided by! Those pontificating on our imagined, and yes some real short comings, ever read our Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America and yet know of what they speak, knowing our politicians have corrupted our birth right! I ask myself, what am I missing, how can I be so offended by my countries detractors in knowing history has undeniably validated our intent and purposes in our national and worldly endeavors. Although, their are those who have valiantly attempted to rewrite that history! That my own personal experiences speaks to the opportunities and rewards the American way affords us all. Is life, my life, a bowl  of cherries, totally above reproach in every aspect, of course not, but it is what I chose to make of it, not what someone else thought best for me or dissuaded me from my purposes and intentions! How can anyone want to fundamentally change us from this path of best assuring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the opportunity to be the best we can be! Our best determined by our unencumbered ability, determination and perseverance, not government regulations, disincentives in the promise of minimal subsistence and entitlements. How did this change in our culture come about! How did the switch on our incentive, our cognizance to be the best we can be get turned off! I know it was a defining moment to me, a revelation some time back, when people who I highly respected thought they were put upon by the "system" or what they perceived to be the system-, that they were prevented from being all they could have been, when I knew for a fact they were not, in fact, in my estimation some got more than they deserved. You're right, maybe it is just me.

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