Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Change Of Heart

I've changed my mind..., well at least to the extent that all so called illegal aliens should not be indiscriminately thrown in jail and/or deported. History and a fit of pique in my own intolerance has brought me to this change of heart! I've concluded the government's poor management of our borders, as well as their disincentives for Americans to do manual labor; in their perspective, any menial task for that matter, should not be taken out on immigrants seeking honest upward mobility in an environment of greater promise and opportunity for them and their families! My heritage, as all we Americans of foreign lineage were immigrants, some refugees, that gained access to this country, albeit largely legally, lent to the fabric of the great nation we have become. 
Why not take a leap of faith and consider a continuation in part of that population infusion will not help us maintain that momentum of greatness? Yes, control our borders! Yes, weed out the criminal element of this unabated wave of illegal immigration but concurrently devise a plan to assimilate those honest well intended, law abiding, hard working, citizenship seeking illegal immigrants already here! I truly felt President Reagan had that in mind when he initiated "Amnesty One" but true to form, our legislators politically corrupted its intent and purpose in its uncoordinated sequencing of the legislations provisions-, in turn enforcement or lack of enforcement! I've personally known so called illegal aliens, who I more than empathized with their illegal status, feeling they were the exception to the rule, that in my infinite wisdom my illegals were worthy of special consideration in their exemplary character, parenting and work ethic. As time has passed I've come to realize their are far more of my thought to be exceptions than the popular stereotype Latino gang-bangers, and all around menace to society, portrayed by the media. No I don't agree with Jeb Bush that they came here purely out of love for their families, although that might very well have been a motivating factor, but more visceral than that, more a case of survival for themselves and their families, more an escape from abstract poverty and despair! We can learn something from these immigrants, especially in light of our diminution of family context and values, they are family strong, worth every risk to them in its preservation! 
We've got to stop politicizing this very real, this very convoluted and emotional problem. These immigrants, call them what you like. are not going to go home, an oxymoron in the saying, in as much to a large extent they are home, the home they have chosen rightly or wrongly for themselves and their families. So let's find a way to accommodate them in some fair and humane fashion. But, I say again, whatever that accommodation might be, this time around, our borders, our sovereignty, must be assured and secured; our immigration laws judiciously upheld and vigorously enforced. A comprehensive immigration program should have no political motivation but simply consider an applicants potential to benefit our society as a productive citizen and of course tempered with humanitarian issues associated with immigration of any sort. When Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal-Democrat cadre talk of the need for comprehensive immigration legislation, a.k.a unabridged amnesty, it is laced with the potential to swell the Democrat Party's rank and file with potentially depend citizens anxious to succumb to the desired socialist order of their cause! We must vow never to let that happen. Am I aiding and abetting their cause in my change of heart? My fervent hope, my confidence in the character of these predominately Latino immigrants will win out, that their potential for productivity far exceeds their desire for dependence!

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