Monday, November 24, 2014

What Are We Waiting For?

In the aftermath of the midterms, if you need more proof to convince yourself something stinks in Washington D.C, you are indeed developmentally delayed! Perhaps a more accurate appraisal, made repeatedly by no one other than that distinguished MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber-, stupid ( Hey Mark and Robin, perhaps your son opting for Georgia Tech over MIT had more merit than I originally thought!). How can this lame duck administration, the Democrat Party in general and it's legion of ultra-liberal, politically correct minions possibly conclude otherwise.They lost the Senate, failed to gain any ground in the House, got clobbered in the State's gubernatorial elections, yet arrogantly, smugly, blatantly continue to profess their agenda is consistent with the will of the people, best for the country. Give me a break! Apparently the ballot box doesn't speak loudly enough for these people to get the message. Confident that their leader, our president's phone and pen are mightier than our constitution. Is there no deceit, malice, sedition and unmitigated gall these people can heap upon us? Yet, we the loyal opposition seem to endlessly ponder, what to do..., what to do to stem the tide. Why are our leaders so timid, our opposition to these affronts so divided in mounting a course of definitive action.This president, his administration and their cadre of so called public servants are stealing our birth right, sapping our economic strength, diminishing our dignity as citizens and as a nation right out from under our very noses-, all in but a tenure of six short years.The doomsday clock for this Republic of ours continues to tick loudly and ominously for me! This great-divider-president intends to continue to wreak great harm upon us in his remaining two years in office-, of that we can all be sure! Please, you Senate and House leaders, you legislators at-large, you governors of like concerns and minds give me a straw to grasp, a comprehensive plan of retaliation and recovery to buoy my ebbing spirits.......

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