Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm In Free-fall

Pushed over the edge by Ferguson, not so much by Ferguson itself, but by our standing government's response to Ferguson! When Al Sharpton of Towana Browley infamy can command a seat next to our President and Attorney General to inflame this travesty to our judicial system our sensibilities, I blanch! To add yet further insult to injury when across the nation mindless supportive demonstrations with smoldering racial overtones take to our streets, our places of business, our media with reckless abandon and malicious intent-, my spirit falters! I've witnessed the likes of Watts, Newark and a host of other racially incited civil unrest, feeling they were perpetrated largely by lawless malcontents on both sides of those ginned-up so called protests, that they knew not what they were doing. That, in light of conspicuous progress being made here in the United States on racial relations before and after, felt in the foreseeable future such foment would be negated. In fact the election of Barack Obama, aside from politics would surely have signaled the extent of the progress being made, certain to dissuade the likelihood of such racial strife in the future. No need to tell you this president, this administration has not only failed us economically, perhaps irreparably damaged our reputation as a world leader, but has divided our society to the near point of irreconcilable differences. Under their aegis civil disobedience has never been so distorted, manipulated, unproductive, violence masked and condoned-, the dreams and intent of Reverend Martin Luther King so trampled. It's beyond me, my white, black, beige, brown and assorted other complexioned friends have more common ground than uncommon ground, how can we be the exception, we are so atypical! Could it be we are being propagandized to best serve a hidden agenda.There I go again with my conspiracy paranoia. What else can explain this multifaceted, diverse attack on all things once so American! I wait impatiently for a sign that this too shall pass. Regretting these niggling little whimpers of frustration, telling you what you already know, sharing my frustrations with the choir, affording our detractors whoever they might be the satisfaction of knowing we are in disarray as what to do.

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