Thursday, January 1, 2015

That's All Folks!

This time for real...I'm away! Appropriate don't you think? What with new year resolutions' and all, apropos? I used to tell my business colleagues back in the day, there comes a time when you should just move on, enough is enough-, your relevance, your impact in the grand scheme of things wanting and/or not wanted.This blog was essentially a by-product of requests for comments from a conservative perspective on current political events-, inquiries made of me by friends and associates deeply immersed in mother academia's liberal womb. In as much as they wanted real time unabridged spontaneous responses, so that they could spin them as they saw fit in their teaching and literary opposing posturing .... I was all too willing to lend a voice. But, now those very same friends and associates find themselves in a quandary. My prognostications ringing too true for their liking, striking to close to home, my arguments too substantive. In that said, the time seems auspicious for a lateral arabesque, a segue for me to move on. Further, I felt I had reached the point of overshariing my opinions on the political landscape.

I have a few new interests I'm anxious to pursue; some old obligations to fulfill. Aside, thinking about taking up fishing, albeit somewhat concerned about my patience quotient or lack there of, never big on Zen-like activities. Shooting maybe, there is a range near by, and the way things are going of late increasing my firearm proficiency may not be a bad idea. I've enjoyed our time together. It did me good to vent my spleen, better out than in my grandfather would say. Any way to dissipate the corrosive effect of impotence in the light of perceived threatening adversity; the frustration of witnessing our country's social, economic and cultural decay was therapeutic. An American once was entitled to nothing save for the inalienable right to be all he or she could be, unencumbered by oppressive governance at any level or station in life. Today that is not the case, more of us are recipients of entitlements unearned; a willingness for our fate to be largely determined by others, others in my opinion of nefarious governing motives and intent. But, so much for beating a dead horse! For your attention thank you.To those who found ways to lend encouragement and purpose to my political flaying about, both liberals and conservatives alike, I appreciated your candor and shared concerns. I was humbled by the audience we amassed over these past four years. As a patriot I will always be with you in spirit! If fortunate and history will have it...somehow, someway our country, we the people, will recover from our perverse fascination with political correct social reform and a wrong headed appreciation of how to preserve America the beautiful for posterity. To all, good luck with that!

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