Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let Me Count The Ways

His and their opportunities (you do know who I'm talking about here) to embarrass, offend, repress, divide, baffle, confuse we the people, appears unending. With countless critical issues to be addressed/resolved; fences to be mended, bridges to be built-,  our illustrious politicians choose to dwell on social, international and diplomatic diversions of negligible consequences in the grand scheme of preserving the productivity, sovereignty and reputation of this great republic of ours. This regime, as alleged here before, are masters at deflection and deception. We become so embroiled in political theater minutiae, that the end-game in play escapes us! Again, we simply don't get it, we are being subverted! A blatant strategy to subvert our democratic government is afoot and our attention is being successively diverted by debilitating masking tactics! A Washington cabal of unsavory elected and appointed officials of all political persuasions are in the process of intentionally or unintentionally wresting away our inalienable rights as citizens of the United States to constitutionally reining in these rogue politicians and their acolytes. It appears by the time we come to our senses; assure the separation and sanctity of our three branches of government and restore their order of practice and balance, the prevailing laws of the land will be unrecognizable! This behemoth of a government we have created has a life of its own, not easily deterred from clinging to it by any means possible. Our window of opportunity to do anything about it is slowly but ever so steadily closing.

I'm going to give it a rest for the holidays. I've told my antagonists who essentially prompt these blogs-my redundant whining is starting to get on my nerves. Hopefully it's all paranoia on my part and the new year will some how promote fathomable liberal issues of meaningful substance and consequences in themselves for future accord, debate and/ or comment, sans a hidden agenda. Yea right! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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