Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Can He; How Can They?

What say ye Abraham Lincoln? How about a thunder bolt or two to bring this ultimate recipient of your Emancipation Proclamation to his senses. He has more than once claimed to be Lincolnesque in his governing! Can you believe it? It's from him all our strife, confusion and dissension seems to be emanating these days! Most of us see him as the antitheses of anything remotely resembling Lincoln, yet he campaigns on, buoyed by a socialist, liberal, racist, anti-constitution, godless rabble-, until hell won't have it! When subjected to the rhetoric the likes of his acolytes, Legislators: Rangel, Pelosi, Reed, Durban and their legislating ilk, Governors: Bloomberg, Brown and Cuomo and their gubernatorial  ilk, the Reverends: Jackson, Sharpton and Wright and their religious ilk, one has to question where are they coming from and why. Can any true, responsible American in mind and spirit grasp the intent and purpose of their actions or inactions as being other than subversive, mean spirited and divisive.Their common denominator seemingly to undermine the very essence of our country's founding, existence, the sanctity of our constitution; accentuating our differences, bringing us to our knees in class warfare, promoting a malaise of disorder in debilitating social conflict, all the while with great success, diverting our attention from critical issues of state and country-, fertile ground for the Sol  Alinsky seeds of civil unrest to be sowed. I cringe in disbelief and dire apprehension of the fate awaiting us if this diabolical and insidious direction we are heading continues. We seem to be participants in a horrible morality play where vices are glorified over virtues, where the bad guys are the winners, the good guys the losers! The '14 mid-terms may be too late or in themselves denote the beginning of the end for these United states of America. I'm just saying, I hope.....

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