Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Will We Ever Learn?

....so what is it that you don't understand about, they want to kill us! They being the Radical Islamist! What more proof do we need? Their interpretation of their holy book, the Koran, tells them we are to be either converted to Islam or killed, we being the infidels! The suggestion we have provoked their wrath in our support of Israel, our Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan interventions is pure subterfuge...it is what it is, what it always has been and always will be! Their jihad as they call it was historically masked in distance, and the limitations of traditional weaponry. In that no longer being the case, they have brought their jihad to us, we Judea-Christians wherever we are, to our very shores-, as you know! Worse, in our tolerance for religious freedom they are among us cloaked in the legitimacy of the Muslim faith. And, their own religious brethren compromised in their loyalty to their host country wittingly or unwittingly harboring their treachery. So here we sit strung up on our own political correct petard, elsewhere in the world by our are political ineptness and naiveté to rationalize the real treat to our way of life, our very existence; to that of all mankind save for those adhering to Islamic Sharia Law! Our economy, our freedoms, our international reputation, our very sovereignty crumbling before our eyes, and now our kind's very lives here and abroad are threatened with a worldwide holocaust of biblical proportions! And what really confounds: those über liberal Democrats among us, specifically Gays and Feminist of their number, who take umbrage in our concerns, ignoring the atrocities brought to bear on those of their persuasion and cause in the name of Allah. Not only have we Americans lost our collective minds but our spine as well!  

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