Monday, July 2, 2012

An elaboration ...

Entitlements are never rescinded, always expanded upon, until the burden of their sustenance can no longer be sustained! Then what...,revolution, anarchy? It has been the legacy of socialism in it's many variations through out the millennium! We have
witnessed other countries economies ravaged by the inequities and false promises of's acolytes seemingly mesmerized by visions of a great society composed of free spirits blithely pursuing the good life unencumbered by the stress of competition,
the oppression from those seeking order, discipline and responsibility! Enter Our President..would be Messiah fully committed to bringing us to that promised land...., and
people are buying into it! Hallelujah brothers and sisters! Traditionally American's "entitlement quotient" was zero...give us a level playing field and get out of our way! In
fact most of us in our day didn't even know what being entitled meant, that Welfare was for poor people, physically or mentally unable to provide for themselves! We were the stuff of our immigrant forefathers: strong, brave and self- reliant! What has happen, has our collective ancestral gene bank been depleted of it's pride and resolve chromosomes!

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