Monday, July 9, 2012

Gun Control

Do you really feel more gun laws or banning guns completely is the answer to crimes involving guns?If so, I advise you to take a close look at relevant statistics involving guns and crime. Places both here and abroad with the most stringent gun laws have a disproportionate ratio of guns used in the commission of a crime, than those that do not! As for murders, those same supposedly most gun controlled places have the highest incidence of death by guns than those that do not! Few will admit it's not the gun that's been around for what, some 200yrs. that's the problem, but our culture that has developed a fatal attraction for weapons and methods of mischief in being conditioned by unspeakable depravity and violence in literature and the media over the past several decades! Those in our society: the deranged; those seeking martyrdom and/or celebrity are going to find their preferred instrument of mayhem no matter what-, no matter when, no matter where! They are the ones we and every other civilized society on the face of the earth must detect and deal with.

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