Monday, July 23, 2012

Constitution Trampling

This President of ours is trampling all over our Constitution, blatantly usurping legislative law and order by presidential degrees and waivers, circumventing or altering duly processed and enacted laws of the land! And, to date he is doing it with impunity!How can that be, one might ask? We ran Nixon out of office, we impeached Clinton for perceived crimes against the state! Why is Obama above such retaliation? We all know why don't we? He is a man of color and in this politically correct country of ours "White Man's Guilt" trumps legislative impropriety! How would it look to impeach our first President of color, our nation still seeking to atone for it's slavery/segregation history! In itself an affront to our very own Declaration of Independence "....all men are created equal..." ergo, shouldn't they all be punished equally as well!

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