Saturday, September 7, 2013

Assad Or Not Assad

Admittedly this Syrian situation is complex and froth with disaster if mismanaged. Unfortunately we have simpletons managing it for us i.e. Obama, Kerry, Hegel. If Assad employed poison gas as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) should he be punished accordingly? In my estimation the answer is unequivocally yes! It is a crime against humanity that can not be tolerated. However, unequivocally is Assad guilty of the crime? Neither Obama or Kerry made the accusation stick beyond the shadow of a doubt to my satisfaction. Further to add to my speculation if he did, why hasn't everyone risen up in indignation of the atrocity? Poison gas in many ways is more insidious a WMD than an atomic bomb! The very air we breath potentially being indiscriminately lethal! Having said that, so what if the rest of the world chooses to sit on their hands can we in good conscious follow suit, especially when our President said in so many words ..if you do, you will suffer dire consequences at our hand! What I've drawn here is a classic Catch 22 scenario: If Assad used poison gas what should our response be, collectively or unilaterally short of igniting WWIII. A shot across the bow of the accused, as our President suggest appears wholly inadequate. Again in my estimation, our response must not only be incisive but decisive and profoundly debilitating to the perpetrator, so much so, that any one else contemplating weaponry of this devastation can anticipate similar if not greater retaliation! Are you listening Iran, North Korea? What say ye The United States? President Obama's inaction and inability to garner support for his proposed military attack ( whatever that might be?) should give us all pause!

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