Monday, September 16, 2013

I Poked a Liberal Friend Today

.....and got an unexpected and disappointing response. This friend lulled me into suspecting a fresh perspective on the current political landscape in advising of his intellectual honesty in viewing both sides with "equal distain" only to simply spout the undocumented, and currently fashionable liberal position that the Obama administration's woes are a result of conservative Republican "obstructionism" and the media working against him because he is a black man in the White House. I could have gotten that line of wholesale fabrication and distortion from every malcontent that voices his or her opinion in the Huffington Post. It's lazy, it shows ignorance of the issues beneath his capacity to absorb and analyze-,  worse an ability to totally disregard failed policy making from a president that has no foreign diplomatic experience, no working knowledge of the private sector, no hands on management skills, a suspect intellect-, and demonstrates it on a near daily bases! What did I expect you might ask? From this friend, although I knew embraced socialism, an intelligent appraisal, perhaps a reappraisal of his party affiliation in light of the events of the past five years of the Obama administration. What I got was the same old liberal Democrat pap, no factual argument, no substance-, just conjecture and recriminations. Sad as well as disappointing, I regret to no end being baited into the encounter.

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