Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Can't Speak For My Peers But......

Yesterday in town, when talking to a number of my peers about our current political landscape, it became obvious to me the majority of them are apparently obtaining their information from a common source, in as much as the tenor, emphasis, phrasing and overall rhetoric of their positions, for the most part, were near synonymous-, liberal and conservative alike! Upon enquiry that source was divulged to be TV's "talking heads", transmitted from the major networks: CBS, NBC, FOX, their associates and/or derivatives! It was the exception when someone referenced an unbiased source or a less biased source, engaged in factual debate, cited a relevant supporting statistic, a confirming historical precedence, drew a cogent comparison, attempted to see and evaluate the ramifications of actions or inactions in counter arguments. It appeared in short, they were closed minded and have no intention of changing their political stripes, but merely seeking reinforcement of their preferences, prejudices and biases. As a young man the New York Times, Walter Cronkite, Edward R Merrill were thought, at least by me at the time, to be the bastions of journalistic integrity, if they wrote it or said it.., it was gospel. Sure, as I grew older I came to realize there was some subtle spin in their advisories, sometimes more spin than fact, but by an' large they, in most instances brought out all the salient points of an issue allowing the listener, the reader, the prerogative if you will, to formulate an opinion of their own. Not so today,The Times along with the main stream media: print, radio, TV, the now cyberspace media as well all have a committed socioeconomic as well as a strong political component agenda. Journalism in the sense of attempting to report the truth, all of the truth...,nothing but the verifiable truth has given way to editorial spin in all of its reporting. The listener, the reader is left to discriminately or indiscriminately pick and choose his or her information platform accordingly..., there in lies the rube! Is the reader or listener interested in ferreting out the truth to formulate his or her opinion, or to reinforce his or her political preferences through selective hearing and reading? Ergo, are we truly mulling over the issues of dealing with our budget deficit, affordable healthcare, immigration, Benghazi, Syria, Iran, Russia, NSA, IRS et al in our machinations to discern the best course of action for our country and it's citizens, or is our primary motivation to serve our political dogma whatever, no matter? When listening to President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, what do you think their motivation is? Can you get past their politics, our politics, and make an informed decision as what we think is best for our country, our citizens? I'd like too think I at least try.    

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