Wednesday, September 11, 2013


"I drew the line...., I didn't draw the line...., I did draw the line," so says our ever precise and articulate President. And, to quote our equally ever brilliant Secretary of State John Kerry, in so many words (mostly his own)..."It will be such a small attack, why not just let us do it and get this whole thing behind us! " It's amateur hour in Washington D.C when political thugs, religious zealots, dictators and terrorist rule the day! Are we covering ourselves in diplomatic glory for all the world to see, or what! Can we be more humiliated, more belittled....stay tuned folks, we've got a cast of characters representing us to assure a never ending saga of pratfalls and miscues to end all political vaudeville! Who would have thought such humiliation and embarrassment could befall this great nation of ours..., so swiftly, so profoundly! Who would have thought a man of such little record for good (or evil for that matter) along with his legion of malcontents and subversives work such havoc on this thought to be impregnable democracy of ours? And he and his do it so blatantly, so manipulatively, so naturally, we become mesmerized and paralyzed in a malaise of awe and confusion. I really don't  think it's because we are so stupid, but that we can't bring our selves to believe people of this ilk can be so subversive, so committed to destroying our country, their country, for personal and/or political gain. Are we being done in by our own naiveté, by our own special brand of American golly-shucks, near juvenile naiveness, born of our struggle to be an equal opportunity society, above all political-incorrectness and biases? Are we a "Ninny Nation" personified!

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