Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let Me Try Again....

Got a lot of push back from my "Change Of Heart" blurb of a week ago. it seems most of my readers misread me! Perceiving, I was suggesting unqualified amnesty for those illegal immigrants (I prefer immigrants to aliens) already here, and in doing so condoning more of the same of our near unsecured border practices and immigration law enforcement. I can only gather few of those "pushers" had read recently and presently proposed legislation on emigration. I believe an amenable amnesty (perhaps amnesty is not the right term, try an amenable provision for those illegal immigrants already here) would be acceptable to both contending Party's satisfaction, if border security and emigration laws already on the books were adhered to! The problem, the whole issue has become so politicized, resolution has become embroiled in endless partisan debates! Our first attempt at resolution, what I called "Amnesty One" under the Reagan administration, set the stage for mistrust of the Democrat Party's motives, the amnesty portion of the legislation was quickly enacted while border security and immigration law reform provisions of the legislation languished in a sea of politically-correct motivated bureaucracy and inefficiency. What Conservatives like myself have been saying, never again! This time around get the border security and immigration law enforcement horse in front of the amnesty cart, or whatever accommodation is to be made. What you should have heard me say last week, or perhaps I should have said it better, is that I empathize with those well intended, survival motivated, hard working, aspiring for citizenship-, albeit illegal immigrants already here in giving them some appropriate special dispensation to get them on the path to citizenship, not those who came here and continue to come here to game our welfare system; to criminally pray on our citizens-,  in general create mayhem and disorder.

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