Sunday, May 25, 2014

Buying of the Electorate insidious yet so blatantly practiced by proponents of socialism, aka liberal Democrats, to the absolute peril of all things engrained in the once exceptional character of the American people. No question, low or no income voters tend to vote for candidates favoring subsidies, of one form or another, for low or no income earners. Duh! The insidiousness, to incentify low or no income earners to remain low or no income earners! Those subversive socialist practitioners of which I speak have even gone one step further in providing those incentives to unqualified citizens. All for the purpose of what? You got it, garnering of legal or illegal votes! It goes without saying those destitute, those physically or mentally challenged, in a word those deserving of assistance, and have traditionally received tax payer aid and assistance, and rightly so (albeit less efficiently than it should be when administered by government) but to deliberately create a subculture of government dependents with no intentions of bettering their lot is un-American, and yes subversive! And it never fails to astonish me those most eager to punish the creative, the entrepreneurs, the hard working, the risk takers, those generally aspiring for greater security, recognition and reward for their initiative one way or another, are the very same people who have most profited by this subversion..., those elected officials, those hidden agenda bureaucrats! 
What happen to our pride in our independence, our work ethic. our responsibility in the raising and providing for our families with out the aid of government subsidies or special entitlements-, our governments encouragement and gratitude for that independence! The record shows undeniably legislation has and continues to favor this sub-culture of government dependents, of perpetuating its status as bought citizens of a political regime and bought citizens of a political regime to be; of perpetuating the myth that the Democrat Party is the party of the people, the people of the soon to to be: The Peoples Republic of the Divided States of America if we continue down this path! I say again, wake up America the dooms day clock is ticking, we are near tapped out by those drawing on the government dole, and to add insult to injury, showing no signs of amending our ways!

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