Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shame On Us

....not to diminish our concerns over Fast and Furious, Banghazi, the IRS, the NSA know all those labeled Republican witch hunts that stick in our collective Conservative's craws, but abusing our veterans? How dare we! It is beyond even my most cynical appraisal of politicians in general that I can conceive anyone would in their wildest politically distorted dreams find or tolerate adverse treatment of our veterans, especially those aged and impaired veterans dependent on VA medical services for their very survival. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has replaced IRS Administrator Lois Learner as my poster person of government arrogance and impunity. No further study is required here Eric,  no fall guy to be singled out! Simply the administration you are supposedly leading has failed, your management failed, you and your administrators culpable of gross negligence and incompetence; in participated in a protracted coverup to hide you and their inadequacies, and the dire consequences of those inadequacies. No need to advise the sacrifices our veterans made on our behave, all to one degree or another scared and/or maimed either physically and/or mentally in that service they rendered, voluntarily or in direst. They deserve our unequivocal dedication to their well-being whatever, wherever, whenever, no matter the cost; the sacrifice of those of us more fortunate less burdened. Let's not let politics, our governments proven management inefficiencies in such matters prevail in addressing this problem in typical bureaucratic fashion: talk it to death, fact find it to death; with every so called public servant implicated covering their collective rear-ends and running for the hills, ad infinitum.....while this atrocity goes on unabated, unfixed! Indeed shame on us.

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