Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Divided We Fall

How could one man, one administration raise such havoc and cause such irreparable damage to this long lived model Representative Democracy of ours? This Socialist, steeped in repugnant Marxist dogma and Saul Alinsky practices rise to such prominence and power to dissuade the citizens of the wealthiest, most prosperous, the most freedom and liberty enjoying nation on the face of the earth turn toward socialism, the anathema of all it's prosperity and liberties? How? In a word division, divide it's citizen majority by every divisor imaginable.The majority, our great and exceptional middle class. Those divisors the endless list of social biases from prejudice to pettiness. Cultivate envy. subsidize the malcontents and lethargic, curtail the ambitious, regulate all avenues of prosperity, establish government as opposed to the individual as the fount of all  aspirations and attainment of wealth, health and happiness. And, to boot abdicate our world leadership to those who wish us and those of our persuasion harm! Just look at us, staggering with self inflicted wounds. Held in ridicule by near all for our actions and inactions. And, take a good look at our politicians who are inflicting these wounds, their rhetoric, their demeanor! Do you sense remorse, regret, the intention to heed their ways, to right our ship of state? I don't! I see smug complacency; pride in accomplishment in what they have wrought! Most, moving on to adjust their political posturing to curry re-election and/or bolster their questionable legacy in leaving the dubious field of politics! All the while, oblivious to the fate of we the people; the shambles they have left the country in?

I've often said when referring to the Radical Islamics, what is it that you don't understand about-, they want to kill us! I say here, what is it that you don't understand about President Obama-, he doesn't like us, our country, our nation, our society. No, he doesn't what to kill us, he merely wants to fundamentally transform the United States into a socialist union, as well as a benign member of the international community of nations. He has said it, he has demonstrated it repeatedly and illegally! Constitutional Law be damn! In his words...he has a telephone, a pen and the will, to over reach executive privilege to the full extent of our legislator's and we the people's will to tolerate. I see two more years of this reign of destruction going unabated, unless the mid-term elections signal an overwhelming change in the electorate's hearts and minds, in turn a profound retraction of all this presidency stood and continues to stand for! I know, an incongruity our president elect doesn't like us, but tell me how he has convinced you otherwise? He surely isn't listening to us! He is unmistakably a committed unabashed socialist state builder, with little compunctions on how to go about doing it; an accomplished poser with seditious intentions! 

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