Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Remember Harry

Back in the day Harry Truman's awareness that the buck stopped at his desk was a telling testament to his character and appropriateness of the office he held, President of the United States. He was a simple man of modest credentials, intellect and presence who was thrust upon the political stage from the relative obscurity of the vice presidency in  succeeding in death the first, and only four term serving American iconic president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt? He was a Democrat in the days Democrats like their Republican brethren were first and foremost constitutionalist, fiercely patriotic, and committed to sustaining the exemplary life, liberties and pursuit of happiness American citizens enjoyed at the time! He had common man foibles and political biases that he rose above to lead the nation and the world in swiftly ending World War ll, surmounting the challenges of the post war era while preserving the dignity of the vanquished and the victors in demonstrating American exceptionalism in benevolence and generosity. His hand always unquestionably white knuckled on the tiller of our ship of state, always responsible, always conscious of the judicial requirement for the wielding of American influence and power; governments participation in our national economy, never flinching in its application! Their were those of us who questioned his decisions both nationally and internationally back then, but never his motives or intentions. Not a day goes by these days that I don't question the motives let alone the intentions of this president of ours, he is neither a Democrat, or a whatever in his thinking relative to my comprehension of what an American President should think. He is indecisive in all things requiring American influence and power; his loudly touted social agenda divisive, contrary to a large extent, confusing, and unproductive. His grasp of economics, our station in the world community, his organizational and leadership skills beyond wanting! In good ole The Buck Stops Here Harry Truman' s memory, I take back all those disparaging remarks I made about his administration. Well, almost all of them!


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