Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Frustrated To A Standstill

Why in the midst of all these comment worthy political machinations have I grown silent? The adjective flummoxed comes to mind!  Simply I can't get my head around the antics of our government, of our citizenry toward those antics! Admittedly all the events of the past several months has put me in a funk of immeasurable depth! Nothing seems to make sense to me anymore. Yes, I know I'm one of those Ten Commandments, Constitutionalists guys, that has gone out of fashion, who cringes in disbelief that all their teachings and values has come to question both politically and socially in my life time! Our Politicians become more suspect each passing day, we the public's reaction, to a large extent to those suspicions, way to tolerant for my understanding. All involved, pro or con register at one time or another, indignation, remorse, intolerance, but in the final analysis more likely than not, nothing of substance comes to pass. Wrong is never righted, endless debate ensues; champions, culprits  and villains alike obscured in superfluous rhetoric, claims and counterclaims-, until confusion reigns supreme and the issue at hand so mitigated, its impact so diffused, to have lost all relevance and urgency in the scheme of things. As I reach for cogent comments to vent my frustration, I have to remind myself it's a whole new ball game out there Tommy, one that you obviously can't fathom, one that is beyond your comprehension, one that reflects poorly on our nations  founders and those founder's followers who sacrificed so much to preserve its values, freedom and liberties. In my eyes we've let them all down, we've failed to instill a sense of pride and purpose in our generations to influence. We've failed to stand up and be counted when we recognized subversion was afoot, that forces were amassing to do asunder; standing idly by as stupefied spectators to the systematic destruction of our once great country; not only allowing but enabling our government officials to perpetrate crimes against our state once only imagined the purview  of Banana Republics. We witness seriously flawed men and women at our highest seats of government,,,,,, not all mind you, but such a preponderance to give the most optimistic among us pause, pause to wonder about our very survival as a nation, as a society! Count me among those wonderers grown silent...., for the moment.

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