Monday, June 30, 2014

Mr President, How Dumb Do You think We are?

....obviously pretty dumb! You could at least put forth a more convincing narrative to promote your propagandizing of the virtues of Socialism (although cleverly disguised in misdirected rhetoric cloaked in political correctness); the benevolence of big omnipresent government; the dedication and intelligence of your appointed practitioners; the progress we are making toward appreciating a more tolerant and diverse society, it's assurance only impeded by Conservatives and their radical right Tea Party membership. Listening to your most resent round of fund raising soiree party pieces, I'm perplexed by your appraisal of what you think you have accomplished, what you say you will accomplish in the waning years of your now infamous two term presidency! Your sense of reality, of the truth, of the dire straights our country, the world is in-, largely attributed to your actions and/or inactions, defies reason let alone plausibility.  How can anyone with a grain of intelligence buy in to this propaganda, this gross distortion of the truth! Just look at the numbers produced by the nonpartisan CBO. Even spun in extreme partisanship can not mask the decline of a once great and resilient economy! As for our international reputation as leaders of the free-world, reaction to our impotence and passiveness loudly manifested in stinging reprisals on a near daily basis. The corruption, incompetence and political biases of our government agencies if not outright criminal certainly a demonstration of impropriety beyond the pale! Yes I know my ranting, for all it's wanting in syntax, has a common thread of Liberal Democrat bashing, but that in its self is telling. You would think I would come up for air in finding some good in the accomplishments of this regime, after all I am not a complete dolt, I do realize there are two sides to every story, to every argument. Yet I do go on, simply because every movement, every comment, every action or inaction of this regime, in my personal appraisal is premeditated to serve a not so hidden agenda, Socialism; America the Republic brought to its knees in the tenure of a President supposedly educated and practiced in Constitutional Law, in our Constitutional Law! Such deception, such demagoguery. And not just a smidgen as you would say Mr President, but wholesale outright deception and demagoguery!

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