Tuesday, July 8, 2014


"... just exactly what is your Ideology Swift? Did you just crawl out from under a
prehistoric rock and evolved barely beyond the apes in your stilted, stagnant
conservative dribble. Tell me your parents and mentors lead you unsuspectedly down
this path of every man for himself, let the unfortunate and prejudiced-against to fend for
themselves. We are a collective one Swift, to be assured equality by our governors and
providers. Diversity, tolerance and fairness our watchwords. Get with it, the parade has
past you by...." 

That's what a responder emailed me recently, out of context but almost
verbatim (leaving out the expletives). Who said I'm just preaching to the choir? Well,
perhaps my perceptive detractor you said it all, albeit in distortion. If not indeed
completely out of step with what is going on, I'm certainly staggering about trying to
figure out what has turned my world upside down! Of late, no question I've pinned the
tail on our president as my identified number one facilitator. As for my ideology, never
thought of myself as an ideologue of any specific comprehensive normative vision or
behavior. I have identified myself here as a conservative in my politics; as a registered
independent voter who has voted at one time or another for both Democrat and
Republican candidates; morally guided by the Ten Commandments, yet certainly not of
the religious right; a pragmatist when it comes to our country's Declaration of
Independence and it's Constitution, if not to the letter certainly to their spirit. So what
does that make me ideologically speaking? I always thought it made me a pretty good
American. As for my parents and mentors contribution to my socio-political construct: in
the main I never thought of them as particularly politically bent, overtly patriotic, muchless
ideologues -, hard working, yes; morale and God fearing yes, Americans first and
foremost, yes; afforded me good council and guidance, as well as every other possible
opportunity that they could for me to succeed in life, yes, but indoctrinated me in the
ways of politics, attempted to instill a discernible ideology to live by, no! As I said here
so often, I'm just a Conservative venting his spleen in a sea of perceived unproductive
ultra-liberalism, whipped up by over the top political correctness! And, as a concerned
citizen trying to be relevant, if only in a tiny voice, speaking out.There was no torment or
relationship in my life's progression that has given me cause or persuasion to be other
than grateful for the opportunities this country has afforded me; pride in its
accomplishments as a nation, as a society. What I am as a result, is what I am of my
own free will, fortune and volition. Take me or leave me as you wish, what you read is

what you get.

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