Monday, July 14, 2014


Pelosi and Reid have diverted me from my unhealthy obsession with Obama. Can you believe their latest gaffes on the Supreme Court's Hobby-Lobby decision. I can't bring myself to repeat their bold face lies, their manipulative misrepresentation of the truth. So manipulative, so distorted to make President Obama's coincidental professed aversion to photo ops statement, pale in comparison. These are not just political neophytes we are talking about here, as I've said before, but House and Senate leadership. And, what does it say of us the electorate enabling such intellectually challenged, political hacks to  gain such power and influence. Washington DC may well be the seat of our government in more ways than one, prompting the observation: why are there so many more horse's asses residing in the District of Columbia than there are horses! And, to have their acolytes and the liberal press mitigate those gaffes, those distortions  as merely misspoke faux pas, as opposed to the out right lies they really are, is nothing less than aiding and abetting criminal intent. To me Harry Reid is a weasel of the first order, the Democrat party's unscrupulous character assassin; Nancy Pelosi the nonsensical Wicked Witch of the West..., but then again that appraisal fits my profile does it not! Searching for the truth on any given issue in this DC bastion of deceit and outright treachery is an exercise in frustration no matter your political persuasion, morality or patriotism. The spin, of centrifuge proportion, has you dizzy in a perplexing state of diabolical confusion. One moment your grasp of what is happening or not happening appears clear and fathomed, the next moment suspect and convoluted; the designated spokesperson's persona, body language, oratorical skills, appearance all lending to the confusion of your perspective, rightly or wrongly. But, there you have it, mental torment, mental anguish...who to believe, who not to believe. In final catharses at best, but your opinion, your slant!  I've strayed from specific issues of late only because my cup runneth over with disturbing issues that have got my attention, but I simply don't have the time or inclination to sort them out, to learn enough about them to comment on, with any assurance of balance, let alone relevance. So I remain, superficial, concerned like most, in crises overload, frustrated, flummoxed as what to say or do. How much more of this can we take? Someone, anyone-, separate yourself from the rabble, take center stage and lead us back to some semblance of order and propriety!

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